It seems that our slow-roll apocalypse is picking up a little steam lately. While the powers that be are creating a fake Covid lull and encouraging rebellion (so long as it’s incredibly destructive to our supply chain), I’m reading very dire things about fertilizer “shortages” and the potentially devastating effect that is going to have on this crop season.

In other words, folks think things are getting better right when the [fertilizer] is about to hit the fan. Of course, these things could be fear porn or exaggerated. So, take these links with some extra grains of salt.

Speaking of inflammatory bullshit, Bergog is now claiming that people who have committed apostasy, rejected their baptism, blasphemed, and/or persecuted the Church are part of the “Communion of Saints.”

According to Saint Augustine, while “sinners,” which he called the putrida membra of the mystical body, are included to a lessor degree in the communion of saints, declared hereticsschismatics, and apostates are excluded from the society, though not from the prayers, of the saints (Serm. cxxxvii).

The Communion of Saints is defined as follows, in the Catholic Encyclopedia:

“The communion of saints is the spiritual solidarity which binds together the faithful on earth, the souls in purgatory, and the saints in heaven in the organic unity of the same mystical body under Christ its head, and in a constant interchange of supernatural offices. The participants in that solidarity are called saints by reason of their destination and of their partaking of the fruits of the Redemption (1 Corinthians 1:2 — Greek Text). The damned are thus excluded from the communion of saints. The living, even if they do not belong to the body of the true Church, share in it according to the measure of their union with Christ and with the soul of the ChurchSt. Thomas teaches (III:8:4) that the angels, though not redeemed, enter the communion of saints because they come under Christ’s power and receive of His gratia capitis. The solidarity itself implies a variety of inter-relations: within the Church Militant, not only the participation in the same faithsacraments, and government, but also a mutual exchange of examples, prayersmerits, and satisfactions; between the Church on earth on the one hand, and purgatory and heaven on the other, suffrages, invocation, intercession, veneration. These connotations belong here only in so far as they integrate the transcendent idea of spiritual solidarity between all the children of God. Thus understood, the communion of saints, though formally defined only in its particular bearings (Council of Trent, Sess. XXV, decrees on purgatory; on the invocation, veneration, and relics of saints and of sacred images; on indulgences), is, nevertheless, dogma commonly taught and accepted in the Church. It is true that the Catechism of the Council of Trent (Pt. I, ch. x) seems at first sight to limit to the living the bearing of the phrase contained in the Creed, but by making the communion of saints an exponent and function, as it were, of the preceding clause, “the Holy Catholic Church“, it really extends to what it calls the Church’s “constituent parts, one gone before, the other following every day”; the broad principle it enunciates thus: “every pious and holy action done by one belongs and is profitable to all, through charity which seeketh not her own”.”

See (emphasis added).

In other words, Bergog is publicly preaching heresy against the true Catholic teaching of the dogmatic definition of the Communion of Saints.

I remember the days when folks were arguing about whether that footnote placed him outside the Church, or whether he knew that he was carrying around a witch stang at the youth “synod.” For years, he was very clever in his subtlety and ambiguity – at least clever enough to keep blind people arguing in his defense.

Now the guy just vomits heresy everywhere, while Trad Inc. and all of Opus Dei media continues to insist on calling him “Holy Father,” or “Pope.”

The statement “one must be Catholic to be pope” is actually controversial now! If that does not convince you that the world is on the cusp of the fruition of the prophesies of Our Lady of Good Success, La Salette, and Fatima, I don’t know what will.

Meanwhile, the False Prophet of Rev 13:11 is set to open up his One World Religion headquarters sometime this year. I’ve heard March, but can’t find anything to confirm that.

Perhaps this signifies that there’s some hope that we will soon see Satan’s war against the Church shift from an internal attack, to an external one, as indicated in Apoc (Rev) 12:5-6. I don’t know, but I would definitely expect an escalation of evil as we get closer to Bergog “consecrating” that abomination to his god.

