Some of you will recall the thread in which I told you a man named Joe called me on his way to taking some more advanced vows at a Freemason ritual.

The fact that Joe called me was a cry for help. He was essentially asking me to talk him out of it. By the grace of God, I did.

Recently, however, Joe got sucked back in. I haven’t been able to learn whether this was because of peer pressure, or some other reason. I do know that Joe is not great with confrontation.

Long story short, Joe has issued what he said is a final resignation letter to the Freemasons. We will see.

In the meantime, Joe could use your prayers. I’m being told by a Traditional Catholic close to him (his sister) that strange stuff is happening, and that he’s almost crippled by fear and anxiety.

Joe believes that the source of his fear is that he is concerned that his Lodge will “come after him.” His sister believes that he is under spiritual attack.

I know the small town Lodge of which he is a member, and have met some of those men. Fearing them is irrational.

In the meantime, Joe claims he is going to a Novus Ordo service today. But, if he truly wants to get away from Freemasons, he shouldn’t attend their rituals, including the Novus Ordo Missae. So, he claims he will come with me next week.

He has said that before, and I have half a mind to tell him not to bother unless he goes to confession. But I won’t. He knows not to receive communion, and nothing beats the Mass.

Again, we will see.

Will you pray for Joe? The devil has his hooks into him, and he needs the help of a true priest.

13 thoughts on “More Prayers for “Joe,” Please

  1. Thank you for your thoughtful response. There is so much to think about, and I’m just at the beginning of it all. I was an adult convert and that process changed my life. Now I feel rocked again and confused.

    I am in the central part of California. There is an FSSP service near, but I’m still parsing out differences between that and SSPX.

    My thoughts began to shift as things starting happening in the world with covid. I came across
    talks by the now deceased Malachi Martin. This got me thinking and investigating more. He speaks about the satanic influence in the church, as you mentioned.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed your thoughts on twitter and I’m thankful you are still posting here.

    May God bless you

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  2. “ , if he truly wants to get away from Freemasons, he shouldn’t attend their rituals, including the Novus Ordo Missae.”
    That’s putting it bluntly and succinctly.

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  3. Prayers for him. Is it your opinion one should not
    attend Novus Ordo mass if traditional is not offered in your area?

    Should I bother the arduous process to move my whole family out of state (Ca)? Is this just going to come upon us all where ever we are.. Do you feel a move will buy time?

    I had recently found your Twitter before it was suspended and so I do not have all your thoughts on these issues. What I had read of yours was dead on correct. Would you be able to repost any of your older twitter threads? Thank you and many blessings.

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    1. Hi Catharina – as a layman, I can’t speak with authority on such things. But, I can tell you that I made a decision years ago never to attend one again. I agree largely with what the SSPX say here:

      In addition to what the SSPX say, I agree with what the SSPX *used* to say – that the new episcopal consecrations are suspect (at best), & probably invalid. Consequently, there is massive reason to doubt the reality behind the sacraments conferred by any priest who was not ordained by a bishop who was consecrated in the old rite.

      Others take it much further, and they may be right. I don’t know. But, being as charitably favored toward legitimacy as possible, the new episcopal consecrations (in the very least) almost exclusively rely on the subjective intent of the consecrating bishop.

      Assuming that were the only issue (it’s not), you can see the ramifications of it once you realize that we now have hard evidence that guys like Cardinal Bernadine and former Cardinal McCarrick were/are Satanists.

      Now, the old rites are so perfect that, according to Aquinas, the consecrating bishop would have to disavow publicly the Church’s intent to negate the efficacy of the rite.

      People abuse that quote and apply it to the new rite. It does NOT apply to the new rite. Aquinas never would have participated in the new rite.

      And there is no possible way that anybody in their right mind can make the claim that the many men like Bernardin and McCarrick intended “that which the Church intended” when “ordaining” Catholic priests.

      So, my (lay) opinion is that the men these guys “ordained” should seek a conditional re-ordination by a traditional bishop immediately, because it’s unlikely that they are priests – that includes especially Robert Barron, who was “ordained” by Bernardin.

      And, you can tell that (most) of them aren’t receiving the benefits of any of the sacraments that they think they are receiving on a daily basis. They’re (mostly) effete cowards who sacrifice nothing, compromise on doctrine, sometimes are the enemies of doctrine, and don’t teach any difficult virtue.

      It’s not true for all of them. There are some out there struggling to be holy. I believe that you will find that the men who have been ordained by one of these evil bishops yet still managed to maintain some semblance of faith and virtue faithfully pray the rosary daily, and practice daily mental prayer.

      As for moving, if you’re able and you must … do what you have to do to get to a real priest and real Mass. Regardless, no … I would stay home and pray my missal alone rather than go to a Novus Ordo.

      It took me decades to become firm in this conclusion. I know how painful it is.

      But, hey, I don’t think you need to move. I attended a traditional Mass in San Diego this summer. There are more.

      Where are you?


      1. SSPX has a presence in San Diego but they haven’t had their own building in… ever. The anticipated influx post Traditiones Custodes hasn’t materialized here for that very reason.

        That said, the lack of our own facilities and competition from both diocesan TLM and FSSP means that our crowd tends to be very self-selecting.

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