The following was written by a man who goes by @AsTheRain1 on Twitter. I know him personally. He’s a good guy, and I agree with him. Read what he has to say, and let us know your thoughts.

From @AsTheRain1

In recent days I have encountered an elation and hopefulness among many traditional Catholics regarding the “Freedom Convoy” in Canada, and now spreading through other western countries. When I have tried to temper their enthusiasm and “pump the brakes” a bit on their reactions, because I see signs that this “movement” isn’t what it is claimed to be, I get accused of being negative, pessimistic, and of quashing hope. As though pointing out that things aren’t as they seem, and that evil men are doing evil deeds is a bad thing. As if allowing people to place their hope in such things is a mercy, rather than it being a mercy to point out the problem. (There is irony that this reaction comes from some sedevacantists, who themselves point out to people that the post-Vatican II “popes” are not what they seem and that evil men are doing evil things in what most people perceive to be the Catholic Church. “Don’t be so negative! Let us have a little hope in our false popes.” But I digress.)

I understand the emotional lift that this Trucker Strike/Protest/Convoy gives people, especially those in countries where the tyranny has been the worst. It is highly satisfying emotionally to see a group standing up and saying, “Enough!” They have brought us to this point intentionally. We are more easily manipulated, and less discerning when our emotions are leading the way. And it feels good to see people standing up for their rights and ours.

I’m not going to get into the specifics of this trucker movement or the possible outcomes, and what agenda those outcomes will support. Those are all speculative, admittedly, and people certainly can disagree. Rather, I think it will be instructive to step back and look at what has happened, what we are protesting, and what “returning to normal” means. After all, while the tactics are different, the truth is that many who oppose the current narrative, support the truckers’ protest, and support non-compliance, and many who are going along with various mandates and getting jabs, are all motivated by a similar desire: to get “back to normal” as soon as possible.

But…for perspective, we need to look at the present state of the world, and the events of the last two years, from God’s perspective. We know that His Providence guides all events in history. “And we know that to them that love God, all things work together unto good.” (Romans 8:28) So we must ask, what good is God trying to bring about through all of this tyranny and evil of the past two years? For an answer, let’s look at salvation history, to times when God allowed evils to befall His chosen people of Israel.

In the Old Testament, when the Israelites abused their freedom, strayed from God, and fell into sin and idolatry, God chastised them by means of suffering. Sometimes it was natural, like famine or plague, sometimes it was by means of a defeat in battle, other times He allowed them to be taken away as slaves to a conquering enemy, even for multiple generations. The people would realize that these sufferings were sent by God as a punishment for their infidelity, and they knew they must repent of their evil and turn to Him to be freed from the enslavement or other chastisement that had befallen them.

Across most of the western world, we have for centuries celebrated and defended “freedoms” that are masonic (and therefore satanic) in origin and have been condemned by the Church repeatedly: freedom of speech, press, religion. We have, as a society and individually, abused those freedoms to turn against God and His commandments. Our societies promote evil as good and good as evil. I don’t think I need to give examples, as they are numerous. Our rebellion against God’s laws accelerated into high gear once the moral authority of the Catholic Church in the world was removed through the revolution of Vatican II. We have been careening down ever deeper into a valley of immorality over the last 5+ decades.

In our present days, God has allowed us, in varying degrees, to be deprived of some of those freedoms, as well as some legitimate freedoms. But in our societies, even most people who claim the name Christian do not see this as a call to repentance and to turn back to God. They only want to “get back to normal” by which they mean to return to the freedoms which they formerly enjoyed and abused, and to a society plunged into the abyss of immorality which these abuses of freedom have wrought.

We should hope in the Lord alone, and call people to repentance in order to truly get to a “new normal” in which our nations submit to the social Kingship of Christ. Instead, many are “hoping” in a human solution which is carried out in a spirit of rebellion. Whether or not it is orchestrated by secret powers as some suspect, is less important than knowing it has nothing to do with repentance and turning to the Lord to heal our land and deliver us from evil. It is all about rebelling against those to whom God has given authority. The numerous examples of “F*** Trudeau”, “F*** Joe Biden” and their euphemisms (“Truck Trudeau”, “Let’s Go Brandon”) to be found on signs on trucks and among protesters, show which spirit animates them. God’s Holy Spirit, in contrast, commands, “the prince of thy people thou shalt not curse.” (Ex. 22:28) 

A movement not based in God will fail. It may even be designed to fail and to advance the plan of Antichrist. Even if it appears to “succeed,” the result will be to accustom people to look to men rather than God to deliver them from evil. And this of course will lead to easier acceptance of Antichrist when he comes and will deceive, if possible, even the elect. Let’s instead follow Psalm 117:9, “It is good to trust in the Lord, rather than to trust in princes.” And let’s call our fellow citizens to repentance rather than rebellion. 

What does God want of us when He sends chastisements? He wants our conversion and return to Him. “As I live, saith the Lord God, I desire not the death of the wicked, but that the wicked turn from his way, and live.” (Ezechiel 13:11) In Jeremias 27 he told the people through the prophet that if they listened to false prophets who were telling them to rebel against the king of Babylon, their punishment would be worse. But if they submitted to the yoke of Nabuchodonosor, who was His instrument for their chastisement, they would be permitted to remain in their land and would live. 

