Shades of Trump’s January 6, 2020 honeypot here …:

Don’t ever forget how, one year ago, Vigano went on his “Trump is the Katechon” tour. He first test marketed that by coming out of “hiding” to test market the talk to a room full of friendly Trad Inc. Then, he gave Michael Matt an exclusive (of course).

But, apparently the “Trump is the Katechon” theme didn’t test market well. So, he modified his theme to “The Church is the Katechon,” which was also problematic.

The errors don’t much matter to Vigano’s handlers. What’s important is that you despair for Our Lord’s Church, and seek hope from that despair in … Trump.

It’s diabolically clever. I’m convinced that this is why Bergoglio intentionally looks so openly hostile and evil.

Just a few days after his second installment, with the presidential election looming and his talking points now fully test marketed and refined, Vigano releases a video. He only had one part of this talk memorized. See below:

Vigano and McCarrick

9 thoughts on “Vatican QAnon Strikes Again

    1. Very few. There were many who would discuss it on my timeline. @charleybrown77 talks about it often, as does this account:

      Alistair asks great questions:

      RTF did an episode a year ago, asking good questions:

      @VendeeRadio also asks excellent questions. I’ve messaged with them a bit, and like them. Check this one out for sure:

      There are also a couple larger accounts that come on here, take my memes, and summarize my content without linking. So, I won’t be linking them.


  1. Reading Fivethousand’s comment .. It pretty much expresses what I, and many others I’m sure, have sadly experienced.


  2. I’m grateful for being made aware of this; it’s sad that the situations are almost identical. As someone who fell for Vigano immediately, and over time fell for Trump, this past year has been humbling. Sometimes it feels like I’m living inside a horror movie or one of those nightmares where your town has been turned into zombies and they are chasing you. Finally you spot some beloved coach or best friend or someone who really matters in your life, and you stumble up behind them and breathlessly exclaim “oh thank goodness you’re here! you won’t believe this but zombies are chasing me!” then your coach turns around and it’s revealed that he, too, is a zombie.

    I have learned a tough lesson. When I think I’ve figured something out, i end up walking straight into another trap. Satan is smarter than I am and always several steps ahead. My only hope, at least the way I see it right now and please correct me, is to remain single-minded for Christ. The Triumph, when it comes, will belong to Our Lady— not to any prince of this world. I think I must abandon myself to His sacraments, beg my guardian angel for guidance, gouge out my vices and place virtues there instead, and to finally collapse at His feet with a whisper: Please. Have mercy.
    I don’t know what else to do besides that.

    Thanks to you and everyone who spreads the word about this stuff.


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