Large earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

I’m aware of HAARP. I’m also aware of Dutchsinse’s extraordinarily accurate earthquake reporting methodology.

Dutch deserves the equivalent of a non fraudulent Nobel Prize.

But none of that tells me whether a) what we’re seeing is an actual increase (on average); and b) Whether the origins are manmade or divine. It’s beyond my ken.

2 thoughts on “There Sure Seem to be an Inordinate Amount of

  1. I suppose that the scripture references imply either an increase in the actual number of volcanoes / earthquakes or perhaps just an increase in our awareness of them through the instant globalization of that information… in either case: contributing to the result of ‘men’s hearts failing them for fear’.

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  2. Yes Dutch is so good. I’ve been reading our Lady of La Salette and it seems that so many things are lining up with her prophecy. What unnerves me is that people are still so oblivious to events happening around us. People who know biblically what may transpire. Here we have volcanos and earthquakes, along with all else that has happened and so many are still waiting to “get back to normal” after their booster and looking forward to Trump’s return. It’s maddening. God Bless you Michael for your posts. We can come here and the news isn’t always pleasant but there’s sanity here.

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