I wanted to take a moment to thank Mr. Verrecchio. I have expressed gratitude generally, for saying so many things that I try to say – but far better, and supported by a professional level of research and polish that is exceedingly rare.

But this time, I’m thanking him for bad night’s sleep. I’ve had people thank me for weird things like this in the past. I never understood the gratitude. I get it, now.

Specifically, I didn’t sleep much last night, after reading this exceptional piece: https://akacatholic.com/beware-the-institutional-church-valid-catholic-hoax/

Please read it.

Below are a couple of quotes as a teaser, but please do click the link above, and read the whole article.

Pope Pius XII:

We deplore and condemn the pernicious error of those who dream of an imaginary Church, a kind of society that finds its origin and growth in charity, to which, somewhat contemptuously, they oppose another, which they call juridical [“Institutional”]. (ibid., no. 65)

“The Holy Father went on to provide the true doctrine:”

There can be no real opposition or conflict between the invisible mission of the Holy spirit and the juridical [“Institutional”] commission of Ruler and Teacher received from Christ, since they mutually complement and perfect each other. (ibid.)

There’s really no way around Pope Pius XII’s words. Holy Mother Church is incapable of dissociative identity disorder, and God would never allow His spotless bride to feed her children poison.

So, here’s something to ponder: considering the abominable state of affairs in the Novus Ordo, especially considering the almost complete absence of virtue amongst its prelates, at what point does it become insulting to God to insist that these people are receiving valid sacraments?

I used to attend a diocesan TLM. After they locked us out last year, hid inside their rectories, refused to administer sacraments – including extreme unction – I could not reconcile the almost universal cowardice.

This was back when nobody was sure whether this was going to be a scary thing or not. The reason I say that is not to excuse these men, but to emphasize that it is completely irrelevant.

The only men who I saw never stop administering sacraments were men who were traditionally ordained, by a bishop who was traditionally consecrated (by a bishop who was traditionally consecrated…). Since February of last year, these are the only men from whom I will receive sacraments.

They didn’t tuck tail and run. Satan and Opus Dei expressed frustration with that through Michael “I’m Not Gay Anymore” Virus, and his minion Christine Niles, quite explicitly.

As the farce progressed, I could not reconcile the unbelievable (and almost universal) blindness to the absolute absurdity of this global fraudulent covenant.

The lack of wisdom, bravery, and self sacrifice shouted with the voice of a child: “The emperor is naked!

To think that we have thousands of these effete losers gaslighting millions of Catholics into taking a poisonous injection derived from murdered children while pretending as if we are morally required to consent to global tyranny, and pretending that it is morally acceptable to participate in intrinsic evil – is apocalyptic.

We are to assume that these men have received a valid Eucharist every day of their adult lives?

We are to assume that this many men simply are such losers that receiving Our Lord’s body and blood and all of the sanctifying grace that entails – on a daily basis – for their entire adult lives, and it … what? Didn’t stick?


I know the type of reader who follows this blog. Tell me if that passes the smell test.

Tell me, with a straight face, that you don’t believe you would be a far better person if you had the opportunity to receive Our Lord (worthily) every single day of your life.

Frankly, to suggest otherwise is blasphemy.

So, I apologize for offending some of you, but I think it is becoming blasphemous to suggest that the Novus Ordo sacraments are valid – at least at this point.

I’ve fought this opinion for decades. I hate this opinion.

If I were a Novus Ordo priest, I would seek a conditional ordination immediately, even if very quietly. I’ve lost friends over this opinion. It sucks, but I can’t change my own mind, and I think last year was the smoking gun.

Edit: I’ve received criticism over the phrase “even if very quietly,” above. Note, I didn’t say “secretly.” But, look, I’m just a layman sorting through all this. There could be very solid reasons that it should not be “quiet” at all. I certainly wouldn’t be, but … I never am.

In any event, take that comment or leave it. I certainly could be wrong. I defer to … anybody with proper authority.

Edit 2: Some comments have made me realize that may owe you guys an apology. I laid a lot on some of you without explaining why, as dire as this all is, it is actually incredible and tangible evidence that we are nearing the end of this eclipse. In other words – and you may think I’m nuts – but the worse it gets, the more excited I get.

I will explain why in a subsequent post soon – after a confession, prayer, and a solid fast. I should have done that before making this post, but I’m sure Louie did, and I’m just talking about his work.

In the meantime, see my reply below regarding ecclesia supplet facultatem.