8 thoughts on “Fertilizer and Bergog

  1. There’s a stench that surrounds him now. In his pictures you can see, feel, and almost smell it. He knows he is despised by many, and he doesn’t care. it’s in his eyes. He’s an evil man who hates tradition .. he hates the church and I guess his one major goal is to destroy it and those who love God and tradition. He’s causing much damage but, of course, he and his global buddies will ultimately fail. I have to ignore him so I don’t fall into the ‘hate trap’. Good article Michael. God Bless 🌹

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  2. Well timed post of yours, Michael.

    I called my parents this morning and then out of nowhere my father tells me:
    –that an antivax priest in Italy died of Covid
    –that the “leaders of the three major religions said ‘get vaccinated'”
    –by implication of the point above, my request for a religious exemption is B.S. (In fact, when pressed in an interview about the sincerity of my religious beliefs, I flatly stated Bergoglio is not pope due to fraud + violations of Canon law. I think this was the final nail in the coffin for them).

    When pressed to provide an example of someone who died of Covid despite getting vaccinated, I fumbled for a few moments but then I remembered–my uncle got two doses of AZ, caught it, then died of a heart attack. (I also yelled this at my father and told him to shut up. As you can tell I have a difficulty distinguishing just and unjust anger).

    So much damage has been done because of Bergoglio’s verbal diarrhea and actions as Vicar of Jeffrey Sachs on earth, but also because of the prime error of the Hermeneutic of Continuity. This is the [institute calling itself] the Church having their cake and eating it too. They at once expect the generational Faithful to toe the line and for truth to mutate at the whims of the NGOs. Something has to give and as recent events show us, Ultimate Reality cannot be denied forever, nor for long.

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  3. Hi Michael,

    Yes, the trucker strikes are being permitted by our evil overlords, because – as you pointed out – they are incredibly destructive to our supply chain.

    The strikes appear to be carefully orchestrated in each country – first Canada, next Australia, then America.

    Innocent truckers are joining without realizing that the end result will be the evil overlords retain control while we suffer from even more severe food shortages.

    Did you notice that the strike in Canada is heavily promoted by Ezra Levant, the Jewish founder of Rebel News:

    Nearly everybody who works for Rebel News appears to be Jewish:

    I’m very suspicious of any person who is not a fervent, traditional, Bible-believing Christian.

    I’ve learned that even someone who appears at first glance to be on our side is probably Freemasonic controlled opposition.

    God save the Christians from the Synagogue of Satan!

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    1. The thing that a lot of people are ignoring is that the Anglosphere nations are all part of the Five Eyes alliance, an agreement between the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and NZ to coordinate their intelligence assets.

      At any time, the CIA could stage a false flag and the CanGov can use the bad optics to prove that the strikers are all terrorists. Then, an entangling web of alliances can petition for Blue Helmets to quell the violence and then [insert sweeping totalitarian reforms here].

      This is just one possible scenario of many. The other major problem the truckers have is that they cannot win against a government (and a governing ideology) that declares all human beings, everywhere, are fungible units of productivity and that citizenship and nationality can be granted with a stroke of a pen. I am such a “Canadian”, and because I reject that ideology, I no longer use that identity. (It would be like saying that Jesus is a horse because He was born in a stable). If CanGov really wanted to, they can import entire villages from India and China as scabs (and shock troops), greet them “Hello fellow Canadians!” and if extremity calls for it, order them to kill the strikers.

      I think this is why the VirusRestrictions are loosening–the oligarchs need to buy time and human capital in order to oust the rebels. Once that’s taken care of, they can reinstitute the restrictions again. And given that my industry (biotech) has capitalized on this crisis and have major financial institutional support, TPTB can manufacture pandemics until the Second Coming of Christ.

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  4. Two things that just seem naturally to belong together…Bergoglio and fertilizer. Well done.

    On a more serious note, the One World Religion of dogma-less humanitarianism seems to be almost upon us. God’s goodness allows evil only to draw a greater good from it. The good that’s going to come from this abomination must be great indeed.

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