And the Lord also said to King Solomon, “If I shut up heaven, and there fall no rain, or if I give orders, and command the locust to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among my people: And my people, upon whom my name is called, being converted, shall make supplication to me, and seek out my face, and do penance for their most wicked ways: then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sins and will heal their land.” 2 Paralipomenon (2 Chronicles) 7:14

Our western democracies are founded upon the freemasonic (satanic) lies of the French Revolution: liberty, equality, fraternity. Our societies, built on these lies and abusing these liberties, are morally bankrupt. No rebellion, strike, or revolution will deliver us from that. We must make reparation to God and beg Him to deliver us. And our hope must be (only) in Him, that He will hear from heaven, forgive our sins, and heal our Land. Come, Lord Jesus! Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.

Credit to Mike at the On Point Preparedness YouTube channel for several of the ideas and scripture references I used here.


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  1. Excellent article, and comments, wonderfully stimulating.

    I’ve felt a little lost in measuring my response against the synagogue of satan regime. The details, rather than the morals, although the morals still come into it.
    I suppose Rev 18:4 is what I’m thinking about, and how we are called to go out from her.

    I’d a debilitating back injury and was bed-ridden before lockdown began, and I couldn’t work. Lockdown felt like the beginning of the end times, which somehow allowed me to overcame my back problems.
    My dilemma now is that I can return to work, but I find myself unwilling to do so, as I feel paying tax draws me into the beast system that they are engineering, especially the fact that the satanic Govs use taxes to fund baby murder.
    I’ve also been considering closing my bank account this year, as they’ll be doing funny business with UBI and switching everything over to their satan-coin.

    Where am I going with this, it is confusing times, but going out from her is not a choice, but a command, however I don’t wish to be too hasty either.
    The consequence of staying away from taxation, is the need to grow all my own food, and I don’t know if it’s possible with the land (garden) available to me.
    Am I being too strong in my view on taxation, specifically the idea of my material cooperation with their end use of taxation?

    There’s a lot of consequence to this Bible verse that I’ve spent more time thinking about than anything else since lockdown began.
    Although we all need to come out of her sooner or later, I view our individual responses to be very personal decisions, so I acknowledge that I own all responsibility for myself, but perhaps there are some ideas on the material cooperation that I have been overlooking?

    And advice is welcome.

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    1. Unfortunately, I don’t have any advice in this area – because, except for the back injury – I can related to every single point you make.
      For reasons unrelated to the Covid nonsense, I began winding down my firm in late 2019. Basically, I couldn’t stomach any of the cases that were calling me, or paying taxes to fund abortion and LGBT nonsense. Then Covid happened. So, I’ve been enjoying the depressing task of trying to figure out a second career during the slow roll apocalypse. Bleak and boring.

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      1. I can imagine some of the evil cloud your profession is exposed to; “hey, I need to dishonestly do this and swindle this…, I’ll pay you a cut…”.
        On the flip, there’s surely those worthy of representation who never dream of trying to sue for justice, which limits the good you can do. All in all, it must be liberating for you in getting away from it.

        The tax thing though, it’s such an obstacle.
        I’d love a smart side step. Like a Catholic Society as a buffer and vehicle. We work for free, pay no tax, and the Society provides for all.
        If there was enough numbers in the Society, some could grow food, and others could make clothes. I’d join that.
        Perhaps some armaments manufacturer’s want to join too, and we can declare a new nation, we call it Christ the Kingland, and we mobilise an army to re-take the known world under the banner Chi-Rho. I’d make my boat to sail to America if ye can get this going!

        Though I do enjoy growing food, at the same time, I wonder, is there not more I must do for God.
        He said to be sure to be working when he returns.
        As I want to avoid funding baby murder inter alia, I wonder is this verse about proselytising the faith?

        I don’t have computer skills like Michael who made the fidei email, which is cool, but it’s hard to know what exactly to do.
        I’m trained for the building industry, an office job, but here they’re banning people building their own houses in the countryside, which is agenda 21 getting people into cities stuff, and although there’s lots of work, it’s globohomo commercial work, building for the invading hordes who are designated to replace us.
        They’ve also rigged the system against our own people owning property by incentivising foreign hedge funds to bulk buy apartment blocks in cities, to make the plebs rent, while exempting the foreign hedge funds from paying tax on rental income. As heavily indebted nations under the control of satan do not like to tax satanists.
        Making a living off of such work smells a lot like material cooperation to me.

        Despite being a sinner, I still feel like, I’m in the world, but not of it, as I’m cut out, but then what next. Foundry work, learn how to make swords for chopping off stuff…
        However, I don’t wish to accidentally interfere with God’s providence.
        Example, think about the Ratisbonne brothers, cousins of the Rothschild’s. The oldest converted to Catholicism becoming a Priest, which the family and younger brother were furious about, but then the younger brother after accepting to wear a Miraculous Medal as a challenge, also converted due to a vision of the Virgin Mary, who set him a task of converting Jews to Catholicism for her. He became a Priest & with the brother, set up foundations in Jerusalem.