Don’t forget: Our Queen Mother was assigned this battle before Adam took his first breath. She’s got this, by the grace and power of her Son, and she’s got you – so long as you’re wielding her weapon and shield.

44 thoughts on “Thank You, Louie Verrecchio

  1. Thanks for sharing that article, Michael. Bergoglio’s church doesn’t seem to bear the four marks of the church, it’s too obvious now. The issue of validity is disturbing. As you know, I wrestled with these anxious thoughts for a long time. Our Lady has brought me much comfort and peace, as the author and you state in your last sentences, she will not abandon us. To Jesus through Mary. Peace.

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  2. I tried to reply to Theophorus but I messed up. I am concerned also. When I converted it was a NO Bishop and priest and now I’m wondering if they were valid. I don’t know and it’s a worry.


  3. Michael, it seems you were eavesdropping on my Catholic ladies tea. Everything you have outlined is what we have experienced. The laity that aren’t covid worshipping are the most disenfranchised. Even though I had just moved to this diocese/parish I realized I was still fragile from the lockdowns and the lack of masculinity in the priests to desire to be saints and serve. One more bad move on the church’s part and I was “out”. When it happened, two days later I am driving to a sung Mass at the SSPX 2 hours away. I can guarantee you the validity of that Mass! There is absolutely no way I can go back to the NO parishes around me. I looked up a parish that was near by as I was considering options if I can’t make it to the SSPX. Their website was devoted to covid. Not one mention of Christ Jesus or Mass times on the first page, obviously it is a true wasteland. I pray now to have a chapel near by so more can attend., especially families as a 4 hour round trip is hard on the little ones. God bless!

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    1. Amen, sister. My commute is only 40 minutes, and I don’t have littles at the moment, but I’d like to think that I’d spend my entire Sunday making sure I got them the real thing.

      Life is more complicated than sentences, however. I believe canon law requires us to walk 7 miles to mass (if necessary). I honestly don’t know what that translates to when you’re driving in a minivan with several children under the age of reason.

      I’d guess it translated to however long it would take to walk them 7 miles.

      But isn’t that the problem?

      We shouldn’t have to guess. The fact that we have to resort to the writings of dead men we trust, and hope to extrapolate those writings to the unique and extraordinarily stupid type of global insanity that we are experiencing – without one bit of trustworthy guidance – is prima facie evidence that we are not dealing with the bride of Christ. The Novus Ordo simply is not it.

      But the necessary follow up is: then where is it?

      All I have is clever laymen words at that point. I’m not prideful enough to present my opinion as if it were fact. I’m pretty sure that’s an excellent way to be profoundly and meaningfully wrong.

      I just know that I’m only accepting sacraments that I know are valid. I also know for certain that receiving those sacraments from Sedes and/or SSPX is not schismatic or harmful in anyway, unless your SSPX priest is trying to convince you that the monster in white is “definitely pope” despite the fact that he’s not Catholic.


      1. Thanks for all you have written. God bless your efforts.

        My question. Have you sought a conditional baptism, etc? Thanks for your thoughts. I am a concerned father of three baptized in NO married in NO. I want to do all possible to fulfill my vocation and align myself with Christ our Lord through his sacraments.

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        1. Baptism is very difficult to mess up. Even an unbaptized atheist can baptize someone in an emergency, so long as they intend “that which the Church does.”

          Confirmation is very different. I did, after years of discernment, get conditionally re-confirmed this year.

          The man who “confirmed” me [the first time] was consecrated a bishop in the new rite by Cardinal Bernardin, who was one of the worst human beings, ever. I didn’t need to say more than that to in my request.


          1. Good morning Michael, me again..
            It seems you have inadvertently misstated the doctrine of the intention required by the minister of baptism. They must intend to do that which the church ‘does,’ not that which the church ‘intends,’:
            “Moreover, he [the minister] must at least have “the intention of doing what the Church does” (faciendi quod facit Ecclesia; Council of Trent, sess. vii., De Sacr. in Gen., can II). What, however, is the precise import of this formula is a matter of discussion among theologians. All agree that the minister need not have the specific intention of doing what the Roman Catholic church does; that he need not intend to produce the effect of the sacrament; and that he need not even believe that the rite is a sacrament at all, or know what a sacrament is.” (from “A manual of Catholic theology; Based on Scheeben’s “Dogmatik,” Volume 2, pg. 370)

            Of course, this goes to further impress your point about how easy it is to confer valid baptism.

