“The Supreme Shepherd and Vicar of Christ on Earth, who, being a prisoner in the Vatican… in that greatest crisis of the Church, he who is obligated to speak in due time will remain silent.”

Our Lady of Good Success (approved)

Ever wonder why even good Catholics, men and women you respect, sometimes irrationally and hostilely reject any possibility that Benedict’s resignation might have been coerced, and that he may not be a free man? To be sure, there are myriad reasons. The biggest one I see is pride. Actually, being attached to any sin will do it, but pride is the biggest culprit. See 2 Thessolians 2:10-11. I’ve written quite a lot on social media about the blinding spirit of the age, but that’s not the topic of this post. Let’s think about this for a minute.

Consider this scenario: Suppose your elderly father, grandfather, or any dear loved one had hired a live-in nurse or assistant. Suppose further that this beloved family member (we’ll call him “grandpa” for the sake of clarity) was always loving, communicative, and sharp when you would visit, and often called you up in between visits.

Then, one day, that all stops. Suddenly when you call, grandpa no longer answers the phone, Mr. Nurse does. When you ask to speak with grandpa, he says “grandpa is sleeping. How can I help you?” When you visit, grandpa is out of it, and seems more lethargic and slow than the normal decline for his age or health. When you ask grandpa to go to lunch, he asks Mr. Nurse for permission. When you ask grandpa to visit for Christmas, he says he’ll talk to Mr. Nurse and get back to you. When you ask Mr. Nurse how grandpa is doing, he tells you grandpa is doing great. When you visit with grandpa, Mr. Nurse sits there monitoring everything grandpa says.

Then, you find out that Mr. Nurse had an attorney transfer all of grandpa’s property, and all of your inheritance, to Mr. Nurse. You further learn that Mr. Nurse went to probate court and became grandpa’s “legal guardian,” and has taken over all of grandpa’s ability to make legal decisions. When you make legal inquiries, you learn that grandpa was deemed of sound mind and body, and had competently “agreed” to all of these things, but none of it seems right.

This is a classic fact pattern of what’s called an “elder abuse” case. Does it sound familiar?

This happens quite often, unfortunately. Google “elder abuse attorney,” and you’ll see that there is an entire field of law that has developed, because people do bad things to and take advantage of older people.

Now, let’s add to the fact pattern. Suppose, grandpa is looking increasingly unkempt and malnourished, and even is showing some signs that he might be getting abused. Nevertheless, when you make inquiries, Mr. Nurse says grandpa is in fantastic health, and is surprisingly lucid for his age. When you ask to speak with grandpa, Mr. Nurse says he can’t come to the phone right now.

Suppose further that you find out that the nurse who now owns all of your grandfather’s things, including your inheritance, is a horrible, horrible person. I mean really shockingly bad. So bad that it’s embarrassing to say it out loud, because it just sounds too outlandish. You learn that he’s destroying all of grandpa’s life’s work and charitable organizations. Terminating his company’s employees. Changing his mission statement. In fact, he’s doing things that can only be described as evil, like allowing cocaine infused homosexual orgies (see also here, and here) and pagan ceremonies to take place in grandpa’s house.

Nevertheless, when you complain, even people you respect call you a crazy conspiracist. They say that Mr. Nurse would never do such a thing. That grandpa is lucid and agreed to all of this. That everything is fine, and you should trust Mr. Nurse.

Then one day, grandpa sends you a letter that slightly disagrees with something Mr. Nurse is doing, and Mr. Nurse changes his tune. Suddenly grandpa’s health is not fine. He sleeps all day. His mind is going. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He’s being manipulated by other nurses who dislike Mr. Nurse. You should shut up and trust Mr. Nurse.

I’m obviously talking about Pope Benedict XVI. Do I personally know for certain that Pope Benedict is being coerced and abused? Of course not. I’m not there. Also, the entire world media and, unfortunately, the Catholic Church are trying to convince us that everything is fine… Meanwhile, Pope Benedict is locked up firmly behind Vatican walls, and all information to and from him is tightly controlled.

