To tell you that we’re at a “prelude” to the Great Apostasy, and therefore a “prelude” to the Apocalypse. He, of course, does not tell you which member of the magisterium has not yet committed apostasy. If we’re not at the great apostasy, there must be at least a minority of Catholic bishops left, right? Right.

There are none. Don’t tell me about silent Catholic successors of the apostles. There is no such thing, in these times. The Holy Ghost would never allow that.

This time, Vigano even condemned the abortion derived MAGAVaxx – without implicating Trump of course (who he has previously, and blasphemously, suggested is the Kathecon). Please note the extremely contrived pause and facial expression when remarking on the abomination – something he refused to do until Trump was out of office.

So, our 80 year-old ecclesiastical Q Anon is managing to travel the world, publish articles every week, give speaking presentations to Trad Inc, and generally take up the mantle of Trump’s limited hangout “Q”, all while still pretending to be in hiding from a monarch of a nation that has Interpol, the UN, China, Russia, the UK, and the resources of every Satanic globalist regime at its disposal.

Give me a break. It’s so bloody stupid.

This guy is an integral part of the controlled demolition. His subtle blasphemy is such a key component of their playbook that it is enraging to see, once you see it.

He claims that the Holy See has abandoned the Truth, that the “pope” is not Catholic, and that the kathecon is the most prideful, greedy, lustful man in history. How absolutely absurd can you get?

But, he pulls it off with the significant help of Michael Matt and Taylor Marshall, so people trust him. It’s all so ridiculous.

We’ve had approximately 42 antipopes in our history. Some of them have been hard to identify. Saint Ferrar backed one for a time. But Bergoglio is the easiest antipope to identify ever, specifically because the man is not only not Catholic, but he is antiCatholic.

Yet these men whom you mistakenly trust will intentionally weaken the papacy by continuing to scandalize you with this man’s open and obvious evil, while insisting that you call him “Holy Father.” Please, just shut up.

It’s obvious that these men are acting dishonestly. Yes – I think Vigano is intentionally deceiving you, as are Michael Matt, Taylor Marshall, and, frankly, the rest of Trad Inc. He says some true things about Vatican II, ecclesiastical evil, and tradition. Q said true things as well.

Neither one of them, ever, said a word of criticism about Trump. Just like Vigano’s minions, Marshall and Matt. Trump & Bergoglio could be caught gang raping a 10 year old boy in a satanic mass and these men would continue to insist that Bergoglio is “pope,” that Trump is the “savior of mankind,” and that we must re-elect Trump to stop abortion, while being absolutely silent about the fact that Trump has caused most of the entire planet to be injected with an abortion derived serum.

Wake the hell up, people.

11 thoughts on “Vigano Continues …

  1. I remember how hopeful many of us were when he first came on the scene. “Finally” we thought reading those first letters .. And how disappointing it was when it became clear we were duped. Kind of shattering actually.

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  2. Great post even if the content is disturbing. I hope this comment works. I made. Sling comment the other day and when I clicked on it it disappeared. Mel Gibson is a mason. So is Jim Caviezel. If this comment goes through I will continue. The movie the Passion honors the anti christ. Don’t want to write more until I figure out how to make my comments work.


    1. Hey Lynn,
      I’m no expert on these guys, but it has been said Mel Gibson is a jew, and comes from the nobility class, which more accurately would put him in the synagogue of satan.

      There’s also suspicion Caviezel is jewish.
      Mel’s pantomime role in Hollywood is the Catholic anti-jew, who bends the knee to jews.


  3. It’s possible that there are some bishops (and/or abbots) out there who hold the faith. The auxiliary bishop from Kazakhstan being one possibility as well as a few retired bishops. My guess is that there are more in out of the reach places that don’t see any need to talk to anyone beyond their flock and keep the faith (for example parts of Africa and almost certainly in the underground Church in China). For all we know Vietnam or even N. Korea still has bishops who keep the Faith. I’m not as pessimistic as some.


  4. I didn’t think it could get this stupid, but today I saw Mel Gibson advertising Vigano.
    “are the Bishops appointed by Jesus, or Francis?”

    I am now truly astounded by the lengths they are going to, to deceive people.

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  5. Michael, I was disheartened to see your Twitter account suspended. I hope , along with so many others, that you will activate another account. Your tweets are sorely missed. Your tweets were always the first perused. I have learned so much from you. Your tweets, as odd as this sounds, helped me get through some really dark days after my husbands passing. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and insight. You are a gift. Keep up the good fight. May Almighty God Bless and Keep You and Your Family.

    Suzanne Callahan

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