            I realise my only comments on this blog so far have been corrections, so let me state that I do greatly appreciate your material (at least the relatively recent stuff I have read), especially your recent video, “Controlled Demolition” on Vendee Radio.

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  4. The validity of consecrations has been on my mind a lot lately. The SSPX seems the safest alternative, buy Verecchio’s article reminds me about my least favorite thing about going there- the picture of Bergoglio in the narthex. Why must we pretend about him?

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    1. We must not, as you know, Susan. (You’re awesome by the way. I miss you).

      As for safe, I love my SSPX priest, but don’t look fondly on the SSPX.

      I understand Sede arguments regarding the una cum, but read the paragraph like a lawyer and theologian, and have zero concerns whatsoever, in the true rite. The Novus Ordo una cum is majorly problematic.


      1. I bookmarked this to return with a question when I had time.
        This was an issue for me when I returned to the faith. I wanted to know if I could attend the SSPX mass & receive the Holy Eucharist, or not.

        I can’t know if each & every Priest in the SSPX includes the commie in the Una Cum, therefore asking your Priest is required.
        Before approaching an SSPX Priest, I thought of a question to run past a sede vacantist Priest, I asked two sede vacante Priests who both replied to read the mass at home.

        I framed the question to the second Sede Priest as follows; if I asked an SSPX Priest if he names the charlatan as Pope, and he said no, he is not the Pope, could I then attend his mass & receive the Holy Eucharist?

        He said no, because, as a member of a Society that calls him the Pope, he partakes in the same error.
        I hadn’t thought of that.

        So I thought, why would an SSPX Priest remain in a Society that calls this guy the Pope? I don’t know.
        But I’ve seen Novus Ordo Priests from around the world have been attending sede vacante Catholic Seminaries in the US for a 6month course before an Ordination with the Old Rite, from Bishops consecrated in the Old Rite.
        They’re then members of those societies who do not call him the Pope.

        I’d made my decision.

        However, a while later a nun I was conversing with, who is a sede vacantist, told me I should not forego the Holy Eucharist from an SSPX Priest if he is not naming him in the Una Cum.

        She did not change my mind, but I’ve left it open, and when seeing your comment, I was interested to see if you could share any insight into your decision that goes beyond my experience above?


        1. “[1] Now concerning those things that are sacrificed to idols, we know that we all have knowledge. Knowledge puffeth up; but charity edifieth. [2] And if any man think that he knoweth any thing, he hath not yet known as he ought to know. [3] But if any man love God, the same is known by him. [4] But as for the meats that are sacrificed to idols, we know that an idol is nothing in the world, and that there is no God but one.” 1 Cor 8:1-5

          Interestingly, Paul said we need only to abstain from meat sacrificed to idols if it would cause a scandal amongst the ignorant. (verse 13).

          If we can eat cursed meat with no moral consequence, why abstain to receive the body and blood of Our Lord simply because some closet sed whispers a fictional name of a pope who isn’t really pope?

          Besides, the paragraph said all who profess the orthodox Catholic faith. That’s the ultimate point, that negates any unity with a heretic, otherwise the paragraph is nonsensical. If the paragraph is nonsensical, it certainly isn’t applicable.


          1. “Eternal Father, we offer to You the passion and death of Your Beloved Son as a sacrifice of praise and to atone for our sins and appease Your Divine Justice. We offer this sacrifice in union with Your enemy, the God-hating apostate false prophet second beast of the Apocalypse who deceives and leads souls to perdition. We humbly beseech You to graciously receive this oblation, bless it and approve it. May it be pleasing in Your sight.”


              1. That is a false equivalence.

                In one case food was offered *by someone else* as a sacrifice to an idol. That food is now being given to me to eat, and St. Paul says I can eat it, as long as by doing so, I don’t give a false impression that I approved of the idol sacrifice. But if my eating would give someone else the wrong impression and scandalize him, I should not eat.

                In the other case, my presence at Mass is *my active participation in and consent to it*, and I am offering the Sacrifice together with the priest, who is offering it in union with an enemy of God. Even if the priest omits the name of the apostate from the silent prayer of the Canon, he’s doing so in a chapel with the apostate’s picture hanging, and in an organization that says the apostate teaches, rules, and sanctifies the Catholic Church in Christ’s name. So most people will assume he is offering the sacrifice in union with the apostate.

