Something that I’ve been suggesting for more than 5 years is now becoming manifestly obvious. Benedict believes he is still Pope. I was going to do a write up on this, and, as has often happened over this past 5 years, I found that Ann Barnhardt already said it well (Ann, first post apocalyptic round is on me): “Pope Benedict AGAIN giving “MY Apostolic Blessing” – the PAPAL blessing. MY. First person singular possessive adjective. MY. This time to Cardinal Sarah, per ++Sarah’s request.” (But see here for my rather controversial opinion of Sarah).

Folks, only the Pope can give an “Apostolic Blessing.” His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI knows this. If you’re gullible enough to think that Benedict does not know this, then I’m sure Jimmy Martin, Mass Fagioli, etc, have some nice literature on the sanctity of sodomy that they’d like to sell you … along with a bridge to nowhere.

Save your sorry (and outlandishly flawed) Trad, Inc. arguments against the possibility that Benedict might still be Pope. I don’t care. Even if the nonsensical claim that the Vicar of Christ could simultaneously be the Vicar of the Antichrist weren’t stupid and insulting to God, that is, even if it made a bit of sense, you still should not let that stop you from demanding to have a full-blown, fully public investigation of why His Holiness Benedict XVI still thinks he is Pope.

I mean … why wouldn’t we? We literally worship the Truth. The Truth is a Person. That Person is Jesus Christ, and His Bride is the Catholic Church. Anyone who is not interested in seeking and defending the Truth in a situation involving the rape and pillage of His bride, as uncomfortable as it may be, is betraying Jesus Christ. There is no middle ground here. I am not being hyperbolic.

You don’t need to believe that Benedict is still Pope to agree that we absolutely must get an explanation of the state of affairs from Benedict himself. If you’re intellectually honest, you must admit that he believes he is still Pope, and therefore, if Christ’s Bride still inhabited the Vatican, then it would only be logical for an inquiry to be had. And I don’t care of you’re Trad, Inc., a Novus Ordo attending Catholic, a Sedevecantist, or a raging Rich Raho liberal – if you’re an honest person who claims to love the Truth, then you would want a full and fair investigation of why Benedict believes he is still Pope, and can give Apostolic blessings.

Further, whether Pope Benedict is a good pope is also irrelevant. He is clearly not a good pope. In fact, his cowardice might actually have started the clock on Chapter 13 of the apocalypse on February 11, 2013. It doesn’t matter. If he is pope, he is pope. Even if he’s not pope, we should know why he thinks he is pope. Besides, at least he’s not a One-World Religion forming, demon worshiping, Mary insulting, sodomy glorifying, heresy fomenting, female slapping, China betraying, pedophile protecting, money laundering, abortion funds accepting, humblebragging, evil, Rev. 13:11 level son of a bitch. So, there’s that.

Sadly, Christ’s bride doesn’t still inhabit the Vatican in her full glory. The Vicar of the AntiChrist has been calling the shots since Benedict “fled the wolves.” (And if you think Sarah pulled that book stunt without Bergoglio’s approval I’ve another bridge to sell you). So, while anyone with a properly-ordered conscience would want the full and fair investigation that I mentioned above, it ain’t gonna happen. Archbishop Vigano has not been in hiding for a year and a half because he’s paranoid … it’s because he’s smart.

Folks, a man who is evil enough to call himself pope and then try to convince the entire world to receive the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ in the state of mortal sin is a man who will have you murdered. There is no question about that at all. He’s also evil enough to keep an old man hostage … As an aside, why does Trad Inc. like to ignore the fact that we’ve had 42 antipopes in history, some of whom have even imprisoned the true pope? Curious, isn’t it?

Anyway, there will be no fair investigation. Nor do I think Pope Benedict’s life is in danger quite yet. Honestly, these guys have probably been trying to kill him for 7 years at this point, unless they’re far more sophisticated than it appears, and they know that God promised a Church that’s both indefectible and visible, and have therefore kept Benedict alive because they know that once he’s gone God will start breaking things. See 2 Thess 2:7 for a hint on how things will go after that … (“For the mystery of iniquity already worketh; only that he who now holdeth, do hold, until he be taken out of the way.“)

Could they be that sophisticated? I suppose it’s possible. They serve Satan, and Satan is completely aware of that … Either way, they’re incapable of killing Pope Benedict until God allows that to happen. Read Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich and Fatima for spoilers.

So why do I say it’s time to “Storm the Castle” if I don’t believe that there will be an investigation, and I don’t believe there is anything we can do to prevent Benedict’s death? Because of momentum, and because of how incredibly valuable exposure of this would be to help God make more saints.

In concocting this distraction to the abomination that is coming, Francis/Sarah/Ganswein have also opened the door to these papal questions. These questions will never be answered fairly with (a probably drugged) Benedict sitting in a room under the watchful eye of super creepy Archbishop Ganswein. We need Benedict with a clear head, and out of range of any perceived danger, so that he can speak freely. Because Benedict is apparently a very fearful man, we need to get him very far out of range. Fatima is probably nice this time of year. If anything, this would be an act of charity to allow the old man to make a public confession before his particular judgment, and that’s something anybody should be able to support.

Finally, if you haven’t noticed, things are coming to a head. I mean a biblical stop what you’re doing, go to confession, it’s time to change your life because you’re running out of time sort of head. Because, this is happening regardless of what you think … about anything. Like it or not, God is going to make saints out of some of us idiots, and until He sees fit to cause our prelates to discover their manhood, it’s up to us to defend the Truth and save as many souls as possible. The best way to do that is to lay it all on the line for Jesus Christ and Holy Mother Church. And one of the best ways to do that right now would be to …


Let’s get Benedict to Fatima and go die in front a cork tree. Ave Maria.

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