is stupid.

But, hey, everybody knows about the Baphomet Pentagram.

Want to know a hint into the deepest of secrets? The blackest of black pills?

Do you really want to know?

Read Acts 7:43, and the Star of Remphan – and know that this is NOT whatever the “Star of David“ was.

Go to, and search the “Star of Remphan,” and dig. Dig deep, because this is the foundation for all the questions that you’ve been asking.

I’ll give you a hint: the 12 tribes of Israel (God’s people before he used 12 apostles to establish the universal Church) had some problems, but no more than in the tribes of Juda and Dan.

Satan is smarter than you. His dumbest demon makes you look retarded. And, they have millennia worth of patience.

I double dog dare you to research Acts 7:43, Revelation 2:9, Revelation 3:9, and the Star of Remphan.

Do it honestly and brutally, or don’t bother.

25 thoughts on “Yikes … Proof that Everything and Everyone

  1. Hey Mike,

    Remember this?

    Curious to get your theological or philosophical opinion on that.

    Is this a message saying he and they are trying to defeat Christians?


  2. Hi Michael

    Just wanted to say I’m looking now.
    I do find a lot of this confusing and well above my level of understanding.
    Reading others comments can help me sometimes 😊
    I always read your blogs but I don’t comment much because I don’t have enough knowledge to say anything of value.

    I do hope you are well

    God bless

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    1. Some of this stuff is tough. Some of the Trad Cats I used to interact with on Twitter can get you started. But, this is a thread one needs to pull one’s self, because we’re trained our entire lives to resist it.

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  3. Read and researched the Star of Remphan. That, along with the biblical passages, .. explains so much. Yes, very dark. I understand .. No questions. 🙏

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  4. Meh, it was just a double dog dare. Now if it was the coup de grace of all dares, the sinister triple dog dare…then I’d have to take you up on the search. 🤣

    But seriously, your tweeting about this topic was right about the time your Twitter wings got clipped. Must have touched a nerve with TPTB.

    Blessed Advent to you. I don’t always have something to say, but keeping tabs regularly. Peace, love, and joy.

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  5. I remember you speaking about the Star of Remphan vs the Star of David back in your twit days. I’m not sure I want to go down that rabbit hole but I probably will. I will have questions for sure .. Be prepared. 🙂

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    1. I went down the rabbit hole. Disturbing indeed. With potential far reaching revelation of truth. My mind started thinking about the depth of deception and it is very scary. Michael said its the blackest of black pills. Sometimes these things just take some time to process.
      And pray.

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      1. Liked your comment. I’m just now starting to read the Acts and Revelation chapters that Michael referenced. I’ve read them before of course, just not thoroughly enough apparently.


  6. I am not at this deep level of inquiry/understanding. After reading a few pages – I felt the need to stop as everything kept leading me to the idea that serious sin, over time and shared with enough people ultimately leads to child sacrifice in a society (Moloch/Abortion/Child Vax). Horrible. That seems an impossibly long slide – but it keeps happening again and again…

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  7. God’s design can be flipped dark and commandeered for person gain if consciously seeded with intent to achieve a different end than union with God while continuing consciously to play by God’s rules from there. That means using nature, the human body, coincidence, faith, conscience, etc. exactly the way it actually works – with a deeper trust in the interconnectedness of God’s design than many good Catholics – towards a non-good end. Advertising, financial markets, entertainment, politics – all of these things, if/when evidenced with evil, appear coordinated by some mastermind. They’re not. They are the fruits of darkness carrying the marks of inversion and death riding the same appropriated wave Divine Providence – the underside of the sine. The star might as well be a cage confining persons in this world. Don’t get caught on its web, or your path will be horrifying on the way out. Physically, sure, but much worse in your mind. That’s why few often leave. Keep your nose clean. Face that difficult thorn and ask God to yank it out while on your time. The only thing that can defeat this is Christ and lots of it. The mind of Christ. The cross. Faith. Trust. Grace. Communio. The earthly city needs to watch the Kingdom crush it, and the Kingdom is God’s design. Mercy, forgiveness, humility, charity, crosses – the key is Christ.


    1. This: “Advertising, financial markets, entertainment, politics – all of these things, if/when evidenced with evil, appear coordinated by some mastermind. They’re not”

      Is the testimony of a prideful man who is ignorant of theology, and, most importantly, the power that Satan has over those in the state of mortal sin, as specifically defined by Christ’s Church.

      These are not difficult concepts.

      They only become difficult when you bastardize and protestantize words, meaning, and law into absurdity. So, I advise that you’ll have a more receptive audience at a Joel Osteen religious institution, or a Mormon cult.

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          1. Can we start off on a better foot? This topic is compelling to me. Therefore, Christ be with you, brother!