        Incredible, if even the synagogue of satan can be converted, then I must keep my hot head in ice, as there are more favourable ways.
        And then, is it possible to find a way to proselytise the faith like that which converted rothschild jew banker brothers?
        It’s beautiful to think about. Imagine being called to do it, instilled with a gift to do it.

        When seeking solutions on the outside, it may be that inside we already know the solution, and so we only need to find the path most suitable to us.

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        1. I think the key is being open to God’s will, and remaining in the state of grace.

          The pre Christian Body of Christ of Israel was enslaved to Egypt for 400 years. If there’s scripture that chastises them for not rising up and slaying their oppressors, I don’t recall it. They had to endure their punishment, and pay their blood, sweat, and crop to the evil empire.

          In God’s time, He raised up another Patriarch. But, He even had Moses grow to the age of 40 before eliminating his blindness, and then He sent him into the desert for another 40 years …

          Think of it – Moses got “woke.” He then had “righteous anger.” So, he killed an Egyptian for beating an Israelite. But, the Hebrews were not ready yet. “And he thought that his brethren understood that God by his hand would save them; but they understood it not.” So, Moses goes into the desert for 40 years. God allowed him to return when everybody who would seek revenge were dead.

          Finally, Israel had done an adequate amount of penance right around when an 80 year old Moses was ready to be God’s instrument.

          Nobody says this killing was a sin, and God allowed it for everybody’s benefit – but it wasn’t time yet for Moses to free the Israelites, and when he did, God did the killing.

          There are examples of the opposite, I know. But, we are a hierarchical society …

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          1. That first sentence got me thinking… I’ll either need more penance for more grace, or, I could possibly get confirmed again, as I’ve just realised I am not even certain of which Bishop confirmed me. I knew it wasn’t the first Bishop, and I thought it was a successor who was Novus Ordo, but there was actually a Bishop in between these two that I’d completely forgotten about, and he was consecrated in July 1967.
            I just need to check if it was pre or post Montini’s sword play. But he may have been a valid Bishop.
            Nice to think I might be properly confirmed, but then it limits additional available grace!
            Here’s a good question, would leaving the Novus Ordo Church have automatically removed all my consecrated graces? And so, I need to re-start from Baptism all over?
            I never thought of that before, so I’ll ask a valid Priest too.
            Darn, too much wasted time by me having not addressed this before now!

            Regardless, I’ve been praying to be used as a tool for justice by God, with righteous anger, and righteous killing. Feels right, I can’t see the sin either. The only part I’m reticent of, is that I’ve not heard any call, well not in any way that I’m cognisant of. Additional grace might change that.
            Or, maybe the answer is these thoughts, to get prepared for the call.
            I’m hopeful that it is destiny, and it’s soon, and that in the moment God will use us in any way He sees fit.

            Interesting how you say once Israel had achieved enough penance, then God acted through Moses.
            That’s the exact same as now, when if enough of us convert, only then will God shorten the days.
            People are certainly converting, but is it near enough yet? It sure seems there are enough willing to go to the dessert, but do you think this time it will be the two witnesses who emerge, rather than a new Patriarch?

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            1. “Would leaving the Novus Ordo Church have automatically removed all my consecrated graces? And so, I need to re-start from Baptism all over?”

              Certainly not. Even an atheist can baptize validly, provided he uses the proper form, matter, and “intends that which the Church intends” (even ignorant error doesn’t invalidate).

              As for confirmation, if it’s valid, it’s valid, even if illicit (conducted by a schismatic or heretic). The question is about validity, not whether it is licit.

              Remember – you may receive sacraments from even an excommunicated person if in dire need. Thus, we know that the a) errors of the valid minister don’t render the sacrament evil, and b) even sacraments given by valid prelates who are in error can be valid.

              But, to be valid, a confirmation must be given by a bishop or his delegate. That’s the issue.

              The guy who did my NO confirmation was consecrated by Bernardin in the new rite. So, I had +Fellay conditionally confirm me.

              “It sure seems there are enough willing to go to the dessert, but do you think this time it will be the two witnesses who emerge, rather than a new Patriarch?”

              Both, I think. See my comments on Fr. Berry and Fr. Kramer’s interpretation of Rev 12.

              See also my “2 Witnesses” thread. I have a very different interpretation of that than most.


              1. Yes, I’ll have to have a proper look into it. I didn’t just turn away from Novus Ordo, but I turned to heathenism as a false path of truth, now I didn’t join or practice anything occult, but I certainly was no Saint.
                I guess it’s part of why I burn to do something great for God, it’s to make up for the errors of my youth.

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                1. Even if you’d become a Satanist, you could [Edit: could NOT] remove the indelible mark that baptism and confirmation convey.

                  You’d just be baptized and confirmed in hell.


                  1. Well that’s not leaving room for doubt.
                    So then it’s just whether the confirmation was performed by a validly consecrated Bishop or delegate.
                    I checked and Montini promulgated the new consecration sometime during 1968.
                    So the Bishop was ordained with the old rite in July 1967.
                    I just have to find out was it this valid Bishop, or if he for some reason delegated to a new rite.

                    Does Bp. Fellay travel to America to confirm, or did you go to I’m guessing Econe?

