This is going to make a lot of people angry. I understand. It’s tough to slaughter a sacred cow, or to see a “hero” fall. And, it’s far, far easier to deceive someone than it is to convince someone that he or she has been deceived. But, I have to call it like I see it. You’re being deceived, by Cardinal Sarah.

Just to establish credibility, I didn’t need the contrived controversy today about Pope Benedict’s name supposedly being used by Sarah as a “co-author” in his book, without the Pope’s authority, to see what game they were playing. I was irritated from the start.

I was going to leave it at that, but I can’t. I’m tired of people manipulating good Catholics so easily. So, get angry at me if you want, but at least try to read what I’m about to say objectively, and realize that you’re being played … big time.

To begin, priestly marriage has, since the beginning of the Amazonian Synod controversy, been an intentional red herring by the evil men planning it. I’ve been warning about it the entire time. That’s the debate they want us to have, while they slip in the world-ending abomination of desolation stuff.

Indeed, Archbishop Vigano warned us that they were removing the Holy Spirit from the Mass, and replacing it with some sort of Amazonian Diety they’re calling “Dew.” Of course, the word “dew” already appears in the Mass, so this fits right up Bergoglio’s ambiguous alley … and this time, they want to trick you into idolatry, by making your protestations seem silly. If you have not yet read Archbishop Vigano’s letter, please, I’m begging you, stop right now and read it before you finish this. You can find it here. After you’ve read it, you’ll have a firm example of what a true apostle of Christ sounds like, during these apocalyptic times. In that letter, the Archbishop gives a litany of horrific things going on right now, many stemming from the Amazonian synod. At the bottom of that list of atrocities is the possibility of Francis allowing priests to marry. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not diminishing that issue whatsoever. It’s important. But in the hierarchy of the tsunami of evil coming, it is at the bottom of the list. And for that very reason, I would not be surprised if Francis caves on it because it’s a distraction. He can use this opportunity he has apparently created to look reasonable, while he slips the actual Abomination of Desolation in on you, and using Cardinal Sarah to invent the liturgy to do it.

So, now that you’ve read Vigano, let’s talk about Sarah. Again, you if haven’t yet read Vigano’s letter, please don’t finish this until you do. Otherwise, you’ll simply fall into the dialectic thought trap they want you to fall into, and get angry at me. You will simply not appreciate what I have to say until you a) have a good handle on some of the evil coming, and b) have a solid example of how a prince of the Church truly behaves.

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

― Lenin

So, who is Sarah in 2019/2020?

1. Sarah is the only “conservative” who Bergoglio invited to the synod.

2. At the beginning of the Synod, while Christendom was still reeling from watching Bergoglio enshrine a demon in the Vatican Sarah said that those who oppose Francis are “outside the Church.”

3.  He then quietly participated in the demon worship for the entire 3 weeks. He didn’t say a word in protest. Not even a little passive-aggressive grumble against idolatry, like some of the other pansies everybody wants to claim are heroes.

4. Sarah is Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments. That’s a big job. Sarah is the only “conservative” left in the Vatican with a big job.

5. Sarah’s term as Prefect for the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments was up in December. 

6.  After the Synod, we learned that Bergoglio was going to invent a new “Amazonian Rite.” Vigano warned us about it in the letter I linked above that I am now asking you for a third time to read.

7. Bergoglio assigned the task of inventing the abominable new rite (that very well might cause the desolation) to the office of the … wait for it …. Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments. Because, of course.

8.  To be clear, that ritual threatens to syncretize heresy and idolatry into the “mass.” Read Daniel 8 and 11 to find out what happens once that occurs…

9.  Bergoglio kept Sarah on as Prefect, quietly.

10.  As far as we know, Sarah never attempted to tender a resignation. 

11.  Therefore, Sarah is writing the new blasphemous Amazonian ritual, and there’s no reason to believe he is unhappy about it. 

Now flash forward. 

12.  Right before Bergoglio publishes his exhortation (and presumably the new “Mass”), Sarah pretends to make a bold move “opposing the Pope.” He further claims Pope Benedict coauthored a book with him in protest to Francis. If true, this is an incredibly bold move, right? Especially from the guy who made the claim a couple months earlier that it would place him outside the Church. For him to make such a bold move, he must have a TON to say, like Vigano … So which hill does he claim to want to “die on?” The absolutely least evil thing that’s happening in Rome … the intentional distraction. And using an obviously drugged up and hostage Pope helped him and Bergoglio ensure it got the amount of press they were hoping to get.