But many of us have long suspected it. We’ve caught the Vatican lying about him. We’ve heard them put words into his mouth that sound nothing like him. We’ve caught the Vatican press office photoshopping his letters. Recently, we saw that Archbishop Gänswein was lying about Pope Benedict, presumably at Bergoglio’s instruction.

Now, today, we have Archbishop Vigano, the hero of our age, blowing yet another whistle. Vigano informs us with certainty that Gänswein is as creepy as we suspected, and is Pope Benedict’s “handler.” Archbishop Vigano writes: “It is time to reveal the control that has been abusively and systematically exercised by Abp. Gänswein towards the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XVI, ever since the beginning of his pontificate.” Read that letter, please. Read everything Vigano writes. Start here, and learn that this began well before Benedict’s “resignation.”

As an aside, take another look at that quote above. Archbishop Vigano is an extremely careful and meticulous man, which is probably why he’s still alive. I can’t help noticing that the word “Emeritus” does not appear in the title “Supreme Pontiff Benedict XVI.” Nor can I help noticing the stark contrast of the title he uses with Benedict, and the fact that he calls Francis “Pope Bergoglio.” I’ve long suspected that Vigano is winding up for a big reveal, but I’ll save that for another blog post …

Let’s get back to the original question: “Ever wonder why even good Catholics, men and women you respect, sometimes irrationally and hostilely reject any possibility that Benedict’s resignation might have been coerced, and that he may not be a free man?” I suggest to you that one answer to this question is that this situation requires action. NOW. Immediately. So long as this is all a conspiracy theory, we can sit on our butts and hypothesize about it, without injuring our reputations, income, or putting our lives at risk.

If you knew Mr. Nurse was (probably) drugging, and abusing grandpa and stealing your inheritance, what would you do? Probably resort to the legal system, right? Well, what if another nurse came to you and said that he saw Mr. Nurse doing it the day after you caught Mr. Nurse lying about grandpa? You’d go get grandpa the hell out of there, if you’re not a pathetic coward with no love in his heart.

We’ve long suspected that Pope Benedict might be getting coerced, abused, and lied about. We prayed for the Magisterium to undertake legal options to remedy the situation. But this week we learned that it is almost certainly true that Pope Benedict XVI is basically a hostage, that legal options are impotent, and that the magisterium is unwilling to help (may God have mercy on their souls).

Bishop Gänswein is lying about Pope Benedict, Pope Benedict does not appear to be free, and we have one of the last, if not the last, trustworthy bishop in the world telling all of us that the Pope is under Gänswein’s (and therefore Bergoglio’s) systematic abusive control, and that he has witnessed it.

Read that again, friends. The only bishop who has put it all on the line for truth, and therefore the only bishop who we know for certain we can trust, is telling us that Pope Benedict XVI has been subject to systematic abusive control “ever since the beginning of his pontificate.”

I’ve been angry about this for years. But after that, I’m spitting nails. I can’t type what I want to say. I want these <censored> away from my Pope, today. This instant. How dare they.

We need to rescue Pope Benedict XVI, and we need to do it now.

This is the only acceptable response left to us, and this is the exact reason so many people do not want to talk about this situation: it demands action. Tough. If we believe what we profess, we have no choice. We cannot stand idly by and hope for the best if there is even the possibility that our pope, Emeritus or not, is being abused. We simply must act.

God chose you to be born and alive right now. He is big enough and capable enough to be that precise. Why did he do that? Why were you chosen to serve Him while the world is the way it is? Was it to sit idly by and hope for the best? I think not.

Make no mistake, friends, this is worth dying over. This is about Christ’s Bride on Earth, and His Vicar.

The debate about the validity of Benedict’s resignation is completely irrelevant at this point, as is our respective opinions regarding whether or not Benedict is a good pope. I personally do not think he is, but that is utterly irrelevant. He is a human being, an old man, apparently a victim, and I can’t help but love him, regardless of his failings.

We need Benedict XVI himself to address us, and he needs to be hundreds of miles away from the creepy bastards in the Vatican when he does.

I’m ready, eager even, to die for my faith and for what is right, and I know there are other men out there like me. But going to the Vatican alone and banging on the doors is just going to get us arrested and potentially hurt while accomplishing nothing. We need a movement, and we need one fast. Let’s build it, so that we can storm the castle, and get Pope Benedict XVI to safety before Ash Wednesday, preferably with the assistance of the Italian authorities.

