Hi friends – many of you have been asking about this blog, and why I took it down. At long last, I think I’ll explain a bit.

Last May, there was a suicide in my extended family. We went to the funeral. At the funeral, the “priest” proceeded to spew heresy after heresy. Then, he canonized the woman.

This is a crime of epic proportions. To be fair, there is reason to hope for this woman. She was mentally ill. She prayed the rosary sometimes. She had an act of contrition on her fridge and near her bed. “Remember oh most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known, that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help, or sought thy intercession, was left unaided.”

Our Lady brings hope, but not certainty. The woman may not be in hell, but she’s definitely not in heaven. She needs prayers.

Robbing her of those much needed prayers is a crime of epic proportions. Furthermore, it’s a crime against everyone who was listening, because this “priest” removed all consequences of despair and suicide. He spread the suicide legacy, because why not do it?

Long story short, I was angry. I was VERY angry, and I didn’t trust myself to blog without creating further scandal. To be clear, by scandal I don’t mean calling out this “priest.” I mean that I have come to some conclusions about the validity of Novus Ordo holy orders that, if incorrect, are potentially scandalous.

So, I shut everything down, went silent, and prayed.

The longer I was silent, the more confident I became that I should remain silent.

9 months later, I no longer feel compelled to remain completely silent. I do hope to, however, avoid much of the controversy.

Folks, I’ve been doing controversy for quite a while. I started warning about Bergoglio in 2015, then Q and Trump, then the MAGAVaxx … I’m tired of controversy.

I want to seek the deeper folds of Our Lady’s mantle. I want to delve into the Mystery of the Trinity. I want to speak with the Father, and to kiss Our Lord’s feet.

Those are the type of topics I hope to write about in the future. Everything else seems like noise at this point.

If that’s what interests you, then please do come along for the ride.

God bless,



15 thoughts on “Back, Sort of

  1. Hey Mike, glad to see you’re well, and I hope you & the readers are having a blessed Lent.
    The act of contrition on the fridge is heartbreaking, almost there. I find it scandalous what that guy said, and did not say, which is not her fault, therefore I think God will account for that point.
    I pray as we must for relations in the same situation, knowing they committed mortal sin, yet I’ve never once considered whether prayers for these souls, whose bodies lie outside the graveyard, can actually get them to purgatory and a chance of heaven.
    I assumed with no thought that there’s a chance, but is there no teaching at all about this?

    By chance I caught AsTheRain call for prayers for yourself last year, so what is it like to get prayers from across the nations?!

    Now I just finished reading a N.O.W. link to the lifesite news guys. The story was about a Priest from Benin, more precisely, it was his fifth open letter to the Bergogo.
    I had to read to see how one gets worked up enough for five open letters, yet still be deemed lifesite-safe.

    I did a web search for any coverage on him, but found a social media instead. Check it out.

    Nice style in these replies to Jimmy, pure fire for truth and love of God.

    Montini NO Rites speaking out like this can only be explained if they interiorly worship God with pure love. Same as the former NO Rites who did ask, seek and knock before finding true consecration in the Latin Rite.
    It is providence for all to earn salvation with every step.
    But I love seeing these ripples of providence spreading out from path to path, inspiring more to ask, seek and knock.

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    1. Ah, I see another lifesite link with this open letter guy introduced as “Opus Dei priest”.
      Red flag that. His replies to Jimmy, whether curated or not, were still fun to read.


  2. Glad to see you back in the action. The new direction you plan to take sounds wonderful and sorely needed. I’ll be adding you blog to my list of daily stops. Be assured of my prayers for you.

    God bless.

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  3. Michael, I am so very sorry to hear of your family’s devastating loss. The lack of pastoral care from her Priest makes it all the more difficult. She will be in my prayers.
    Glad to see you back on Twit and looking forward to your insights on this blog.
    God bless you.
    2birds@olosorrows (formerly: Para Bellum)

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  4. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for being angry at terrible things many stand with a blank stare about and even sometimes abetting the sin in the name of unity, being nice, evangelizing, etc. Daily, I comprehend why Our Lord said rather hot or cold but lukewarm He will spew out of His mouth. Or something to that effect. I agree it needs to flow out of prayer and grace. It’s a gift.

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  5. It’s so heartbreaking to witness the lack of true spiritual guidance from Novus Ordo clergy who should be shepherds for Christ. The last funeral I attended was the same: the ‘priest’ assured us that the deceased was in heaven without any requests for prayers for his soul. I’ll keep your relative in my prayers.

    Looking forward to your new direction less focused on the noise. We have an overabundance of that, no doubt due to the designs of the enemy. It makes it far too easy to get caught up in the distractions and lose our focus where it should be firmly placed – on Our Lord. Seeking to understand Him more through Mother Mary sounds like a wonderful pursuit. Count me in.

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  6. Glad to see this .. and the new direction you have in mind is sorely needed .. I know I need it, and I have no doubt that many others do as well.

    I will be praying for the soul of the woman you spoke of. 🙏

    God Bless. 🌷

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  7. I was unspeakably glad to see the new post notification. You come back any way you like! You have been much missed and much prayed for. Yours is a unique and compelling perspective that has been sorely lacking. I, too, offer my condolences and will pray for her soul.

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  8. First of all….my deepest sorrow on the loss of your family member. I will include her in my daily prayers for souls.

    Secondly…I have arrived at the same place as seeking “the deeper folds of Our Lady’s Mantle….”
    I very much look forward to your writings on this.

    God Bless

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