Those of you who have followed me on my now memory holed Twitter account know very well that I firmly believe that Jorge Bergoglio is the False Prophet of Chapter 13, Verse 11. Consequently, I have felt duty-bound to warn for six years that we are now at a moment in history in which one simply can not compromise on faith or morals.

I cannot say that I understand the timeline. I am not a prophet, and am certainly fallible. Nevertheless, I am fairly certain that Daniel 11:20 (DRB) explains the shell game we are seeing on the world stage at present.

I have explained my opinion on Twitter. Sadly, that is gone. If I see a new audience here requesting such information, I will endeavor to give my opinion again.

All that is to say that I do not speak with divine authority, but I do feel confident in my opinion. Sadly, the outside parameters of my opinion’s timeline span this entire decade. In other words, I have no bloody clue about the timeline, but I do not believe most of us will see 2030, or even 2025.

I have an extremely strong opinion as to what exactly is going on, and who (exactly) is in control of it. But, that opinion will seem so outlandish at this point, considering the way the NWO has staged world events, that I am simply going to keep it to myself until the narrative begins to crack.

Those of you who have followed me closely know what I think. It hasn’t changed – not by a hair. To the contrary, I am more confident than ever.

All of that is build up to give you a relatively mundane message, and a call to action to our medical professionals who still have a conscience. That is this: we are coming upon a time period in which we who reject the Satan Sauce, the MAGAVaxx, the abortion tainted poison that (even by their numbers) has already killed more people than it has helped, we, the apparent remnant of Christ’s Church on earth, are going to be ostracized completely from society. It is already happening, and it is about to happen formally.

As in every aspect of this contrived psychological operation of democide, the medical professionals have been manipulated into pulling the handle at the gallows. Some of you are waking up. Thank God for the signal grace that has broken through your 2 Thess 2 blindness.

But, with respect, we are going to need you to do more than simply refuse to comply.

We are going to need you to come to our homes to care for those of us who become (truly) ill, and we’re going to need you especially for our mothers who are going to be forced to give birth at home. Some of these women have had caesarean sections, and should not be attempting a natural birth, let alone at home in a bath tub.

We need you, medical professionals, to step up to the plate, and to make yourselves available to those of us still trying to maintain the Kingdom on earth.

Will you use your talents, or will you bury them?

27 thoughts on “Honest Doctors, The Apocalypse, and House Calls

  1. Michael, We miss you terribly. I’m very grateful for your blogs. Have followed you on Twitter for over two years, I know exactly where you stand and I stand united with you. Thank you Michael, please keep up this important work, I know you’re weary but be inspired knowing how many you help. God bless you Michael.

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  2. Hi there! I’m a nurse with over 30 years of experience in ICU and now home healthcare. I was thinking about creating a Noah’s Ark for all the people who are left behind as patients and health care providers! We need to get it started ASAP!

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    1. I’m in, Diana. Would love to know what you have in mind. Arizona keeps flip flopping on things, and we’re on our way to becoming a dystopian, freak show like California. I know it doesn’t matter and is only a matter of time, as this is a global demonic takeover., But, I’m ready. Where are you located? The sooner something like this is started, the better.

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  3. Hi Michael! I’m so happy to hear from you again! Your past commentary on current events is never far from my mind, especially now. You said things would begin to escalate soon, and they certainly have, on all sides, at the same time, leading to a huge confluence of events, whose climax is imminent, I think.

    I’m in the process of starting my own blog so I can collect all the information I’ve gathered in the last year. It’s much easier to write blog posts instead of trying to compress everything into a Twitter thread.

    Finding your blog has made my day.


    1. Hi Julianne, Harriette from Twitter here, oh I do hope you start a blog, will definitely follow! So thankful for folks like you and Michael 🙏🦋

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  4. I am 6 c-sections deep and my biggest fear right now is getting pregnant all while trying to fulfill my duties as a wife. God bless you for this post, I will pray for you – please pray for me!

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  5. I am also an RN. I retired young because I recognized 10 years ago the weaponization of our health care system and absolutely could not participate. Thankfully my husband has provided for us, but as noted before, he is likely to lose his job soon.

    As to the original topic, I am well seasoned and fully intend to step in.
    My daughter in law gave birth, at home, 3 months ago, for the reasons discussed here. Taking your baby away at birth in a hospital setting is a real threat. She and my son decided not to risk it. Were we all scared? Yes. But the threat of the beast system taking the baby was much scarier.
    And what a blessing it turned out to be for our family. I was present for the birth and held my first grandbaby, a boy, before the midwife even had cut the cord. Oh the joy!

    Thank you for this post, Michael. Yes I am preparing.

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  6. like🌷

    Those doctors and nurses who would have the courage to rise above and challenge the odds could be on their way to sainthood. God Bless those who do.

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  7. There’s my cup-of-sunshine! Glad to see an fresh post. That said, I wish it could have been a more cheerful one, but I don’t see any valid argument against what you noted. I continue to ask the Holy Ghost for the gifts of clarity, understanding, and protection from deception. I’ve experienced nothing revelatory–only a sort of calm resolve that jives with what you wrote. Trying to convince close loved ones to stay the course now that the mandate has arrived at our doorstep is a tough, delicate dance as more than one of us are at critical junctures in either our academic or professional careers. It is no longer theoretical for us, and it’s going to hurt–particularly when so many around us haven’t batted an eye about consenting to the injections. To paraphrase a quote from St. Thomas More, “Pray for me and I for thee that merrily we may meet in heaven.”

    The ending paragraphs of your post touch on a section of Matthew Chapter 24 (DRB) that haunts me if I dwell on it, “And woe to them that are with child, and that give suck in those days.”

    Be well.🙏👊

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  8. I’m an RN with over 20 years practicing. I’m not an NP but have worked in the doldrums of Medsurg and then homecare, which taught us to use what was available, especially since they started really clamping down on supplies. I just saw in NY, they are not releasing NICU babies to their parents unless they are vaccinated. This is unconscionable to people like us. Home birth would be the only choice for me, if I were still of childbearing age. I absolutely refuse to go along with one ounce of these demonic and evil mandates they are pushing. I’m glad i struggled in my 20s. I’m prepared to give up everything and willing to help anyone I can along the way, as God sees fit for me.

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    1. God bless you, my friend. I strongly suggest you gather together a medical kit, including sutures, scalpels, and needles, and be prepared to use your talents.

      We who will not comply need to help each other, and your skillset is going to be the one we need the soonest.

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