                These are not the same thing and St. Paul did not approve the latter. In fact, he told us what to do about teachers of false gospels in Galatians 1:8, even if that false teacher was the Apostle himself, or even an angel. And then he told us again in Galatians 1:9 for those who missed it.


                  1. You will note that all I did was paraphrase some of the prayers of the Canon, inserting some descriptive adjectives in place of the name of the man in union with whom the Sacrifice is being offered. I offered no opinion on whether one should assist at such a mass or not, I merely made more explicit the reality behind the prayer that is being offered; a prayer I myself prefer not to offer to the Father.

                    If you find my paraphrase inaccurate, please correct it, or if you believe St. Paul would approve of this prayer, I’d like to hear why.


              2. Thank you for the help, I have read that passage, but I took it as only about sacrificing meat to idols, and just hadn’t considered it to my question. I will re-read with new eyes.

                Having received next to no formation in my Novus Ordo upbringing means that I don’t arrive at these understandings at all.
                Joining the dots is hard when there’s no one near me I can ask, and I’m hours from the closest SSPX Priest, from where he only visits on a Sunday morning, and I’ve no transport to get there anyway.
                So I need to be willing to ask for help, hence all my questions here! And I thank you from my heart for all the charity in helping me out!

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                  1. I understand the hierarchy, but in these times, it’s not working so smoothly.
                    I’d previously emailed the SSPX Priest, and he was only willing to discuss in person, which is fine, but I’ve the problem with transport, so felt at an impasse.
                    However, you do provide great help & guidance, and it is appreciated.

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  5. Well this is causing no small amount of despair as I only converted a few years ago and now I’m wondering if I’m Catholic at all and oh hey maybe my family and I are destined for hell because Satan is just too clever and I never converted to the true church at all.

    I go to the TLM now but maybe it’s all bull shit?

    God help me.

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    1. No, no, NO.

      Don’t despair. There’s much you can do. However, I do appreciate your comment because I think it shows me that I have an obligation to do a follow up post on this.

      In the meantime, take solace in three words: “Ecclesia supplet facultatem.” That is, in certain circumstances, when a priest acts improperly, negligently, or … when everybody thinks a man is a priest but he is not – the Church supplies faculties to a certain extent.

      It doesn’t cure defects, but it supplies graces. For example, you may not get *sacramental* absolution from such a man in confession , but you are forgiven and granted graces as if you had a valid confession. In other words, one would be lacking some of the restorative and fortifying graces that a valid confession would confer, but you are restored to grace.

      I used this example both as solace, and as support for my observations. Why? Because I, and every other man I know (whom I’ve asked), noticed an immediate difference after confessing to a trad ordained priest. Some things I’d confessed for decades stopped after the first confession. Literally. I didn’t notice until later, and was astounded.

      God is not seeking to damn you my friend. He’s not playing gotcha. Be at peace. I’ll write more on this, and explain why this is actually a reason to feel extremely optimistic and excited.

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      1. I sure hope so. I’m gonna be honest some days are difficult. Everything is very confusing and this kind of sent me for a loop. I’ve got a lot of responsibilities, kids and a wife I’m trying to guide through this nightmare. The idea that I’m bringing them so some kind of anti church, even though we’re going to a TLM is border line terrifying.

        I’m definitely looking forward to your follow up, thank you

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        1. I’m happy to chat with you over the phone brother. Grief, and even shock, are appropriate emotions. Despair is definitely not, but unless you know what to do and where to go, it’s natural.

          Let me know, and we’ll figure out a way to chat over the phone for a bit. I’m sure I can brighten your day.


          1. Let me put it to you this way: I’ve been Catholic my entire life. Was almost a priest.

            It was until last February that I felt like I was in a truly Catholic community. I’m so amazed at my priest. He’s not easy on me. At all. But he is truly a holy priest, and manly.

            There is hope


      2. Hello Michael, could you please elaborate on this,
        “It doesn’t cure defects, but it supplies graces. For example, you may not get *sacramental* absolution from such a man in confession , but you are forgiven and granted graces as if you had a valid confession.”

        I have never heard of this before, could you please provide a citation from pre-vatican II theological work supporting this notion? My understanding is that if one in good faith petitions an invalid Catholic priest for the sacrament of penance, there is nothing that can supply their defective ordination and you would only be forgiven if you possessed perfect contrition for your sins; that is, if you only had attrition you would not be forgiven.