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                    1. If there is doubt regarding the validity of your confirmation, you should discuss it with a traditional priest (validly ordained of course) and ask him about it. Many times (in my case as well as I believe in Michael’s) the confirmation of someone coming over from the Novus Ordo is performed “sub conditione” so that if the first was not valid, this one will be, but if the first one was valid, this one will have no effect and will not be committing a sacrilege by conferring a second time a sacrament that can only be received once.

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                    2. Thanks for the advice.
                      Here’s an update on the Bishops, which may also have some analysis to interest all.

                      I thought it was one of 2 Bishops who confirmed me, both of whom were consecrated in the new rite.
                      But I recalled another Bishop last night, who actually succeeded the first Bishop for just a handful of years, and he was consecrated in the old rite.

                      I still suspected this valid Old Rite Bishop had delegated to his invalid New Rite successor, who was also at my confirmation, but I’ve checked this morning, and the successor was not consecrated as a new rite Bishop until a few years later, therefore he was present as a Priest at my confirmation.

                      I don’t know if he was delegated as a Presbyter by the valid Old Rite Bishop.
                      I checked his consecration as a Priest, and it was 1964, so to further exclude doubt, he was a valid Old Rite Priest, who subsequently became an invalid new rite Bishop.

                      I next checked the Code of Canon Law of 1917, and found;
                      Can. 882 The ordinary minister of confirmation is a bishop; a presbyter provided
                      with this faculty in virtue of universal law or the special grant of the competent
                      authority also confers this sacrament validly.

                      It was either a valid Old Rite Bishop or a validly delegated Old Rite Priest that confirmed me.
                      My confirmation was therefore valid, however perhaps for some reason my having renounced the Novus Ordo could require my re-confirmation. But I don’t personally have enough doubt about that, although that could always change.

                      Interestingly, out of the last 44 years, there have seemingly only been 4 years of valid confirmations in my diocese, which thankfully I received along with another sibling, who also believes in God.
                      Our other siblings who do not believe in God, were confirmed by the two other new rite Bishops.
                      Just a coincidence? I don’t believe in coincidences.

                      It may only be anecdotal evidence of the consequences from changing the old rite Episcopal consecrations to the new rite, but it’s my anecdote that I know to be true!

                      Increases my belief in how the Catholic faith has been so successfully annihilated here. The new rite consecrations must be truly worthless, and lay people are not receiving grace to enlighten and strengthen their faith.

                      The new protestant mass may not have been enough for them, it appears to me they needed the new rite too for their nefarious plan to get us to this current situation.

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                    3. “My confirmation was therefore valid, however perhaps for some reason my having renounced the Novus Ordo could require my re-confirmation.”

                      Buddy – if it was ever valid, it’s always valid. Nothing you did after changes that.

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          1. I’ve wonderful memories of scuba diving, but I can’t imagine the brilliance of having a spear too, wow!
            And I was thinking of a hallowed out trunk, so I’ll just have to find a bigger tree!
            I like that Irish monks in their voyages across the seas to convert the heathens in mainland Europe are said to have foregone sails in favour of paddles, in order to increase their penance served.
            True Saints of God.

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              1. Oh Church history, it’s inspiring and embarrassing too.
                St. Nonnatus is a superb story.
                While here, St. Patrick is said to have been abducted and brought to Ireland as a slave, he escaped, but got the call from God to return to convert the whole Island, after previous Papal emissaries were butchered here.

                What can modern men achieve with our lives compared to this???

                Couple of centuries after St. Patrick, we return to the Island of Saints and Scholars;
                Let’s go convert the heathens across the sea for God – HOORAYYY
                But no sails to get there, too easy, we’ll paddle for love of God – Hip hip hooray!

                Surreal turnaround. And pure loveable lunatics! Of course the Germans converted after the Saints chopped down their pagan God magic tree!

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        2. Dear Pat

          I like this phrase of yours. “We work for free, pay no tax, and the Society provides for all”.

          It the beginning it was all free. The heavenly Father likes free.

          Satan on the other hand loves money, gold and Jewells like Smaug the dragon. He will just sit on it all which is what he is trying to do now by pinching it all. Satan loves taxes and things that are taxing, difficult. Anything to make life as miserable for the children of God.

          Satan is a silly S.d. (rhymes with God).




          1. Well, paying tithes to God if so commanded is fine by me, but demonic Govs should lose their fat, and what happens to fat in a fire, they’re going to sizzle unless they first convert & repent.

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    1. This is supposed to be a reply to Michael’s reply to Maria’s comment, but I can’t get it to show up when I reply there:

      I’m not really making an argument about the government being legitimate or illegitimate. A case could be made either way. If a Freemasonic government is per se illegitimate, then the U.S. has never had a legitimate government. And if I saw people actually fighting against the Freemasonic governments and for the reign of Christ, all shouting Viva Cristo Rey! or whatever the French Canadian equivalent is, this would be a different discussion.

      My point is more that God is using this tyranny being imposed by these Freemasonic governments for a purpose. I think if we look at salvation history, it’s pretty clear what His purpose is whenever He sends chastisements to His people – it is to call them to repent from their evildoings and to return to Him as a people, as a society. He wants us to turn to Him, to pray, fast, repent, do penance. He isn’t calling us to blockade a city with trucks, to honk horns, and to deliver a potentially fatal blow to supply chains, which is likely to result, as Michael mentioned above, in widespread food shortages and hunger before too long.

