For your own sakes …

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m exhausted by scandal. The temptation toward apathy is enormous. But, detachment and apathy are not synonymous. We must detach from the world for the sake of our souls (and our mental health), but not become apathetic to its plight.

In the beginning of my path toward discovery of true Catholicism, I was emotionally outraged seemingly every day by something new. Consequently, during the infancy of my progress toward Catholic maturity, my actions and prayers were often motivated by passion.

Back then, I would see something like this, become angry, rage tweet about it, and add prayers of reparation. None of that is inherently wrong, unless the anger tips the scale toward disordered. But, it’s not self sustaining in a world in which the discerning Catholic is constantly faced with outrageous and horrific things.

Without quiet time with Our Lord, such an emotional ride will certainly burn us out. It has me, from time to time. Ennui, for me, is always a giant hint to “enter my inner room,” and speak to Our Father like a child. I’ve known this from the beginning. Nevertheless, I’ve sometimes let these periods last for prolonged periods without heeding my own advice.

It’s a lot like telling a depressed person that the best thing that he or she can do to improve his or her mental health is exercise. The person may agree with you. Anybody who has ever been depressed and then run (or lifted) through it knows this. It’s a dramatic, immediate, and lasting improvement on mental health, so long as one exercises regularly. But, it’s very difficult for them to motivate themselves to do it … because they’re depressed. It takes an act of will.

Feeling the proper offense on behalf of Our Lord and praying in response to it can be similar at times. It takes an act of will.

As I have said before, I’m firmly convinced that the slow and grueling nature of this frustratingly idiotic apocalypse is the most dangerous aspect of our chastisement. The longer it progresses without the blood of true martyrdom watering the seeds of the Church, the more I fear for our souls. It’s getting hard to feel motivating passion. Therefore, we must exert our will over our ennui. Of course, true love for our Lord cures all these ailments, and that is gained by spending quiet time alone with Him.

Make no mistake, this display is an outrageous and blasphemous affront to Our Lord. It’s horrific.

But, I think sometimes people don’t understand fully why such an act is so terrible. The Catholics who I knew in the Novus Ordo would often feel the appropriate level of offense, but their understanding of why was shallow. They were offended because they believed such acts were “hurting Jesus.” They then would speak about how God is love, and generous, and doesn’t deserve such contempt.

That’s all true, of course, because our Lord suffers when we hurt ourselves by offending him. He suffers because He loves us, and it’s sad. He also suffers literally for our sins, on one day and for all days. But, this is only understanding part of the issue, and it’s a shallow emotional part that doesn’t consider the nature of the evil, and the gravity of the offense.

Here is the point: the first three Commandments are violations against God. The final seven are violations against our fellow man, and against ourselves. As such, breaking any of the first three Commandments is much more severe than breaking any of the remaining seven.

If you haven’t heard that before, your brain is about to break. Or, you may think through the ramifications of what I just said, and call me a fool. Clearly, murder has got to top the list, right? Wrong. Worshipping false idols or “strange gods/fallen angels/demons” is the gravest sin man can commit.

To be sure, all sin is evil, and all sin of a grave matter intentionally and knowingly committed is mortal (damning) – but not all sin is equal in severity. With regard to the difference between the first three and the final seven Commandments, the difference is that the severity of the offense is measured against the dignity of the person offended.

For example: if a child spits on his dog, it’s less offensive than if he spits on his sister. The severity increases if the child spits on his parents or a priest. The level of severity increases with the dignity and station of the person offended.

When we violate the first three commandments, we’re offending three Persons of the highest station who have infinite and perfect dignity. It’s literally impossible to make recompense for such a violation. A million years in hell would never pay back one violation of any of the first three Commandments, because the violation is infinitely offensive, because the crime is against infinite and perfect dignity.

This is why, after 4,000 years of Israel breaching these Commandments, it was necessary for the Father to send His Son to pay back the offenses for us. Unlike us He could pay the debt of our sins. Divine blood for offenses against the divine. One drop would have been enough, but He poured it all out, for all time.

Think of King David. He is generally referred to as a heroic patriarch of the Old Covenant. But, he was a horribly flawed man. He had something like 700 wives and 300 concubines. Even with that ludicrous, gluttonous, adulterous harem, he stole a man’s wife and had the man killed. King David was a terribly flawed human.

But, he did one thing very well: he humbled himself before our Lord. He submitted to His will. He admitted his own wretchedness. He made adequate penance. He honored our Lord magnificently. And, he did these things publicly, as was required for his station.

In other words, David violated many of the final seven Commandments horribly – but he took the first three extremely seriously. Consequently, he was blessed by our Lord in spite of his pretty big flaws.

To make a long story short, things like this:

and especially this:

are the worst things humanity can do. These acts are even worse because they were committed by, or sanctioned by, an actual or perceived governing authority.

Therefore, it would benefit Illinoisans at large if a few just men suffered imprisonment for destroying this abomination.

14 thoughts on “Illinoisans – Destroy This Abomination

  1. Merry Christmas to Michael and all the wonderful commenters here. May we all grow in holy boldness, zeal, and love of Christ this year.

    That revolting lump of excrement will be taken down tomorrow since secular Christmas is over. Meanwhile, we are just getting started. All times belong to Christ; all ages belong to Christ, nunc et semper et in saecula saeculorum.

    On a lighter note, let it be known that our five littles made it through Midnight Mass, front and center, without a peep. 🙂
    (Actually one peep.)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Merry Christmas, Michael. You are dearly loved, by our Lord and by so many of us who are thankful for your loving heart and your important insights at this time. God bless you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, E – I read this yesterday. It warmed my heart and made me smile. You’re so generous. I hope you and your kids had/have a wonderful Christmas season.

      Be sure to remind them that God is especially attentive during this time, if we ask for increased capacity to love :).

      Because some dude on the internet said so.


  3. Merry Christmas Michael
    Thank you for this
    I’m off for a walk through the park, the sun seems to be coming through the murky clouds lots of prayer it’s the only way through all this.


      1. Was wondering through these past posts and just saw this. Thank you my friend ❤️ and I hope the Christmas season continues to shower you with many blessings.

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  4. That thing is disgusting.
    Thank you for the beautiful reflection on the Love we owe God, who is ever loving and deserving of all love.
    God bless Michael!

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  5. May it be so! Brave men needed!

    The evil one is subtle…in fact many Catholics dabble in practices that seem good. I realized that my Catholic friend who said because she “loved” me could divine my illnesses & supplement meds. I watched her do this “sway” test on others and she looks possessed. She makes all decisions using this. Scary & I have had to cut off ties. Praying for deliverance. My point is, that even the most faithful looking and sounding can be fooled. I almost got cought up & thought I could still be friends but not participate. However, time maybe short on earth, so we need to have our mind, body & soul focused on Our Father. Best to let God know we love Him & no other.

    God Bless Michael! Merry Christmas 🙏

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