13.  Of course, Bergoglio’s media arm stepped up to the task, and said the thing they don’t want YOU to say – “Pope Benedict is a victim here, and he’s being handled.” We have the same thing happening in American politics – absolutely absurd libs who lack any credibility (sometimes they’re intentionally cartoonish) suddenly, for once, speaking the truth. Why? SO THAT YOU WON’T, because you don’t want to say the same things THEY are saying.

14. The fact is, Pope Benedict obviously is being handled, and is clearly drugged. But it’s at Bergoglio’s instruction, and despite his little fake rebellion, Sarah is working for Bergoglio. And don’t @me if he gets fired. First, he won’t, but even if he does, it’s all stagecraft. It’s so obvious at this point … 

Now, does that mean I’m diminishing priestly celibacy?  Of course not. It’s definitely a hill worth dying on. 


And they don’t want you to talk about THAT. They want you arguing about priestly celibacy, and whether or not Sarah is a “hero.” Give me a break.

Seriously, folks, we have formal documents telling people in mortal sin to receive the body and blood of Jesus Christ. We have homosexuality being “blessed.” We have demon worship at the Vatican, and paganism getting syncretized into the mass while the Holy Ghost is being removed a ritual that Sarah is writing, and everybody thinks he’s a good guy because he coordinated with Bergoglio and Ganswein to manipulate an obviously drugged and confused Pope into a controversy, so that the world would be focused on the least evil thing happening? 

Married priests is the reason he’s going to make such a “bold move?” Wouldn’t you think that if he was going to risk Bergoglio’s legendary anger, that he might do it condemning heresy, idolatry, and any of the parade of awful?  Nope … priest marriage. Talk about priest marriage. Everybody argue about this, while Sarah himself prepares to desolate the mass.

Sorry, friends, he ain’t no hero, no matter how great some of the things he says sound. That’s exactly how controlled opposition works.

What you should really be wondering about is threefold: 1) what is so bad about what’s coming that they had to contrive such a distraction, 2) now that Sarah has apparently gained your trust, how will they use that to manipulate you, and, most importantly … 3) why did they feel the need, now, to begin a campaign to convince you that His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI is barely conscious and incompetent? What are they really worried he’s going to do …?

One thing is for sure, it won’t be long before we find out. Please say an Our Father for Pope Benedict and Holy Mother Church.

P.S. Enmity with The Woman is our early warning system, folks:

11 thoughts on “Cardinal Sarah Is Not Your Friend …

  1. Hello. Good article. If the book distraction isn’t enough, then Bergoglio always has Scalfari to say something to cause a new distraction… There is no end to the ways of deceiving people. Satan is preternaturally smarter than any of us!

    BTW: we are living in the time of annihilation given to us by Our Blessed Mother at Fatima, and after it gets too great for anyone to stand it anymore, the real Pope, whomever he is at that time will finally consecrate Russia with all the Bishops. Then peace will reign and everyone becomes Catholic. Something to look forward to!

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  2. Michael, I hope you read this. I agree 100 percent, except for one important thing. Ratzinger/Benedict is not a sickly hostage. In the book he wrote blasphemy! He said Our Lord’s Passion and all the suffering is NOT worship of the Father. Please read it. He said his executioners were not priests blah blah. Please! This needs to be shouted on the roof tops! There is no worse blasphemy. None! He is a Judas. He is full of devils to say this. He also in his books (previous ones) says the Resurrection is not strictly speaking a historic fact.

    You are wide awake. Now, open your eyes about him too. Thank you

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  3. Thank God for Vigano and for people like you who are not afraid to tell the truth. I have a concern though. If Sarah were to be as bold as Vigano, he would also have to be in hiding, like Vigano. If Sarah is the only conservative in the Vatican, I’d rather that he stayed there. I think he can still be a voice and inspiration for the “fathers” who will be making decisions in the future. I’m not ready to condemn Sarah. I think he’s our tiny light in the midst of that great darkness! Let us pray for him!

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  4. Michael,

    You make some very good observations and sound analysis. And I think you are 100% right. What irks me about the Book spat is how you can write a book to defend celibacy of the priesthood, but remain silent at an abomination of idolatry against the Divine Majesty! It’s ludicrous. The only real motive for a godless priest to want celibacy and accept idolatry is that he is gay and does not want straight men competing with him in his profession, because they outnumber him 100 to 1 in the general population. But, seeing how Ganswein acted, I think that Benedict has not been allowed to object to other things. This one got through. And as for Sarah, to betray Our Lady is in my book unforgiveable.

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  5. Nicely said and likely spot on. It’s a tough world we live in and sadly, it all makes my sedevacantist stance just that more obvious in its truth. Whatever happens, I hope that people see through this apostacy and realize that what is now in Rome is no longer Catholic.

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