Did you catch it?

It’s almost like they subscribe to “MK Ultra Weekly.”

It’s a horrible tragedy. Adjectives fail to describe such things. So, please don’t think I’m callous if I forego the attempt, and move onto what’s next.

What’s next is the usual: Operation Outrage (and/or) Shame (and/or) Fear. In short, chaos.

Their goals are multifaceted, and each have targeted success ratios, and acceptable loss ratios. For example, they have a very specific idea of how many of us will never inject their MAGAVaxx poison. They also have very detailed demographic information about those people. Indeed, they have your responses on social media to most controversies – contrived or real – since your first day on social media.

So, they have firm opinions on, of the few of us who will never give in, how many of you they can divert into other soul blackening adventures.

It’s not hard to predict. You’ve laid it all out for them. Add quantum computing, AI, and maybe a ghost in the machine, and you have a very accurate roadmap on how to manipulate Joe and Sally.

Truly, it’s not difficult. Think of your closest social media contacts. You know their triggers. Besides, this sort of thing has been done before, if on a smaller scale.

Last, don’t forget one drum I often used to beat: MK Ultra is trauma based mind control. They have studied this form of traumatic manipulation, like so many things, approximately since Vatican II. Decades. They have refined and perfected the “science.” They don’t need to tape your eyelids open, feed you LSD, and force you to watch atrocities anymore.

No … they can feed you antidepressants, sleeping pills (“hypnotics”), or stimulants, and entice you into watching traumatizing things on social media, then compel you to read triggering or seductive comments while in a suggestive state of mind.

It’s really not that different.

Whether “they” were behind this horrible tragedy or not is irrelevant, your government under Biden will use it almost as well as Trump’s government used trauma to manipulate you.

Let me take a hard right turn here to prove my point, and that is this: you will be hard pressed to find a saint who describes an encounter with God as one that overshadows his or her ability to control his or her own thoughts and emotions, even in rapturous states.

Our Lord will never do that. He respects your free will too much to do so.

Our Lady was and is perfect. She was united with the Holy Ghost since the moment she was conceived. One cannot be “in union” with Our Lord unless one submits his or her free will to Our Lord as completely as one is able.

Nevertheless, the Father sought her consent.

My point? Our Lord and His true servants never seek to control your thoughts or emotions, but His enemies do.

Don’t watch the tragedies. Those videos on social media should only be aired in a courtroom.

4 thoughts on “The CIA News Network Winked at You Yesterday

  1. Even my mom said, the SUV was backed up perfectly into the driveway.

    On thing I’ve noted after watching & seeing TV is the big pharmacy commercials & the large amount of drugs being pushed for depression AND drugs for side effects from the depression drugs. I would guess a lot of people are on these and they are more susceptible to the manipulation.

    Even the totally staged BLM parade in NYC after the Rittenhouse verdict was hilariously marched by white people. 80 yr old mom, “looks like a dating club” not a rally.

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