      Our Lady said her Immaculate Heart will triumph. Pray the Rosary, wear the brown scapular, do penance, make reparation, and pray to hasten her triumph. That’s what she told the world to do. We don’t want to listen. We have a better idea. Let’s get all the trucks together and sabotage the fragile economy that has already been decimated by the action of our Freemasonic governments, as a protest against our Freemasonic governments. Good thinking.

      As for ending mandates for masks and vax, and ending lockdowns, I’m all for it. The easiest way to do that by far is for the masses to stop complying and these lies, and the liars that perpetrate them, will have no power. But people need to stop worshiping the false Covid gods they have been given, so the brainwashing can be removed. If everyone was praying the Rosary instead of being herded into a manufactured “protest”, they might have some spiritual blinders removed, and might be infused with the virtue of fortitude. Imagine if a big chunk of people just went about their days refusing to go along with the nonsense because they trusted God instead of lying government leaders.

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      1. I think that’s a great clarification. Consequently, Maria’s friend’s comment proved constructive.

        As for my bold statement that no human authority is currently legitimate, and your rational reply that the U.S. Govt has never been legitimate, I see a similarity between our two views on the post conciliar magisterium.

        For instance, with regard to the US govt, I completely agree that it is demonstrably and historically Freemasonic in its origins, its framework, its goals, and now its fruits. In fact, the more I learn, the more inclined I am to believe that anything outside a monarchy is illegitimate, because Our Lord only agreed to monarchies after telling Samuel to try to talk us out of having any human government.

        But, whether any individual POTUS fit the role of a just (or adequate) monarch so as to be considered “legitimate government” during his reign, is beyond my ken.

        Nevertheless, I would be more suspicious of such “accidental” legitimacy than I would be of sustained and patient systematic and evil tyranny at this point.

        Similarly, I can imagine scenarios in which certain post conciliar conclaves might have legitimately elected a pope, and I can imagine situations in which certain members of the magisterium maintained their dignity and station as Catholics in good faith, even if in public error.

        But, those imagined scenarios have now become toxic to the point of temptation toward incredulity of the promises of Christ. Therefore, they’re untenable.

        Thus, we arrive to where I began, so many years ago …

        How is it that so many discerning, prudent, and – by all (public) accounts – virtuous – Catholics can come to the agonizing discernment that Holy Mother Church got hijacked and eclipsed by an evil and diabolically clever, patient, and calculating group of men – yet be utterly incapable of realizing the fact that the papacy and magisterium are literally the last society on earth that Satan will be able to overshadow?

        In other words, folks, you can’t acknowledge that Satan has hijacked Rome without admitting that he has control of LITERALLY EVERY OTHER HUMAN AUTHORITY.

        To do otherwise is profoundly absurd and incongruent with our profession of faith.

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        1. Dear Michael

          Thank you for you post and thank you for your comment here. Very interesting to follow the thread.

          I could say a great deal. Perhaps though this will be sufficient.

          The heavenly Father and Jesus, His beautiful Boy who became a Man are not the slightest bit interested in man-mad structures. That includes the Roman Catholic Church, let alone all the other denominations, Protestant or otherwise.

          They are only interested in family, the children of God who got themselves into a right pickle over 1,000’s of years.

          And they are only interested in Love. Love of the Lord God, love of the neigbour and, not least love of oneself. One cannot love God or others if one does not love oneself unselfishly as God and our neighbours need too.

          As regards Rome, Rome is corrupt to the core and is not ‘The eternal city’ as Satan calls it.

          By the way, ‘Vaccination’ is an anagram of ‘Icon Vatican’ or even ‘I con Vatican’

          Icon is a mark or brand. Like mark of the beast. ‘I con’ is the con, the deceit that vaccines were, are or will ever be of any use.

          You will find much on my site if you are interested. I do a Covid 19 Summary. A link if you need it.

          Please note I do use humour as necessary on posts and pages to lighten the mood and help make the points. I will use strong salty language if required. I am not PC.

          Many thanks again for you post and comments.


          1. As it was actually the Alpha and Omega who founded the Catholic Church, I can’t agree that He does not care about the Catholic Church, which amongst other reasons He founded to teach us to love God and to love our neighbours as ourselves, but there’s no loving ourselves being taught, which sounds more like a belief from theosophy or freemasonry.
            Good day to you.

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            1. Good evening from the UK, Pat.

              Thank you for your comment.

              The heavenly Father cares about His children in what ever state He finds them or what group they belong too, but not one whit for man-made top down institutions. The Roman Catholic Church institution was not founded by Jesus. Jesus came as a servant and the heavenly Father is the same: He seeks to care for His children as any good Father would. Jesus says:

              “Which of you, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? So if you who are evil know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!

              The full text of Jesus on the second commandment ‘The second is this: ‘Love your neighbour AS YOURSELF.’ I stress the capitals. He was not taking about selfish love, but ‘agape’ love as in the original Greek text, a sacrificial jaw-dropping love.

