Remember when they had everybody convinced that the Amazon Synod was about priestly celibacy? I was warning people for a year before the Synod that it was a distraction.

The Synod was about idolatry, demonic syncretism, and staging a public display of a reality shattering violation of the First Commandment by the man pretending to be pope, in union with all the fat heretics who are pretending to be the Magisterium.

Priestly celibacy was a red herring, but everybody took the bait.

This happens constantly in the Church and in politics (remember “The Wall?”).

While they have everybody arguing over female deacons (or kids in cages), the real damage is either being done, or being hidden.

It’s happening again. They’re very good at it. Any guesses on what the current diversion is?

The Mass.

Everybody from Catholic Q-Vigano to Joe Six Pack on Twitter is up in arms in defense of the Mass, understandably so. Ever since Summorum Pontificum, we have been reintroduced to the beautiful and perfect Mass of the Ages. Conversions to true Catholicism have happened because of that tactical choice by Ratzinger. I’m one of them.

Consequently, my intent is absolutely not to diminish the beauty, perfection, and necessity of the Mass of Ages. Lex orandilex credendi is absolutely true – how we pray affects what we believe.

So, it is understandable that the antipope and antibishops limiting or taking away the Tridentine Mass, just when a new generation has discovered it, is making people barking mad. But … this was always the idea.

Think about it – everybody is focused on the Mass almost exclusively, instead of the fact that these tyrants pretending to be our Magisterium are not Catholic.

They do not believe what we believe.

They know that. Everybody knows it. But, everybody has been trained by Trad Inc. to fear saying it out loud.

Repeat after me: one must be Catholic to be Pope.

Please spare me the debate on the legal term of art “declare.” Argue with the Catholic Church, instead. I’ve addressed it here:

One can spend a few minutes researching and find clear, concise, and definitively damning quotes like this: “[t]he pope himself, if notoriously guilty of heresy, would cease to be pope because he would cease to be a member of the Church.” The Catholic Encyclopedia, “Heresy,” 1914, Vol. 7, p. 261.

It astonishes me that these distractions continue to be effective. It seems that people will argue about anything, so long as they can continue to avoid facing the undeniable fact that we are in the Great Apostasy of 2 Thess 2:3.

Why? Because to admit it causes one to seek the origins of the apostasy, and that is very, very obviously Vatican II (at least in the formal aspect of the apostasy).

Admitting that causes one to be faced with the very disturbing notion that God would allow us to wallow in the desolation that we created for an entire biblical generation.

That’s disturbing and surprising – but it shouldn’t be, because He’s done it before.

So, instead of lamenting heretics suppressing the form of the true Mass, it seems to me that folks should be focusing on the fact that the men who occupy our buildings are not Catholic. In addition, maybe folks should overcome their aversion to painful truths, and take a look at the changes in Episcopal Consecrations after Vatican II.

Has it ever occurred to you that your priest is a coward, a faggot, a heretic, and/or a pervert … because he may not be a priest? Because the poor man may not have been receiving the benefit of the salvific graces of sacraments every day of his life, because his hands were anointed by a guy who never was a bishop?

Take a look at the issue. It’s terribly disturbing. What good is a perfectly celebrated Mass, if it’s not being performed by a priest?

In the meantime, it’s time to accept that the men representing our faith are not Catholic. And, just like some people in Trad Inc., neither will you be for long, if you keep insisting that Bergolio is “pope.”

N.B.: take a look at AstheRain’s comment below. He’s spot on with regard to the “Non Servium” spirit that Satan is intentionally cultivating in the faith.

Either we owe these men our obedience, or we don’t. Make no mistake, if Pope Saint Pius X ordered a new Mass, as unlikely as that hypothetical is, I would absolutely obey. That is within his authority, so long as he is pope.

This is the very real problem of not vocalizing the fact that Bergoglio is an antipope. Because, if he’s not an antipope, we owe him our obedience on liturgical matters.

In other words, insisting that the man is pope while refusing to obey him is diabolical non servium. The only way out of that is to acknowledge that the man is one of many antipopes the Church has had to endure, and therefore has no authority over … anything.

30 thoughts on “You’re Being Diverted, Again

  1. Herding as you said Michael and here we go, right on cue.
    I believe this is why the traditional mass was allowed to flourish for a time and for Bergoglio to then behave so outrageously and ban it.

    The trads will claim a victory when they’ve reduced the papacy to a mere ceremonial figurehead with no real power.

    There’s the hatchet I was referring to.

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  2. Micheal,

    Thank you for this post. Question:

    Are you suggesting that most masses N.O and TLM have no valid consecration, because the priests aren’t priests?

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  3. Hi Michael. I don’t have anything of real significance to add to these posts .. only that, even when converting to the faith, there was something repulsive to me about this man. I was extremely happy to convert, but couldn’t shake the guilt I felt because of this feeling .. so I simply tried to ignore him. Now, five years later, I no longer feel that guilt because it has become obvious that he is definitely not Catholic. He is an anti-pope.
    Thanks Michael, for another great post. I am so so glad that you’re on the mend and feeling better. Take it slow and easy. 🌸

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    1. I disagree with most Sedes on the Una Cum, and love my little chapel very much. But, we are blessed with a fantastic priest. I don’t have any hope for the SSPX as a whole. I’m afraid the next few years are going to be bad. There are already very clear signs of infiltration.