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        1. You know, Samuel – I’m not sure I can. It’s late, so I’ll have to look at this tomorrow. But I may have mistakenly fallen back on the modernistic interpretation of Ecclesia Supplet. I’ll take a second look when I have some time tomorrow, and be sure to correct it, if that’s the case.

          In any event, I agree with you about perfect contrition.


  6. I think that your points are valid. It hurts to have to look it in the face considering that for the most part that is the only mass available each day…however, I do believe God can do anything. I don’t think for one moment he isn’t coming to us through the Eucharist at these masses as well because He loves us and He is aware of all that is going on around us with His church..So I believe that He loves us enough to come to us through the priest no matter how His priests behave. God has been watching as satan took over and I believe He will always make a way for His children..God bless you and thanks for all of your inspiring thoughts you send to us.


  7. As a fallen away Catholic for most of my adult life, I greatly appreciate the posts and comments submitted on this blog.

    It is true, however that the more I learn, the more disturbing it is. I deeply want to do the “right” thing, but does that exist? I pray every day to be shown what that is, and submit to our Father my sincere heart on the matter.

    We presently attend a diocesan TLM
    Our priest is very open and vocal in his opposition to vaccines and all the rest of it. He provided my husband with an incredibly well thought out and worded religious exemption letter. It was no form letter.
    I guess my question is..what are
    thoughts about attending this TLM?

    Oh and BTW the Archbishop is an active promoter of the vax and he then was hospitalized with “Covid”.

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  8. Michael, the conclusion you come to in this post is inescapable.
    The Matter and Form of the Rite of Episcopal Ordination outlined by PPiusXII was completely changed in the ‘new’ Rite… in the same way [at the same time and by the same people] that the ancient Latin Rite of Mass was butchered by the 1969-70 promulgation of the Novus Ordo Missae.
    The catastrophic result of the first being the end of Apostolic Succession, resulting eventually in the end of a validly sacrificing priesthood – this, combined with the corrupted Novus Ordo Mass brought the end of the daily sacrifice in the Latin West (with isolated exceptions, perhaps, as you mention).
    The implications for the general run of laity are enormous. One might say, apocalyptic.
    You have my email address.

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      1. There are some who have argued, including Ratzinger most recently that I can recall, that the Church was the victim of the sexual revolution in the world and the “spirit of the age” that accompanied it: that the loss of vocations and faith that followed Vatican II were an inevitable result of this worldliness acting upon the Church. But they have it precisely backwards. The precipitous moral decline in the world that was evident in the 1960’s and is far more advanced now, is the direct result of the “slow poison” of this withdrawal of graces in the world, effected by the removal of valid sacrifice and valid priests capable of offering the Holy Sacrifice. “As goes the Church, so goes the world.” Not vice-versa.

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  9. Bravo! Your point is very good regarding the effect that receiving a valid Eucharist daily should have. This is in addition to the innumerable graces that should be flowing from offering the sacrifice of Christ the victim, in the person of Christ the high priest, daily, to the Father. But even moreso the effect that valid priestly ordination should have, that sacred character conferred on a man, which in fact imposes on him a *sacred obligation* to administer sacraments to the faithful “in season and out of season,” to borrow a phrase from St. Paul.

    St. Charles Borromeo, St. Catherine of Sienna, St. Aloysius Gonzaga and Fr. Damian of Molokai, among others, gave the example of what Christ’s followers do in response to plagues and mass sickness. These examples stand in contrast and in judgment of the weak and evil response of the “clergy” of the Vatican II false church. “For whosoever will save his life, shall lose it.”

    There are good, solid, doctrinal reasons why many hold that the consecrations of bishops in the new rite aren’t valid. These are also uncomfortable, inconvenient, devastating in their consequences, and may be personally costly to accept. But a thing is true or untrue independently of whether we like the consequences. Beyond the doctrinal proofs and logical arguments, we now have the clear tangible evidence of the fruits of that lack of grace. Novus Ordo priests who are moved by God’s grace to seek conditional ordination should also seek solid priestly formation in Catholic doctrine, to drive out the modernist poison which was fed to them during their years in modernist seminaries.

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  10. You make valid points. I will play devils advocate for a second. The SSPX superior is pushing the vaccine out of charity. I am not sure why but not even Fellay is outspoken against it, from what I know.

    Judas received a valid ordination and valid Eucharist from Our Lord’s own Hands. Within hours he committed Deicide and then hung himself.

    Like I said just playing devils advocate. I am just trying to do my duties in my state of life and make it to the end.

    Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. Have mercy on us

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