            I believe the star of remphan to be a depiction of the concept of capturing God’s radiance and directing its condensed beam to the exclusive benefit of the recipients in the temporal world that stand at the end of the “generation” of a particular subsystem of work chosen, the ultimate sub-system being the natural world and humanity in the temporal realm. The benefits, therefore are material/temporal. The source (God) is unlimited. Because God is “all in all”, ethos can be fashioned to effectively harness capabilities that manifest the production of temporal “fruits”. (Think usury.) Where concupiscence normally gives struggles with the interior of every man, the redemptive ethos of Christ is the only thing that can subdue the interior toward the generation of the “new man”, inspired by love (God) through the sensitivities of the heart. However, prior to Christ, man was not able to be rectified (redeemed), obviously. A stretch of true faith through a presumably unbounded darkness toward God would have been the only sufficient hope for sanctification during OT times. A pure lack of faith, and without a sufficient model of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ to witness the “redemptive ethos” in action, a “slavery of corruption” took over with God’s chosen people holding the upper hand relative to other civilizations. In enslaving others from God, they enslaved themselves in sin. This made it too easy to make money, and eventually they began to worship this very device as it benefitted them more temporally to satisfy their passions than the spiritual pains of faith required out of trusting love in the Lord. Any conscious fashioning of cultural ethos to establish self-mastery or subjugation in the sensitivities of the hearts of man for dubious means establishes a false god – an idol. The more conscious one becomes, the more culpable of idolatry one is. As a participatant/benefactor/influential figure who was originally oblivious begins to become aware of said mechanism, even those not benefiting materially, financially, etc. – a trading of one’s soul is constituted in order to stay in the construct. Doubtful many people are consciously aware though, so culpability is still low in the general population. However, the mechanisms still function, which is why I say they mechanism is not coordinated necessarily, per se, by some single human mastermind. Parts, yes, but the whole functions synergistically with itself naturally.

            The Star of David, in contrast, is a symmetrical depiction of a unified trinity indicating man’s commitment to reciprocity with God (to the best of our ability) at the exclusive authority and endless supply of God’s love generating goodness, truth and beauty in heaven and the earth.

            Speaking to the natural world, when man establishes mastery over the order of things, it is objectively good because man has dominion to direct the created world towards good ends, thus realizing positive potential. Medicine, technology, the arts, etc.

            God loves this sort of mastery as by foreshadowing the Kingdom of Heaven through the sanctification of created things, man gains knowledge and faith in form and a sense of service owed to the Lord that can be applied to the conscious awareness of the sanctification of souls for the salvation of the world. This Star of David prefigures not only man’s eschatological end of the beatific vision, but also partaking in God’s divinity now in the Eucharist and the promises of life everlasting for new man (personally) AND for new mankind (humanity) as the Mystical Body of Christ through the Catholic Church. All in all. Committing our lives to freedom from the slavery of sin in good faith with God will benefit our efforts as God’s light supportive God’s promise. God loves you, me, all of us, and made us for himself so that each person can and may become united with him.

            A “mystical body of satan” exists somewhat in the walking dead of this world subscribed to the old system of death. Its construct is the structure of the star of remphan, and it’s leaven is the cultural ethos of its false idol(s).

            I believe that the breaking free of individual persons by unification with God through the Interior Way begins a free-radical chain reaction of sorts impacting family, marriages, (all vocations), parishes, work places, governments, and, ultimately – ethos (a la nuptial meaning of the body.) In chemistry, this is called the “initiation phase”. This free-radical reaction occurs about the old remphan structural skeleton, which still exists necessarily as it only functioned at all precisely due to I being a carefully orchestrated bastardization of God’s design. However, once the free-radical reaction takes over upon adequate initiation, the entire structure will soon become irrevocably sanctified, with permanent, everlasting covenant bonds.

            Adequate initiation is the amount that exceeds the resistance of inhibitory forcing acting in the other direction. Ordinarily, an adequate inhibitor can consume an initiator, or stop it in its tracks by closing it off early, rendering it inert. Inhibitors can only play defense and are replenished by souls and by input from the output of the bastardized system (temporal resources, money, etc.) God wins because he has programmed creation to function in a way where he can’t lose. By allowing free-radical reaction of sanctification to, by definition, happen only in one direction (towards God), the fight is rigged in his favor. The house always wins.

            The last hope for the dark side is triage and total excising of “sick” componentry of sub-systems actively undergoing free-radical sanctification which would manifest as immediate societal collapse, and probably the literal Apocalypse at this point since the “structure” still exists behind the veil as Christ himself.

            It took me like an hour to type that up on an airplane, and I’ve never thought about it quite this way before until you posted. Be honest but merciful with me, brother? God bless!


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