Is a sad snapshot of reality, as well as an inspiring example of the sort of “rigidity” that Satan and his False Prophet hate.

Read the whole thread here:

This one has not given up the rights to his Catholic man card. 👊🏻

7 thoughts on “This Poignant Thread By Theophorus

  1. Very poignant read, Michael. Unlike the others on this thread, I am in the vanishing minority in my family who are unvaccinated. As I mentioned, even my stridently anti-vaxx aunt is on the verge of caving to the pressure.

    My parents have assured me they won’t reject me for not getting vaccinated, but I find that family get-togethers are more penitential than actual celebrations. No matter how much I explain the injustice or the dodgy science behind these measures, they always defer to the System over any notion of higher justice. They will treat me as a son in their own homes, but try to get me to act as a leper when in public or the homes of others.

    The thing is that the architects of this collapse want the unvaccinated to shun the vaccinated as much as the vaccinated shun the unvaccinated. Interiorly, I’ve been guilty of doing so, but I remind myself that most of my vaccinated relatives have not suffered ill effects (one exception: an uncle was vaccinated, got COVID anyway and died of a heart attack. The unvaxxed would jump to the conclusion that the vaxx killed him, but prior to the pandemic he had a history of diabetes and multiple strokes) and, like the COVID scare, the vaxx scare is driven largely by social media. The same engine of fakery drives both sides.

    The bonds of love drive me to pray for my parents always and weep when my pride and anger wound them. I will still visit them when I’m able, but I also feel it’s only a matter of time when the last of my freedoms is gone and my parents say “we were just following the rules.”

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    1. So incredibly well said, my friend. You’re spot on. I’ll add one, perhaps subtle or even imaginary distinction: the architects are absolutely using the vax to foment division, and their psyops are tragically effective. It’s true that some of the psyops are aimed at convincing the unvaxxed to treat the vaxxed as dangerous and unclean. It saddens me.

      But, and here’s my point, it seems to me that those who are receiving the true MAGAVaxx (& not a placebo), are – for some strange and creepy reason – far, far more emotionally charged against the unvaxxed than vice versa.

      Both camps are wrong, but only the humble & truly repentant will ever see it.


  2. My whole family remains unvaccinated. My 62yo anaesthetist husband is probably the only doc at the hospital who has not been vaccinated. He will likely lose his privileges mid_october after >30yrs of dedicated service. His colleagues have wished death on patients and anyone else who remains unvaccinated. He is asking for a religious exemption based on abortion-tainted vaccines but we fully expect that to be denied.

    I need weekly blood work. I expect that this will be denied to me in the near future.
    Frequent mass attendance and rosaries are just keeping me above water.

    For a glimpse on what vaccine mandates will look like (I live in Ontario coming Sept 22) please read this and weep.

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  3. Good for him. I’ve gained and lost so much over the course of my life. The only thing that made me truly happy, without any letdowns, our friends and family can even present us with, was my reversion. I like to call it a conversion actually, as even though I’m a baptized Catholic and always believed Jesus was the truth, i did not know the faith, hardly at all. I only learned what the transfiguration, Pentecost and so many others things were, after the experience I had with God. This happened after 20 years of hardly ever going to Mass. i prayed The Rosary from a grace i received and received Him. It’s a long story, but this unexpected and profound experience I had, left me knowing, He is all anyone could ever need. So they can threaten me in any way they please. IDC. Today’s readings spoke to me like never before. We will each know what to do at our given hour.

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  4. Someone I’m close to and consider my second mother admonished me quite severely for not being vaccinated. I just went home and cried. I felt such despair to be treated that way. I really felt like giving in at that moment but thankfully my brother texted me to stay strong and never take the poisonous vax and that lifted me up. I imagine as life gets harder for the unvaccinated the more people will give in and get the shot. I continually pray for strength and courage to stay the course.

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