Very few people have the ability to be as consistently clear and correct on Catholic matters as Louie Verrecchio these days. His critics accuse him of being a “Sedevacantist,” because it allows them to dismiss him without addressing his arguments.

He’s not a Sedevacantist, as that term is used in the pejorative sense by Trad, Inc. When Trad, Inc. calls someone a Sedevacantist, they refer to people who hold the sincere believe that the Seat of Peter has been empty since Pius XII, because, in their view, no true pope could have ever promulgated, allowed, or embraced Vatican II. It’s more complicated than that, but that’s the gist.

There are merits to their arguments, but the problem is that it’s extremely difficult to know where to draw the line. This why we, in normal times, rely on the sound advise of the Magisterium.

You might have noticed that the times are not normal, and it is not difficult to know where to draw the line with Jorge Marie Bergoglio. He is a manifest heretic and Vicar of the AntiChrist. Period. The Vicar of the AntiChrist cannot simultaneously be the Vicar of Christ – because God does not contradict Himself. He’s also not stupid, and He expects us not to be as well. We were given both faith and reason – and any reasonable person can see that Jorge Bergoglio does not serve Jesus Christ, and have faith enough to know that God will not contradict Himself with such absurdity.

That’s not the same thing as saying that the Seat has been empty since 1958. It’s not the same thing at all … but Trad Inc. will say that it is, because Trad Inc. wants you to shut up.

Don’t let anybody gaslight you into denying the nose on your face. Abusive, manipulative people behave like that. When one associates with abusive, manipulative people one sets himself up to be a victim. Don’t be a victim.

So, am I a Sedevacantist? No, at least not in the sense that the FrankenTrads like to use the word. They use it as a weapon to shut people up or dismiss everything someone says without being forced to address the logic by calling them a “Sedevacantist” and then by judging their souls …

No, I’m not a Sedevacantist. I’m just a Catholic who knows that Bergoglio ain’t pope now, and I doubt that he ever was. It seems to me that Mr. Verrecchio is in the exact same boat.

Of course, there’s still the elephant in the room: His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. Trad Inc. wants you to believe that you’re schismatic if you recognize the fact that something extremely fishy is going on, and they don’t want to be forced to address the strong likelihood that Benedict is and was being coerced.

They want you just to forget about that, until Benedict dies and nobody can learn the truth behind this unprecedented disaster. They don’t want you to notice that none of these fake conservative bishops running interference for Bergoglio have ever tried to take Benedict away from the Vatican simply to ask him what he thinks about it all … heck, they haven’t even bothered to ask him in front of his minders. Never. Not once.

They don’t want to know. Instead, they want you to subvert your reason, conscience, and desire to know the truth until Benedict dies. Then they can control what is perceived as truth, and all that will be left for you will be their antipope. Don’t do it.

They claim there is nothing we can do … as if the Magisterium, if it had any faith left, had no way to deal with an antipope. Of course it does. We’ve had more than 40 antipopes. An actually Catholic Magisterium would throw criminal Bergoglio out on his ear. But, we don’t have an actually Catholic Magisterium, unfortunately.

Some of them are confused. Some of them are liars. I’ll leave it up to you to decide who is what.

But Louie Verrecchio is neither of those things from what I can tell. If you want an honest Catholic analysis of the intentional obfuscation Bishop Schneider is doing, then you’ll read this:

One thing is certain – Schneider’s move and the united Trad Inc. campaign to shame anybody who disagrees with him smacks of desperation. Things are coming to a head.

Say an Our Father for another St. Athanasius, because Bishop Schneider is not.


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