      1. I hope I didn’t cause any offence with my earlier comment, it certainly wasn’t intended that way.
        I didn’t know of your current situation regarding mass and the sacraments.
        I was just stating my own personal reasons for no longer attending mass at the SSPX and I’m fortunate enough that we have a Priest who travels to the U.K. from Germany every month.

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        1. I have a grammatical explanation, and a practical one.

          Here’s the practical one: every Mass was una cum until the Sedes left the SSPX in the 80s.

          If the una cum renders the Mass evil, then that means that the Church only offered displeasing worship for all those years.

          Which would mean the Church defected.

          The Church didn’t defect.

          Therefore, the una cum issue isn’t the hill Sedes should be dying on.

          They’re wrong. That’s all there is to it.

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          1. Thanks, Michael. I’d like to hear your grammatical explanation as well some day if you have time. Curious about those who never joined sspx and left (those who continued with the pre vII litugry prior to Lefebvre starting the Society). Do they say una cum or non una cum? There seems to be even splintering among the sedes as well.

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  4. Michael: “…the man is one of many antipopes the Church has had to endure…” Nope.
    All known antipopes were Catholics! while this Argentinian is not. He is a rebel, leftist agitator fighting against God and the Church. This character (Bergoglio) is mentioned in “the Prophecy about the Popes” (St. Malachy) in the penultimate verse:
    “In persecutione extrema S.R.E. sedebit.” / “In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit.”
    Although this Prophecy mentions 10 antipopes by name, it does not name the greatest persecutor of the Church because he is not a Catholic and does not deserve to be named on the list of Popes or claimants for the Office of Saint Peter.


  5. Very well said Michael.
    What a lot of those calling themselves traditional Catholics don’t yet realise is that they’re effectively taking a hatchet to the Chair of Peter, and they’ve been duped into doing so.

    They see the battle being waged as solely focused on the mass when really the taking away of the mass then giving it back is all part of the plan, they’re leveraging the mass to reap the destruction of the Papacy.

    If everyone is expected to decide for themselves when the Pope is leading souls to hell and must be resisted then they have lost the Catholic faith and became Protestant by making themselves their own Pope.

    The ONLY way out of this is to admit those in Rome have lost authority.

    P. Hope you’re on the mend now

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    1. This is why I only attend non una cum mass when the Priest comes to Scotland.

      To my mind, attending a traditional Latin mass that is offered in union with a false Pope is akin to saying the Pope can be a heretic and I accept a heretic can be Pope.


  6. It’s funny you talk on this
    Last week whilst at work a pair of fingerless hand knitted brand new gloves came into the shop
    (I manage a charity shop)
    The brand were called Pachamama.
    This has happened to be since my eyes have been opened to all this carry on.
    The last time was a painted Vase with the name Davos on it and a box with numerous made in China
    I realise it sounds silly but it’s almost like all of what has been said about thses snakes is true like The Lord letting me know we on the right track

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      1. Oh and another time ..when we were having all these Extinction Rebellion protests ..a pack of Rune stones came in and wouldn’t you know it their symbol is the same as one of those runes but turned around ..Needless to say it was launched into the trash

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  7. Posts like this are why I miss you so very much on Twitter as I was just coming to these realizations myself when I found you there. I’m hoping that you are starting to feel somewhat better.

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  8. For some reason I have absolutely no difficulty in accepting Francis is not pope.
    Maybe it’s because I grew up in the traditional Mass in the 60s and 70s.
    I fell away when the modern version finally was implemented in my very small town conservative parish. I never made the connection between my falling away and the end of the traditional Mass, but I do now think it played a role.

    Anyway the antipope is not Catholic. He’s not the Pope.

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  9. Worse than just a distraction, they’re forcing people who won’t consider that the Holy See may be vacant, that the spotless Bride of Christ, the indefectible Church, can give evil laws and harmful liturgy to the faithful. And they are herding those same people into a position where they must have a spirit of *rebellion* against (what they believe is, according to Catholic teaching) Christ’s own authority. Imagine thinking you have to REBEL against the man who speaks in the name of Our Lord, in order to hold onto your faith!

    As you said, Michael, the logical result of thinking that following the authority of the Catholic Church will lead you to Hell, is to doubt the truth of the Catholic Faith, given to us by Christ Himself. Some have unfortunately gone that way. Others are now publicly denying the infallible teaching of the Vatican council of 1870, which is the same thing, denying the Catholic Faith.

    The devil is clever, diabolically so. He’s found a way to use people’s love for the Latin Mass and the Catholic Faith to foment a spirit of rebellion, of non serviam, in these good people. He doesn’t care what causes you to rebel against God’s authority (or what you perceive is His authority), just that he gets you to follow his path of rebellion.

    There is a Catholic response to this. Bergoglio (Vatican II) brings a different doctrine than the Apostolic Faith. Keep the Catholic Faith. Separate from Bergoglio and his false religion. It’s becoming increasingly clear you can’t keep the Faith and remain in communion with the non-Catholic apostates who bring and teach this false doctrine, just as the Apostle St. John said.

    “[9] Whosoever revolteth, and continueth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that continueth in the doctrine, the same hath both the Father and the Son. [10] If any man come to you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into the house nor say to him, God speed you. [11] For he that saith unto him, God speed you, communicateth with his wicked works.”
    [2 John 1:9-11]

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