The Seventh Horn

Opposing Priest Marriage Officially More Important Than Defending The 1st Commandment To Some Catholics

At least according to the “conservative” Catholic Bishops and pundits who have been enthusiastically declaring victory, and hoping you do not read Bergoglio’s post Amazon Synod “apostolic” exhortation he released today, entitled Querida Amazonia, which you can find here. The premature victory cries this morning were due to folks claiming that Bergoglio decided not to…

What is the significance of 7 years?

In the seventh year thou shalt make a remission, [2] Which shall be celebrated in this order. He to whom any thing is owing from his friend or neighbour or brother, cannot demand it again, because it is the year of remission of the Lord, [3] Of the foreigner or stranger thou mayst exact it: of thy countryman and…

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