              If one doesn’t know how to look after oneself properly, one cannot properly look after others.

              This is not difficult to understand, and an obvious corollary to loving others including The Lord God.

              Kind regards



              1. Hello Baldmichael,

                To better understand your position, I would like to first ask a couple of questions.
                1. Do you believe in sola scriptura?
                2. Do you believe in Apostolic succession?

                As to the type of love Jesus spoke of, I am aware of the Greek meaning for Agape, and the beauty of its usage in this commandment. However, I do not agree that the decalogue teaches us to love ourselves. This commandment is about charity, and to do unto others as ye would have done unto yourselves.

                God sent the Israelites into Egypt, so that they could understand why they must not persecute other nations. God was not teaching man how to love himself, but to treat each other in charity.

                Loving man, is as far as I am aware, a lesson from luciferianism, to substitute man for God, promising us to become as Gods. I do not subscribe to such beliefs.

                Good evening to you.


  2. A friend made the following comment to me:
    “ I was thinking about the article and thinking it went too far with regards to the convoy, implying that it’s a spirit or rebelion to legitimate authority. Canadians should stand up to illegitimate authoritarians who have captured any legitimate government and are mandating the death jαß.”
    I think this friend is right. What we have, worldwide, is an infiltration, an invasion of legitimate governments. And the pushing of the death jab is an attack upon the populace.
    The people have the right to defend themselves and their loved ones.
    The Mexicans fought back against their illegitimate Freemasonic government.
    Pelayo and the other Spaniards fought back against the Muslim invasion.
    Even the Pope preached a crusade against the invaders, culminating in the glorious Battle of Lepanto.
    What the Truckers seem to not realize is that this is a Spiritual Battle and there is a need for Spiritual Weapons. Any resistance that forgets the Spiritual Realm will most probably fail.


    1. While I don’t agree with AstheRain that any human authority in the world is currently legitimate (none currently are), I don’t think his point was that we shouldn’t rebel against the MAGAVaxx mandates.

      Rather, where he and I agree is that the manner in which they’re “rebelling” is accomplishing exactly what the evil authorities seek to accomplish – destruction of the supply chain and the economy.

      Unless you think the price of bread, eggs, and insulin is irrelevant, you will agree eventually – whether you like it or not.

      Now, if truckers were blocking vaccines from being delivered (only), I would back them 1,000%.

      I think your friend should research what happened in Holodomor. History seems to be repeating itself, on a global level.

      But, this time, they’re getting patriotic people to cheer for it.

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      1. Begin a perpetual novena to the Infant Jesus of Prague and ask Him to please multiply the food and necessities for the peoples of Canada and the US so they will not suffer want.
        As long as the Carmelites maintained their devotion to the Little Infant, they had everything they needed. When they forgot Him, they almost starved.
        The Infant Jesus of Prague is very generous.
        Psalm 4:4 “… the Lord will hear me when I shall cry unto him.”
        And remember the story about St. Isidore the Farmer. His Angel plowed the fields for him so he could attend Mass. Ask St Isidore to please send his Angel to tend the fields of the farmers in the US and Canada while they are away so the peoples will not suffer want.


        1. The Carmelites didn’t block their delivery system whilst expecting God to provide for them nonetheless.

          St. Isidore’s Angel did not plow his fields so that St. Isidore could go create a road block to interfere with St. Isidore’s grain to come to market.

          He did it so that St. Isidore had time to give due worship to Christ the King.


          1. You cannot control the actions of others. But you can control your own.

            Prayer is not some insignificant action worthy only of children.

            God still works miracles, even in these evil times.


            1. Are you claiming that Our Lord is illogical? That He will endeavor to ensure your pizza is delivered if you pray a Hail Mary while blocking the road?

              Do you have no fear of absurdity, or mocking God’s charity?


      2. This is a good explanation. Otherwise, I was confounded by “But if they submitted to the yoke of Nabuchodonosor, who was His instrument for their chastisement, they would be permitted to remain in their land and would live.” I interpreted it to mean that we should weak a mask and take the shot.


          1. Susan, it’s a good observation and I can see why you might think that based on the analogy, but Michael is right, I definitely don’t think that.

            The way I would apply the analogy would be something like this. Submitting to the yoke of Nabuchodonosor means accepting that the restrictions and loss of our freedoms, the growing tyranny and what may be worse chastisements yet to come, are punishments allowed by God. They are the logical consequence of our setting up of our societies with little or no regard for God, for the religion established by the Son of God and with no sense of duty or submission to Him as our King. Just as the people of Juda were told not to revolt against this chastisement but to turn to God in repentance and prayer to be delivered, so we, by attempting to protest/revolt/fight, are choosing a godless, human solution. We are trying to return to a condition of secular liberty which has been part of the problem all along, because by “liberty” we really mean license to ignore God and do as we wish. We should be petitioning God for mercy, atoning for our sins and making reparations for the many blasphemies against Him.

            To extend the analogy further, in the book of Daniel we read that Daniel and his companions, when pressed into the service of Nabuchodonosor, resolved not to be defiled by participation in the evil religious practices of that kingdom. They did not eat the meat from the king’s table and refused to pay homage to his gods. They were persecuted for this, but God blessed them for their faithfulness.

