Or you can all relax about La Palma, because there’s no way the govt is hinting at any truth that is consequential. See the screen record after the screencap.

I’m leaning toward an indiscriminate bot code that likes every tweet that says “DARPA.”

But I’m definitely not opposed to the notion that some troll at DARPA is LOLing at messing with people on Twitter.

Neither of these possibilities mean anything.

What I won’t believe is that there’s some basement hero at freaking DARPA “liking” a tweet about La Palma tsunami because there’s a sliver of humanity in the troll that compels it to give rando internet dude a gnostic warning to skedaddle.

Give me a break. If it’s an actual human doing the “liking,” then chances are it’s truly a false alarm, and he’s attempting to increase collective anxiety, which has been an obvious global agenda for some time. But it’s not a human, so it means nothing.

They are training you to be prideful, esoteric, Gnostics.

I’m going to write about that tomorrow. Let’s see if we can go 36 hours without anybody plagiarizing me. Check your time zones …

P.S.: The guy said “midnight tonight at the earliest.”

That means that, so long as something momentous happens between midnight October 14, 2021 and the end of time, then he is correct. “Prophetically,” of course … because the Holy Ghost likes gnostic guesswork, right?

Social media is stupid.

The modernist notion of sinful “prophets” is absurd.

6 thoughts on “Either DARPA Has An Autobot …

  1. Can’t anyone come up with an original thought anymore? They have to stoop to plagiarism? Pathetic. Sorry that happened. Your voice is missed on Twitter but I like the blog!

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  2. Are people plagiarizing you? Anyway, I like this post. That volcano is a “monster” as Julianne said and this post will help to sooth some nerves I’m sure.

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