Of the miracle of the sun in Fatima, it seems time to talk about this – the thread that unravels the entire sweater.

Sister Lucy” cut and pasted onto photo of Paul VI

I don’t know about you, but I’ve resisted the topic. I hate the topic. I hate the idea that this poor servant of God was mistreated or worse. I hate the ramifications of this possibility, and the logical conclusions one must draw from it, if true.

Nevertheless, I can’t ignore the fact that Sister Lucy of Fatima is not the same woman who appears in post conciliar photos. And, let’s face it, things like this have happened before. Just the other night I was reading about how Saint John of the Cross was kidnapped and imprisoned by Carmelites who opposed Saint Theresa of Avila’s reforms.

For nine months he rotted in a monastery in Toledo, Spain. His cell, a former latrine, was barely large enough for his body. They didn’t allow him to bath or to change clothes. His robe essentially rotted off of him. Several times a week, the “brothers” brought him out to be flogged while they watched, eating their lunch. I’m sure there are many other examples. The point is, things like this have happened before.

It’s a sad, annoying, and uncomfortable subject. But my discomfort is irrelevant. The Truth is what matters, wherever He leads, and it seems very clear to me that the truth is … Sister Lucy was replaced with a fraudulent copy.

The ramifications and motives behind this would be obvious, of course.

Ignore them.

The ramifications are what cause people to look away and avoid the issue. Deal with them later. First, deal with the truth. The consequences are what they are.

The threshold issue is this: are these the same woman?

Forensic experts say “no,” and I agree with them.

Learn more at https://twitter.com/SisterLucyTruth

Our Lady of Fatima, ora pro nobis.

P.S.: Our Lord (and Lady) often give 100 years for a warning to sink in, and be acted upon. Then, the results of not heeding the warning begin. The apparitions in Fatima took place in 1917.

What momentous event occurred in 2017?

9 thoughts on “On This 104th Anniversary

  1. I recall a year after my reception into the Catholic Church and finding this out. Wasn’t sure what to think and many rabbit holes were opened. The story of St. John of the Cross always hits me hard, especially now in our times. No happy clappy times for those willing to carry the cross.

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  2. The date .. 1917 and Trump’s inauguration, 2017, is definitely eye opening. I have watched the video but you only have to look at the pictures of the two women and see they are not the same person .. She was replaced. 😪
    The details of the kidnapping of Saint John of the Cross .. Heartbreaking.

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  3. Everybody dismissed the Rev 12 celestial alignment of Sept 22/23 2017 when the world didn’t end, again, as it didn’t on Dec 21, 2012, or Y2K. They thought it was just more of the same. It wasn’t. The clock is ticking from that date forward. It’s later than most people think…

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  4. Also this:

    June 13,
    Our Lady fulfills her promise, asking “for the consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, promising its conversion through this means and the hindering of the propagation of its errors.”

    Remember what happened to France when their king refused to consecrate France? 100 years to the day later he was killed and the revolution happened.

    Russia has not been consecrated by the Church as requested.

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  5. This kills me, “Then, growing sadder, ‘They must not offend Our Lord any more for He is already too much offended.” Why do so many not care about her tears?

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