Anybody remember Trump’s Executive Order #13,899?

That’s the one in which he claimed to make it illegal to be prejudiced against Semitic people, but instead made it illegal to criticize the policies of debauched, tyrannical secular “Israel” (Palestine/Judea).

It also made it illegal to offend people who claim to be members of the tribe of Judea.

You know … all those white European types who claim to be Semitic. Here’s a refresher in screen shots:

It appears that the Khazarian Mafia under the guise of members of the tribe of Judea are beginning to make big steps toward utilizing their favorite convert’s Executive Order, as expected. Most of my blog post is in the annotated screen shots. But, don’t skip the punch line!

One of the greatest examples of mass delusion of our age, is that most of your preachers and priests have convinced you that the below screenshot is a good thing.

Some of them even sell Trump gold shekels, the proceeds of which go toward rebuilding a temple that God Himself had destroyed – because it became a temple of apostasy. A temple the veil of which was torn at the moment of Our Lord’s death, and which Our Lord prophesied would be so utterly destroyed that not one stone would remain atop another.

That’s right – that “Wailing Wall” is not a part of the temple. If it is, Our God was wrong. Our God is never wrong.

A temple that they all tongue and cheek admit will be dedicated to the AntiChrist.

A temple that claims to worship God, while rejecting outright The Word of God – the 2nd Person of the Trinity.

Aside from the fact that a Jewish temple exists NOWHERE in Revelation, if they attempt to build it, it won’t be where David staked it out. They’ve tried that a few times, with the support of Julian the Apostate … God killed them. He sent earthquakes, and belched fire from cracks in the earth. They gave up.

But people think this is a good thing.

I wonder why.

Have you heard this catchy tune by the Jerusalem boy’s choir, with the approval of the Sanhedrin?

Trust that plan …

Update: this is a relevant and interesting thread –

7 thoughts on “The Victim Tyrants Hold All the Cards

  1. Such a good article Michael. I wasn’t able to speak to it as I’m not well versed on the subject but I learned a lot from the article. Thx

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  2. “claims to worship God, while rejecting outright The Word of God – 1/3 of the Godhead.”
    You’ll want to go back and correct this statement because you’re saying that the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit are each 1/3 of the Divine Nature which, of course, is pure heresy of the modalist kind…
    Do correct.

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  3. Thank you for the reminder. Although, I never really forget the “truther” propaganda distracts me momentarily, especially on catholic twitter. Branden O’Connell may not be fully 100 percent it is him, you & 3 others on twitter that keep me from being distracted for too long. In the very small town (daughter & her family live in) which is connected to my town is battling Hasidic Jews. About 14 families have moved into their town. Through research a man found they are backed by a huge company paying for them and buying their houses. They have marked out 40 or more acres to build more. The town council’s president has slyly been arranging it and profiting from it. They don’t work! Pay no taxes. They build these awning shed type things off the back of their houses and get the house seemed religious. They also buy up stop malls in the middle of these towns a do the same (proof is outside of NY). They have bought this towns center part of the city yet. The town is divided. It’s s small sleepy town and now they are at war with one another. This has uncovered their own corruption and involves people who have generations who have lives there. A man went on the town’s social media group (FB) live exposing all this with tons of proof. Immediately people started posting documentaries about these Jews and calling those who want to fight this jew haters. It’s bad. My daughter & son in law just bought their house last year because it is s town known for safety and being quiet etc. just like the covid thing these people choose to not look at facts. Sadly, many of the ones defending the Jews are so called conservatives and haven’t bought into covid. They believe in guns etc. The face book live guy said the name of the company buying and building these properties but I can’t remember it’s name. They do this other places. There are towns that now have no say and literally live in the land of JR’s and their laws all the while these Jews claim they are peaceful. What started the concern and the man investigating was the fact these Jews literally walk into the townspeople’s homes without permission! The towns people have called the cops. But all they get is “well, they are new, they don’t understand our culture blah blah. By the way. I always click to receive replies but never get them. Anyway to fix that? I have to go back to articles to see more comments

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