Take a look at this thread from the United Nations News Centre:

The global government is dramatically increasing the rhetoric and sense of urgency, complete with tacit admissions. “The problems we have created are problems we can solve.”

Well, of course they are, Antonio. That’s why you created them. “Ordo ab chao,” “Solve et Coagula,” “Arise from the ashes,” “Build Back Better,” and whatnot.

They even give Trump the credit he deserves ….

This is all so surreal – and creepy.

7 thoughts on “This Is Ominous

  1. Ominous, yes, extremely. I suppose that we’re about to find out the next phase of this tyranny
    because there’s more I’m certain.
    I’m fighting overwhelm but it’s only momentary I think. I’ll pray the Rosary now and I’ll feel much better.

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  2. They’re make the plot as absurd as the 1966 Adam West, “Batman: The movie” where UN officials were replaced with imposters. In fact, at this point that movie plot would be preferred over what’s now unfolding in reality. 🙂

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  3. There’s the threat of the La Palma volcano collapsing and causing a mega tsunami. All while this perfidious Coven meeting occurs. NYC is supposed to bear the worst *if* it happens.

    Wrath of God or undisclosed geo-weapon? Time will tell.

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