Folks, don’t let the bastards gaslight you. It was always perfectly acceptable to want to be given proof that Pope Benedict XVI is ok, and being treated well.

Now it’s mandatory, and it’s worth dying for. Benedict must be freed from the gestapo, immediately.

Let’s get started. Let’s make some noise. We can begin by using these hash tags to get them trending. #FreePopeBenedict #RescueB16

In the meantime, let’s also not forget to pray for the Holy Father. The following link gives some good reasons why we must, as well as many helpful resources. https://fromrome.info/2019/12/19/join-the-league-of-prayer-for-pope-benedict-xvi/

Ave Maria

P.S. Do frail 90-year old men fall down and hurt (only) their eye, as the Vatican claims in the link below, without causing any shoulder, neck, and head injuries as well? If your 90 year old grandpa fell that hard, would you have gone and gotten him checked out by a doctor, and maybe gotten X-Ray or two? They think you’re stupid.


Edit: While Archbishop Vigano deserves credit for exposing the truth, putting his life at risk, and defending Holy Mother Church, I was unfair when I said that he was the only bishop who “has put it all on the line for truth.” That’s actually not true – there’s one more, and he began much earlier than Vigano. His name is Bishop Renee Henry Gracida. See here, for example: “There is some evidence that Benedict was forced to resign.  If that is true, his resignation was invalid. If Pope Benedict’s resignation was forced it was invalid and he is still the Pope of the Church, but with the chair of Saint Peter occupied by an antipope.”

Sorry, Bishop Gracida. Thank you for being a voice in the wilderness.

52 thoughts on “The Real Reason Folks Want You To Ignore The Benedict Situation

  1. seems a plausible scenario…
    but… who COULD do it? the Knigths of Malta ??? the only remaining “catholic force”? obviously, the swiss guard are on the plot

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t know. It would be nice to think that there were any trustworthy men of means left in things like the Knights of Malta, but they’ve done nothing so far. I think, if we make enough noise, maybe an organization like that will finally honor its obligations to the Pope.

      But if they do not, we’re simply going to have to do it ourselves. The more people we can get to show up, the more likely we are to succeed.

      Let’s start the movement. #FreePopeBenedict #RescueB16


  2. I frequently understand things best by thinking in terms of parables and analogies.

    Your analogy is the best I’ve ever read on what has happened to the man we and Jesus dearly loves.

    I understood all of this, vaguely, before. What you wrote leads me further, to clarity.

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    1. I don’t think the Nayy Seals are likely to spirit the Pope Emeritus away any time soon. Maybe the CIA could put something in the Swiss Guard’s coffee. Trump might just do something crazy, since he and Pope Francis are not exactly on the same page.


  3. One thought presses on me occasionally:
    How do we know with certainty that Abp. Viganò is still alive?
    I make no assumptions, and I trust no one but Jesus, the One who is seldom mentioned in the church anymore.


  4. Great concept….but they’d kill him before you’d even get into the city limits. And claim it was a heart attack. No, we have to leave our beloved Pope Emeritus in to the powerful hands of Our Holy and Immaculate Lady, Queen of Popes, Crusher of Demons, Defender of her Son’s Vicars. She is our light and our hope in this dark time.


  5. One of the best Article on the crisis in the Church in the last 7 years.. How to do this. I am president of a military corporation and what I have learned is that there are a lot of men who would be willing. However, modern laws make this highly illegal. The Catholic forces would be called Catholic ISIS and there would be vicious reprisals. However, I think there are 2 other ways of doing this. One is to get Trump to insist that Benedict have his own personal independene and staff and be moved to Castle Gandolfo. The best policy would be to convince Trump of the truth that Benedict is still the pope and get him to threaten the use of military force. He would be the hero of the Catholic world. The other solution is to raise enough funds and use them no only to create a force to defend Benedict, but convince the key clergy to let him go free. These are the legal ways, even if a certain romantic and admirable form of Catholicism would envison others. Two years ago I suggested on social media, that funds be raised for the personal protection and service of Pope Benedict. The idea can work, but the Lavender Mafia, who has deep chains on most of all the clergy, attack on suggestions like this. ordo-militaris.us for anyone who would like to help me do something about this. I buried my mom not so long ago, after 3 years of her suffering dementia. I am keenly sensitive, after caring for her at home with my brothers, that the elderly need protection and care way beyond what they are likely to get. And I even know of a few cases where Catholic priests have been euthanized by fellow priests, who dont think a continued life is worthy anything. I think we can agree that the comments of the Bergoglian Vatican about euthanasia recently, have an ominous implication as regards Benedict.


