February 11, 2013 is the date Pope Benedict XVI announced that he would abandon us. This was a mere 8 years after becoming pope and asking that we “[p]ray for [him], that [he] may not flee for fear of the wolves.” Apparently, we did not pray enough, because he fled. And now, this date will be recorded as one of the darkest days in history … at least so far. Jorge Marie Bergoglio put on white clothes 30 days later, on March 13, 2013

In less than one month, we will reach the 7-year anniversary of the tragic event of Benedict’s flight. Approximately one month later, we will reach the 7-year anniversary of the reign of the False Prophet of Revelation 13:11.

Woah! Did he just say that? Yes, I did, and yes, he is. Jorge Bergoglio is the AntiChrist’s John the Baptist. Those of you have have been following me on Twitter (@jonahofninevah) have gotten my full opinion on this. I’m off Twitter until Easter (so I won’t see your replies), but can’t resist pointing out these dates. If you’re hungry for more analysis before I can write more, I strongly suggest you visit this site, or search some of my threads.

What do the dates mean? I’m honestly not certain. The False Prophet does not get a certain number of years in Bible prophesy, like the AntiChrist does (7 years). I have suspicions, but I’m not going to be irresponsible about them. I can only agree with Archbishop Vigano in saying: “The advent of the Antichrist is inevitable,” but I would use the word “imminent” instead of inevitable.

In fact, I think the Antichrist of Revelation 13:1 is already on the scene. I think it’s likely that you’d recognize his name. But, I think things are extremely confusing right now, which is by design. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the key benchmark. We know from Daniel 8 and 11 that the sacrifice ceases in the middle of the AntiChrist’s 7-year reign.

So, if Francis tinkers with the Mass by syncretizing violations of the 1st Commandment into it, thereby making it impossible for us to participate in it, or if he changes the words of it to such an extent that it becomes “desolate,” then that is when we must take a real strong look at our current world leaders, especially the ones popular amongst Christians and Jews, because at that point, the AntiChrist will have been reigning for 3.5 years.

Will that happen in 2020? I don’t know. In the link above, Archbishop Vigano says that there are Mass changes coming. It sounds like they might be released when Francis publishes his post-synodal exhortation. We’ll have to wait to see whether these changes effectively “cease the daily sacrifice,” and go from there.

In the meantime, I think we all can agree that stuff is getting weird, and it’s going to get progressively weirder for the rest of history … Keep an eye on stuff like this.

: And this:

And definitely stuff like this:

And this, and this … I could go on, and probably will from time to time. I have no idea if any of these news items are significant. But lots of things that might not be significant sure seem to be adding up … significantly. I do know, however, that what I said about Benedict and Francis above is both biblically and historically significant. Stay confessed. Pray the rosary. Go to adoration. Pay extremely close attention to any proposed changes in liturgy, if you go to the Novus Ordo Mass.

And, if you want to see what God wants you to see, for heaven’s sake FAST.

12 thoughts on “February 11, 2013 Was One Of The Worst Days In History

        1. FP has no set years. AC gets 7 years in power, but it’s described as to sets of 3.5 – and Daniel 11:20 et seq suggests that he may appear to be out of power for a while, during which time a puppet rules.


          1. Ah, makes sense. The walls of deception are getting thicker everywhere. My own vision is not as clear as it was two years ago. It’s a constant struggle…

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