            I would likewise say while we accept the loss of freedom as God’s just punishment, we should not participate in the Covidian cult’s religious rituals such as the wearing of masks, receiving evil injections, or the ritual tests of purity known as PCR tests to determine if we are worthy of participation in society, or if we are found to be secretly unclean and must separate ourselves outside the camp until we have been made clean.

            Just like with Daniel and his companions, refusing to go along with the cult will earn us contempt and persecution, and we should rejoice to be found worthy to suffer as and for Our Savior. We should offer those sufferings for the conversion of our nations to the one true Faith, and for the hastening of the coming of the prophesied triumph of His Blessed Mother’s Immaculate Heart.

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  3. I’ve noticed in Alt-Right and dissident Right circles there is an underlying assumption of “the pendulum will swing” with regard to current destructive trends, not realizing that there is an invisible Force* that initiates the swing nor that the swing was the intended result all along.

    This tells me that even in the most extreme Rightist movements, the people therein haven’t left the reservation of post Enlightenment dualistic political occultism (a.k.a. Hegelianism).

    Another thing I’ve noticed (related to the above) is that upon once people flee to the other side, because they are not guided by the whole of Christian doctrine (or are have given way to the lower faculties, or looking for a good ear tickling, etc.) they are vulnerable to accepting “overcorrections.” The clearest sign of this is the widespread acceptance, even in Christian circles, of racial hatred (or at least a nudging in that direction). Say what you will about genetic heritability but a black person qua black person does not sin by simply existing. There are very concrete problems with Black America, namely that our entire system raises them to exalt vice and become malignant narcissists, but the same could be said about any race here–and arguably both affected whites first. Yet Gabbers and Alt-Rightists act as if their European phenotype were some alternative Ark of the Covenant that has to be preserved at all costs and the existence of other phenotypes constitute an existential threat. This “colorism uber alles” nonsense is a mirror image of the Judaic attitude w.r.t. the goyim–either the latter are livestock that must be herded for exploitation, or wild beasts that will tear you apart.

    *This Force obviously is not of God.


  4. Well written, and spot on assessment. As an American, it is quite the challenge to not jump into the rebellion that is forming, and to support the perceived underdog. The growing anger being fomented is palpable. Coincidentally, an SSPX priest recently spoke on anger. He said that it can be described as a desire for vengeance of a perceived injustice. He said that righteous anger is a valid construct, but more often than not we are incorrect in our assessment of the accuracy of our righteousness, and therefore must remember Romans 12:18-20 (DRB). While I reserve my right to self-dense, defense of those in my care, or the otherwise helpless, it is my hope that I and my loved ones may one day be granted the Beatific Vision, and to witness God’s revenge on those that remained unrepentant for the injustices they committed. Meanwhile, I will work to pray more for the repentance of those I see committing evil acts no matter how viscerally challenging that may be.

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  5. I’m reminded of how Saint Stephen by his martyrdom was instrumental in the conversion of Saint Paul, as then Saul was among those doing the stoning, it’s thought that graces were poured out because of Stephen’s martyrdom.
    The normal we want to get back to is winning souls and the glorification of the church and as we know, this doesn’t come about by rebelling against authority no matter how tyrannical they might be.

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  6. fyi
    #Bandwagon proPAGANda

    What is the bandwagon propaganda?

    It is a psychological phenomenon whereby the
    rate of uptake of beliefs, ideas, fads and trends
    increases with respect to the proportion of others who have already done so.
    As more people come to believe in something, others also
    “hop on the bandwagon” regardless of the underlying evidence.

    dia dhuit

    ave maria

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  7. It is the most accurate recognition of the reality of the modern world.
    @AsTheRain1: “Our western democracies are founded upon the freemasonic (satanic) lies of the French Revolution: liberty, equality, fraternity.”
    To AsTheRainl’s insights, I will only add that the original slogan of the French revolutionaries was “freedom, equality, fraternity or death.” The first three pieces of this puzzle are egregious lies. Only death is true and modern societies, built on the lies of the French Revolution, are now experiencing true death – this is evident punishment from God.

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  8. In the St Ignatian Retreats, they teach that if the devil tries to get you to do something, you do the opposite and double down on it.
    For example, during the lockdowns, the devil wanted the Masses to stop. But the priest who was in charge here not only did not stop, he multiplied the Masses here. At one point, there were 7 Public Masses being given here each Sunday by 3 priests. (And one priest was disabled, one priest was 80 years old, and the 3rd priest was the one in charge.)
    The point to this comment: The US has not been locked down like Canada. Perhaps that’s because of the responses of the US priests during the original lockdowns? (I was told there were about 30% of the US chapels still operating publically all during the original lockdowns.)
    ==> Maybe Canada needs to multiply its Public Masses, at least until the Communists leave?

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  9. Austria, after WWII, was invaded by the Communists.
    The priests began a Rosary Crusade.
    When 10% of the people were praying the Rosary every day, the Communists got up and left WITHOUT FIRING A SHOT!
    (Someone told me the same thing happened in Brazil, but I didn’t hear the details.)

    ==> Are there any priests (or laity) willing to talk the Truckers into praying the Rosary every day?
    ==> Maybe Daily Processions of the Blessed Sacrament with people praying the Rosary?
    ==> etc?