    1. Two questions, Brother: 1) Aren’t we long past relying on human legal methods? Natural law reigns supreme, especially here. 2) Wouldn’t we get more traction, and quicker, with Italy’s President who has said he prefers Benedict over Francis. He has police and military already on the ground.

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      1. I think you are referring to Matteo Salvini, but he is no longer in the government. He probablyl will return as Prime Ministery in 2023, but we cannot wait that long. As for appealing to the Natural Law. Yes, both the natural law and divine right say we can act, but we must exhaust all normal methods, and not out of sloth excuse ourselves. A lot of Catholics are big supporters of Trump, now is their time to show that they are pro life and pro Catholic and get Trump, perhaps through his wife, who was raised a Catholic, to make a statement. God has given Trump a certain sort of power in his voice that he merely needs to tweet to get a change of mind set. Bishops and Cardinals will be emboldened. But as for the persuavie type of solution, Even the Doctor of the Church Saint Alphonsus says that it is morally upright to persuade venial or corrupt or evil men with gifts to convince them to do what is right and good and honest. If we have not tried both ways, then we are merely blovating to suggest recourse to others. The Vatican does have its own military forces, use of military force would cost much more financially than either legitimate solutions which I just suggested.

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        1. I was, thank you. I hadn’t realized he was no longer in govt. What about peaceful demonstrations in St. Peter’s Square? With enough numbers, we may be able to force some sunlight on the issue, and embolden some prelates.

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  6. In Italy there is no right of assembly in practice. You need to get permission from the local station of the State Police, and whether you get it depends on the politics of the local or national ruling government, which is currently pro Bergoglio pro Merkel, pro Soros to the extreme, even though they only have 18% support in the polls. Also, any demonstration within a half mile of the Vatican is forbidden, due to the agreements between the Vatican and Italy from better years. I was threatened with arrest in November, for merely standing one Sunday After noon with a sign which read Viva Pope Benedict! I was told that I was protesting something and that protests are not allowed. You cannot even shout outloud in the streets, the state police said you can be arrested for that. You cannot post such a sign even on your own house if it can be seen from the public streets without permission. Consequently there is nearly no public manifestation of political thought in Italy except on social media. To us born and raised in American this seems absurd, but that is the effect. Going through trump is a lot easier. A lot easier. Bribing officials or Cardinals is a lot easier, a lot easier. Once he is in his own place, then Benedict can be guarded and defended and served by Catholic Forces. But no one will move unless someone first forms an action team for lobbying or raising substantial funds. I am all for it, but someone needs to pound the pavement. I try already to do everything I can.

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    1. Islam, that comment will never be read by him. It has to be made through established channels of the Trump Republican Network, and I think it has to be through someone they already trust, either personal mail to one of his Sons or someone close to his Wife. I am no expert on this, but I am sure there are many Catholics who are. Talk it up on social media.

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      1. Dear brother in Christ, you are very wise, praise God!

        Jesus wants that you read this Message from Him:


        The Warning – Illumination od Conscience will happen after Pope Benedict XVI. lefts Rome, Jesus says.

        What is the Warning:


        Prophecies that Jesus gave through the Book of Truth – these Messages, are 100% authentic, Holy Spirit showed me this.

        Book of Truth was prophesied in the Holy Bible.

        The wisest and only thing that we must do, as Jesus says, is to continue to pray for Pope Benedict XVI. and for Catholic Church with all our hearts, and that we spread the Truth, Truth of Gods Word across the world, nothing more. We can not do nothing more, because all prophecy from the Bible, also regarding the Antipope Bergoglio and Pope Benedict XVI., must be fullfilled.

