Throughout this diabolical slow roll apocalypse, many dishonest people have lied about the fact that “fresh live dna” is used to create some of these Satanic jabs, and the therapeutics that the establishment would like us to use.

Why would they lie? Some of them are awful people, some of them are stupid, and some of them actually believe that the most prideful, greedy, lustful, and dishonest man ever to be POTUS was actually “chosen” or “anointed” by God. They have chosen to die on that hill. Therefore, they have to defend the Beastly “Father of the vaccine,” the fact that this diabolical poison and plan would never have happened but for him, his promotion of abortion tainted “therapeutics,” and his incessant nauseating campaign for his MAGAVaxx.


Then there is Father Sélégny, Secretary General of the SSPX. Boy does that guy get my goat. Moving on …

Julianne (@kindandtrue) has doggedly exposed these lies throughout this entire operation. She has done a wonderful job, and she is a lovely person. I highly encourage you to follow her blog, and to read her latest blog post here:

Listen folks: the lesson Our Lord taught us when He said “Amen I say to you, unless you be converted, and become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven” is definitely very layered. One aspect of it to take to heart in this age of great deceptions is this: When in doubt on a moral issue, try speaking the issue out loud, simply, like a child, and imagine a child’s reaction to what you have to say.

If you cannot do that without twisting the issue or hiding the truth, chances are you are treading in evil waters.

For example: “they want us to inject murdered baby [or products derived from] dna into ourselves.”

I appreciate that Julianne is raising this issue again, because the world has quickly moved past the moral evils of what is taking place, to the legality and efficacy of what is taking place. Who in the hell cares if the drugs are legal or effective? They are evil. Full stop.

As I have said many times, they want you to know that you are consenting to evil. Consequently, they give you enough information to determine that by exerting only a slight bit of effort, and then gaslight you and give you conflicting information so that you, in your weakness, can justify participating in something that you know deep in your soul is evil.

They do this for many reasons, but primarily because this is about your soul. When you knowingly consent to participate in grave evil, the sin you commit is mortal. The evil of the catch-22s that they have been creating is escalating every time. The global culpability is massive.

Another reason they do this is related to the first. That is, when a soul knowingly commits evil, it damages itself. The more evil, the more damage, and the more blindness that occurs. Soon, justification and recruitment occurs. Eventually, celebration …. Just look at the “gay” Pride parades now.

That is the nature of evil and sin, and I’m certain that’s why they had a professed Satanist running the CIA’s trauma based mind control programs. He knew, and he incorporated it into MK Ultra and its progeny.

Now you are seeing it on a global scale.

Be like a child. It’s not complicated. These drugs are evil and disgusting – and anybody who can’t see that has an attachment to a very serious sin. I don’t care how holy you think they are, it’s just true. It doesn’t have to be scandalous. The worst one is pride, and pride is often disguised as false humility, and false piety.

There’s no pride in heaven.

Take a look at Julianne’s blog.

Update: take a look at this new Project Veritas video (below), but know that Project Veritas is a tool of the establishment, and that the timing of these revelations is controlled in accordance with their plan for the Controlled Demolition.

Remember the globalist mottos: “Solve et Coagula” (dissolve and reform, or destroy and rebuild), “Arise from the ashes” (with the AntiChrist Phoenix symbology), “Build Back Better” (or is it “6uild 6ack 6etter?”), etc.

How is this accomplished? By creating so much chaos that even the most level-headed and stable members of society demand a destruction of the old corrupt system, and replacement with a new order.

In other words, Ordo ab Chao.

This will all be lead by someone they trust, of course. “Trust the plan …”

Here’s a link to the video:

Here’s the money shot:

10 thoughts on “Abortion, Humanized Mice, Trump, and Julianne

  1. The push to accept abortion tainted vaccines as well as the fierce promotion of sodomy and sexual perversion in schools leads me to believe this is being done to bring about spiritual blindness on a scale never seen before. All done to prepare people to accept the beast and his mark.

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  2. No it’s not complicated .. these drugs are evil, as are those who created them and those who continue to promote them.
    Of course I will continue to follow Julianne and her heroic research. How lucky we are to have the both of you .. Two of my favorite people. God Bless you. 🌷

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      1. I’m so overwhelmed by your endorsement! Thank you so much. Seeing your blog the other day inspired me to transfer all my threads to another format ASAP, and it’s SO much easier to present all the info now. Our Twitter circle was so important in helping me to pull it all together. Your brilliant insights helped me see the big picture and recognize themes and form a consensus. I think there’s been a definite attempt by “our” side to suppress information mostly to protect Trump’s vaccine rollout, but there’s more to it than that, I’m sure.

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  3. My husband and I come from large families and he and I are the only ones who haven’t taken the jab and never will. I probably say at least once a day when referring to our siblings “They’re not right with God” because it has been evident to us, from the beginning, these “vaccines” are evil. All of our siblings claim to be pro-life of course.

    Thank you for putting into words what “They’re not right with God” really is…MORTAL SIN.

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    1. I often ponder this, as well, Mary, as my husband and I also come from very large families. Fourteen siblings between the 2 of us, spouses, nieces, nephews galore and my husband are the only ones. How could this possibly be??

      At the same time, it makes perfect sense.

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