Welcome to Septima Buccina (The 7th Horn)

The Truth is like a lion. You don’t have to defend it.

Let it loose, and it will defend itself.

— St. Augustine.

Thanks for visiting my blog. My name is Michael. I’m an attorney and father with a theology degree who, for whatever reason, has been lead rather dramatically along a certain path by God over the past decade, and especially the past 5 years. Throughout this time, due in part to my education, and mostly because of many, many hours in adoration, I’ve been blessed with the ability to see through some things in this confusing world. Because my opinions are sometimes too controversial (truthful?), they inevitably get suppressed by the social media platforms. Therefore, I’ve started this blog. My goal is twofold: a) to help people avoid being deceived, and b) to encourage people to grow closer to Jesus Christ through prayer, sacrifice, humility, and love.

I’m not an authority on anything, and I don’t claim to be a prophet. But, I do have some gifts, and I hope to share them with you. Armor up folks, because the next five years are going to be biblical.

7 thoughts on “Introduction

      1. I am happy to on your behalf. I started to generate a plan/cutlist baseb on his photos but will not be able to release it without his permission. Let me know if you want me to contact him on. I will offer him my plans for free if he is interested.

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  1. Michael, this is OrantesWebDev from Twitter before I got banned for saying we should treat the trans mental illness not entertain it. I’m putting my real email in the form here please email me.


  2. Greetings Michael,

    Please forgive me for contacting you this way but I do not have social media and wasn’t sure of the best method.
    I was hoping to ask for some further information/guidance please regarding your advice about directing one’s inner dialogue to God, and St Theresa’s Interior Castle.

    With sincerest thanks for all you do,
    In the Immaculate Heart,


  3. Dear Michael, I have an idea about how to help Pope Benedict. I am a simple woman, a simple housewife and I just read your article about how Pope Benedict is being held against his will. I have followed some sites like LifeSite and Catholic Militant. But I don’t want my idea posted. Simply, it’s a secret. My email is below. Thank you Michael. Yours in Christ, Mrs. Margie Stephen

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