        God love you,


  7. Hello, I am new to your blog, so I have a few questions that will help me evaluate the value of this blog post. Would you be so kind as to identify the gentleman in the photo with Pope Benedict, on what date were these photos taken, by whom, and how did you acquire them. I thank you very much for your time.


        1. What are the odds of a 90 year old man falling down and only giving himself a black eye? It doesn’t make sense. How does that happen? Think about the mechanics, and how brittle his bones are. If he fell hard enough to give himself a black eye, he almost certainly would have injured his shoulder and neck as well.

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  8. Exactly, has he had an X-ray of his skull, to cause that much bruising, wow, how do we do a Medical Check for Pope Benedict, but not by the Vatican doctors? I’ve seen escape plans done in movies where it was a medical check to take him for a physical and X-Rays and then they slipped the person out for safety. It was Out For Justice with Steven Segal.

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  9. Perhaps Bishop Gracida, who is also in his nineties, could make a public appeal for help for Benedict to Trump through Raymond Arroyo who works for both EWTN and Fox News? There could also be some advocacy groups for senior citizens who might get on board to raise awareness. Also here in the States we can easily have public protests….

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  10. I spent a good portion of last night and early morning sharing this in Polish, German, Spanish and just sharing the the hashtags, the new actual Catholic President of Bolivia, President of Brazil, Polish President, US President and VP, and the Conservative Party in Germany, AFD who has more seats in the German Parliament than the liberals. I was also wondering if this movement to free Benedict should have a Patreon, and if he does get freed and needs items. Also, what else can be done?

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  11. I completely agree with you this isn’t a conspiracy theory it’s the prophecy of the captured priest and what is to come of the anti christ , if you go back before Vatican 2 you will see that they altered who would become the Pope so they could not only remove any traditional catholic laws, but also to make way for the anti – christ. There Is a count down of the Pope’s that are to be one will be capture there will be a bad Pope and a good one. https://www.crystalinks.com/papalprophecies.html

    If you take a look at the prophecies around this time a third war will happen, might be the one in iraq or even a bigger one once they all unite they will end the war with an agreement to become one nation, but for that it will become one currency which is the chip.

    (I beg of you do not get the chip , the chip will be placed inside of you , you will have no privacy whatsoever about your personal info and the government will try to control you as they are doing with all technology this day) then the anti christ will come. )


  12. Can’t his family say that they want to care for him medically? Don’t they have rights as his family?
    Who could argue with that?


    1. Thank you so much, Brother. I have no idea what I’m doing, but I asked God yesterday morning to let me know if He would like me to continue this. It seems He does. As you’re probably aware, however, Satan responds when one makes him angry … Anyway, thank you for all that you do.

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      1. Trump realizes that Bergoglio’s Marxist policies are leading the US Bishops against him. He has to win Catholic votes in November, so this petition gives him free political advice. It’s a win win for him to follow it through.


  13. It is sad,how can men of God lie?so it means that even what they teach us is lies,may God deliver our pope emeritus and I prayer for our pope Francis that can be a truthful person.

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  14. Years ago I was praying the rosary when I got to the end and began to pray for the intentions of Pope Francis. Very clearly I was interrupted by what I believe to have been the Holy Spirit. He said, “No! You pray for the intentions of the Holy Father.” I asked what this meant? I had a strong feeling then that Pope Benedict was still the Pope, which is something I had not considered up to that point. I asked for clarity and was asked to consider if I really want to know the truth. I came to understand that God knows who His vicar is, and that is what matters. All of this has been predicted through the ages. When our Blessed Mother was asked how we should handle these times, she simply told us to stay close to her and Jesus. Stay close brothers and sisters!


  15. I do like the manner in which you have framed this concern and it really does provide me some fodder for consideration. On the other hand, because of everything that I have personally seen, I just simply wish as the actual remarks pile on that folks remain on point and in no way get started on a soap box regarding some other news of the day. All the same, thank you for this excellent point and even though I can not necessarily concur with it in totality, I regard your standpoint.


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  17. Hey, I think your site might be having browser compatibility issues. When I look at your blog site in Firefox, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, fantastic blog!


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