This is paragraph 22 of the Fourth Lateran Council (1215):

In fairness, I don’t know if any subsequent Pope removed this decree. There is a lot to read. But, if it has never been revoked, it still governs.

As I continued reading the document, I found another fascinating quote. Although the paragraph itself deals with certain prohibitions against marrying blood relations to varying degrees of consanguinity, it contains this hidden gem: “the passage of time does not diminish sin but increases it.

Try applying that to the Novus Disordo’s justification of injecting murdered baby DNA because the murder “was so long ago.”

Last, yet another piece of evidence that the Bride of Christ is not passive. This paragraph orders all able bodied men to war.

I’ve given other examples of this in the past, in Pope Urban II’s speeches, here: I’m sure there are many, many more.

How can we say the New Order Church is the same as the Bride of Christ? They don’t even seem similar.

May this eclipse end soon.

11 thoughts on “Imagine If This Were Followed In Covidstan

  1. Wow. Incredible find. I was raised Novus Ordo, and the more I learn about Catholicism the more clear it becomes that they are two different religions.
    I’ve been thinking about your post from October on novus ordo ordinations and the obviously lack of grace. I used to think about Protestantism as an obvious example of a branch cut off from the vine. At first it retains most of its appearance, and is almost indistinguishable from the rest of the branch. Over time, it receives no nourishment, or grace, and it dries out and disintegrates, and as it rots it resembles the soil more and more. Liberal Protestantism is indistinguishable from the soil, dirt, earth, worldliness, what have you. But I look at the nearby diocesan parish that set up a covid shot clinic for children yesterday. And I read the questions we’re supposed to discuss for the Synodal Synod about whether we listen to lay women and minorities enough. And I see the cataclysmic falling away from the Faith of people my age, even those from “devout” families. And I look at, well… everything. Literally everything. Literally Every Single Thing. I can no longer pretend I’m not seeing identical rot.

    I used to guilt myself for rejecting the Novus Ordo. Christ is present there, in the Eucharist. Is that not good enough for me? What kind of an awful person am I to reject a Mass where Christ is present? The Church gave us Vatican II, and how could the Church give us poison?

    I just don’t know. But the words “The Truth shall set you free” are echoing in my heart.

    God Bless, Michael

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  2. You are doing good pushing & pushing this point of action.
    I’ve been giving a lot of thought to this, and your previous articles on the topic.
    What can we do?

    If only a Pope were here today and decreed for able bodied men to rally in defence of our nations from the forces of satan.
    If the laity rallied ourselves, we’d be arrested by the freemasonic forces for conspiracy to commit Satanicide. Should we care? I’ll give everything I have.

    Are there Bishops not controlled by the Novus Ordo who can rally us?
    Could the laity get them into joint dialogue, to issue a world decree to all Catholics in place of a Pope? Seems unlikely.

    So then what?
    Sans worldwide agreement on the problem, how can we ever inspire our Nations to controlled action?
    Most people still claim to believe in doing no evil, they just can’t recognise it anymore.
    Is that the target to tap into?

    Post crusades, a Pope issued a decree to Pray the Rosary to save Europe from the Muslim Hordes, which delivered the miraculous victory at Lepanto against all odds.
    I’ll crusade, but maybe, we don’t need a crusade.

    Can we rally people to pray the Rosary against the cause of Covid?
    There may not even be a covid, but there is a cause of covid, the synagogue of satan.

    Seeing this image deeply inspires me.
    The Vatican II Sect claim belief in God was waning prior to Vatican II.
    Over 500,000 gathered to pray the Rosary in San Francisco of all places in 1961.
    Can we do it again?

    We have the network already in place, the Parishes across the world, but handicapped by poke pushing Bergoglioites.
    What if we could by-pass the Bergoglioites? But how?
    Who exactly runs the coast to coast Rosaries?
    They are all over Europe too. Can they be our conduit?

    What could we achieve with a daily family Rosary, a weekly Parish Rosary, a monthly Diocese Rosary, and an annual National Rosary?
    With the Rosary, there is no limit and we can outdo the miracle of Lepanto, right?

    A Rosary to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Our Lady of Good Success, and the Sacred Heart of Jesus to save us from the forces of evil.

    I am no leader of men, I cannot even convince my Novus Ordo mother to pray the Rosary with me to increase its power.
    But no matter what, the Rosary is the answer to these times, we just need the spirit of Lepanto.

