Just in time for the holidays. What a coincidence.


Of course, they continue to commit fraud be redefining common sense terms into nonsensical terms. For example, the article claims that “70 to 75% of U.S. [Covid] patients have been ‘unvaccinated’.”

And the sheeple glom onto the fear inducing fraud.

But it’s a blatant lie. You can disprove it from their own literature. For example, Washington State Department of Health issued a report last week titled “COVID-19 Cases, Hospitalizations, and
Deaths by Vaccination Status.

They expose their fraud in their own document, to wit: “The unvaccinated population is defined by subtracting the number of vaccinated and partially vaccinated individuals for the specified age group and time period…”

In laymen’s terms, that means that unless you have all your MAGAVaxx updates, the gestapo deems you “unvaccinated.” The “updates” will continue …

This clever little work-around allows them and all of the talking heads to claim that 75% the people who you see that are sick and dying have not been vaccinated. The reality is likely precisely opposite to that.

They have to hide it, though, because the plague is the injection.

This isn’t hard to figure out. This globally coordinated statistical fraud is far less complex than the statistics every doctor learned in undergrad.

Consequently, I’m disinclined to grant any doctor who is pushing this bullshit the benefit of the doubt of ignorance.

It’s still unclear to me at this point whether they intend to lock us down before Christmas, or whether they’ll delay until Lent, but I’m leaning toward the latter.

Have any of you seen anything that gives any indication of when the next lockdown will be?

In the meantime, hold the line.

9 thoughts on “Here We Go, Again

  1. Sorry I can’t comment on America but it’s sounds like the media here. Playing the same game. (U.K.)
    The Government here are saying people must get their boosters so we can have Christmas.
    The news/newspapers/talking heads new talking point is ‘should we follow Austria?’

    I feel a lot people don’t care & are resigned to just going along to get along

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  2. Yes. And now the powers have Gates talking about a possible outbreak of smallpox, requiring new pharmaceuticals and vxxines. Coincidentally, a vial containing smallpox has been found. It just keeps on coming to keep us surrounded in confusion .. fear.

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  3. Here in Oregon there seems to be growing discontent over all of the masking. Washington DC is dropping it’s mask mandate next week (again with magical future dates – why not right now?). Seems as if the OSHA mandate won’t go through. My thought is more fear mongering of another “something” released in January.

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        1. Ha! How ridiculous. “The young boy was in Rome for medical tests after doctors suspected a tumor or multiple sclerosis.”

          While waiting on results, they visit BerGog. Then the results come back negative. Miracle! Sheesh.

          My results will come back negative too. Maybe that’s Bergog’s second miracle.

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  4. I am leaning towards Christmas here in my province. We are having rolling lockdowns for the past few weeks in select areas to keep the fear alive. Children 5-11 supposed to be approved in the next week. If we aren’t just before Christmas will be immediately afterwards to blame people for gathering together and creating another “surge” in January. It really is never-ending and tiresome and it’s only just begun.

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