    I see potential in using the coast to coast network, but don’t know the organisation.
    If these are not just silly ramblings, then can we build on this?
    If I’m wrong, I’m wrong, but in the evil day, I think the Rosary can be our sword of the spirit.
    Good night, and God Bless.


    1. You’re definitely not wrong about the rosary being our primary weapon.

      The problem with all of this is that our earthly leadership and authority matters to God. This is true in the family, in government, and in the Church. But, it’s all deformed if not completely absent. This is why the betrayals are so profoundly evil. We can hope, of course, that culpability is too heavy.

      My point is that we won’t see any such progress (let alone virtuous violence) until God restores our authority for us. Until then, literally every “movement” that appears to gain traction will be perverted.

      This is my problem with the rosary rallies lately. Someone always turns them into a Trump campaign event.

      The only answer I have is in the family, with regard to prayer and virtuous violence in self defense.

      But, no, you’re not wrong at all.

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      1. I see your experiences, you’ve tried this, and prayed at the abortion factories. Many care, but not enough cared to force the cure for the ills of society.
        The time is changing. People are vastly different to just a few years ago.

        I heard a Priest say last year that they’ve never seen the likes of it in their lives, people turning up, wanting to join their Parishes.
        People are losing faith in man, and they’re ready to convert. Will they find our indoor Family Rosary?

        I agree, family Rosaries are huge, but if we also could start up the Rosaries in a public place, outside, where everyone can see us, so those who haven’t yet been called to the truth, can hear the Rosary, and answer the call. That gets more families on our team.

        Our loud voices, praying, producing vibrations of truth to break any dam. No more protests, we only gather to pray and share our love of God.

        We get a statue of the Virgin Mary up on shoulder timbers, and proceed around our villages & towns, loudly praying the Rosary for all to hear.
        If Priests want to join in, they can, but we march under one banner only, the Chi Rho, so political banners are burnt before anyone joins our procession.

        As an altar boy, my favourite was Corpus Christi, because we’d do a procession from the Church to the school 300 feet up the road & back again.
        We were Catholics. That’s what Catholics did. This triumphant Catholicism is the best.
        Everyone sees you, and everyone knows, you don’t mess with the Catholics.

        After our Old Rite Priest retired, the limp lukewarm Novus Ordo creatures leaked into our lives.
        New ideas meant no more outdoor processions. No more triumphant Church. It was a surrender, they lowered the Chi Rho & put up the white flag.
        My mind wandered elsewhere, as kids instinctively hate cuckolds.
        The Novus Ordo is a malignant cancer, and it has infected society. We’ll not save society unless we cut out the cancer.

        It’s a long shot, but I’ll check out my coast to coast. See how their machinations work, and offer some oil. See what happens. I’ll report back anything of any promise.

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        1. Can’t disagree with any of that.

          We still do those processions at my SSPX parish. On the Feast of the Rosary, we processed for a couple miles and prayed 15 decades.

          It is very powerful.

          When I worked downtown, I walked around the city on my lunch break praying the rosary. That got weird sometimes, but it was good 🙂


          1. I love that, that’s a place a Catholic can call home and be happy.
            That spark of curiosity hit the unbelievers. With so many unbelievers, I can imagine it’s hard getting through your prayers.

            I compare it to the muslim heretics that are still being shipped to Europe. In Swedistan & parts of Belgium they take over public squares to pray. It is a take over, and atheists will do nothing.
            However reading Alois Irlmaier, he said he saw the Muslim hordes beat back out of Europe again. There’d have to be a mass conversion for that to happen.

            Lately I saw a photo of Polish people congregated in a public square praying the Rosary. Kids see that, and it becomes ingrained into their being.

            We’ll see what happens. But Alois Irlmaier is a strange one. He had a gift, and I’ve seen him called a Catholic mystic, as his powers increased after the Virgin Mary came out of a picture to him in the kitchen of a farmer’s house.
            He also said the leaderless US would still beat back the invaders from the west coast.

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            1. Yikes.
              Austria have announced mandatory poison shots for the population will be put into force from next February.

              In the last couple of days I’d seen the police in Austria announced they would not enforce the Government mandated lockdown of non-injected only.
              Government now say it’s a lockdown for all.

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