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    1. That’s amazing! I hadn’t heard that before. Scripture and salvation history are full of such stories. And still some Catholics dismiss “just praying” as giving up and not doing anything. It’s part of the Americanism heresy Pope Leo XIII warned against that elevates “activity” and natural virtues over “passivity” by which the supernatural virtues and the interior life are wrongly minimized.

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    2. “Pray, pray very much. Make sacrifices for sinners. Many souls go to hell, because no one is willing to help them with sacrifice.”

      -Our Lady of Fatima, July 13, 1917

      Dear Parishioners,

      Undoubtedly this is one of the most turbulent times in our country’s history. As we watch what is taking place, we call to mind those words of the Psalms, “unless the Lord build the house, they labour in vain who build it.”

      With these things in mind, we invite you to join fellow Catholics in praying the Most Holy Rosary as continuously as possible on Wednesdays and Saturdays for God’s blessing on Canada & the Church.

      You can quickly and easily register for time slots at our Rosary site:

      Please share this site with anyone who may be interested in taking 15 minutes of their day to ask for God’s blessing on our nation.

      Let us be encouraged by the example of the king and the people of Nineve, who found mercy with God: “And let men and beasts be covered with sackcloth, and cry to the Lord with all their strength, and let them turn every one from his evil way, and from the iniquity that is in their hands. Who can tell if God will turn, and forgive: and will turn away from his fierce anger, and we shall not perish? And God saw their works, that they were turned from their evil way: and God had mercy with regard to the evil which he had said that he would do to them, and he did it not.”

      Father Jeremy Saunders

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    1. I came back to this thread to re -read it. What a consoling, confirming and encouraging “war” quote. Thank you for sharing it.


  10. @AsTheRain’s eloquent, beautifully done piece is a reminder of what we already knew .. there is no going back to a “normal” that was a fantasy to begin with, edging on Godlessness, and filthy with corruption. It’s a dark time, but our Lord is our Hope, and all He asks is for us to ‘step aside’ and let “His Will be done” in our lives. Repentance, prayer and ‘let go’.

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  11. Beautifully said. It’s not pessimistic to recognize the often depraved “normalcy” that was, and decline to demand its return. It’s a complicated situation, with everyone so generationally dependent on the corporatism they’re rebelling against, they can’t see the forest for the trees. To be truly victorious requires total submission to our Lord, relinquishing our own control, and having faith that the Greatest Good will emerge, as it always does in many ways. 🙂

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  12. We should hope in the Lord alone, and call people to repentance in order to truly get to a “new normal” in which our nations submit to the social Kingship of Christ. Instead, many are “hoping” in a human solution which is carried out in a spirit of rebellion.
    Awesome as always Michael!
    Amen to this!

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    1. ..and there you have it well summed up Jill. Amen

      The only thing I’ll add to your thought is that repentance begins at home for all of us currently consoled in the truth.
      I suggest that this protest is another stage of the process (chastisement).

      When reality sets in (T.H.E.Y Hate Us) for the good willed, but ignorant and for the informed but luke warm and/or uncharitable (trad definition) in perceived righteous anger, we will get there eventually as a people (the elect ~ current and soon to come).

      For I see this asanother stage of God amassing his army to defeat anti-Christ when he shows up on the scene.

      There are a few good men there for the right reason, but there are also mostly Indian drummer summoning daemons, tunes like JL’s NWO satantic opus ; Imagine, Rage Against the machine being played.and a large contingent of “one Love” communitarian baloney peddlers leading. Most don’t have a clue how deep teh spiritual rabbit hole goes and how necessary it is to go there for we have been purposely demoralized for decades.

      When it stared a few weeks ago, I saw speeches from Metis women calling for The Lord’s Prayer being brought back to schools and governments. I saw protestant (in error)pastors calling repentance of sorts, but I saw no {real} Catholic priests etc giving the souls present the real dope.

      So despite my feeling of patriotism being aroused, I also smelled a rat from the beginning and made the “Emergency Measures Act” prediction by Jan 27. I’m glad I didn’t go as of today. It would have been a waste of time despite Fr Vigano’s “heart warming” messages from an undisclosed location. Something doesn’t smell right to me there either.(beyond the scope of this reply)

      For your consideration:

      “They Hate you”

      My reflection on that today is

      [24] The disciple is not above the master, nor the servant above his lord. [25] It is enough for the disciple that he be as his master, and the servant as his lord. If they have called the goodman of the house Beelzebub, how much more them of his household?

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      1. I had a read of the linked forge and anvil article and couldn’t help but notice the author included an innocuous quote from Charles Coulombe, who some may be led to believe is a traditional Catholic.

        I would like to alert any readers that Charles Coulombe was revealed last year by Alistair McFadden to have partaken in public tarot card reading, and therefore should not be identified as a traditional Catholic.

        For what it is worth, I do not know Mr. McFadden, but audio files proving the claim surfaced, which interestingly did not dampen a vicious campaign being conducted against Alistair McFadden by friends of Charles Coulombe.

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          1. Glad to be of service, A Dismas, and I agree, there sure are.
            Also, I had to look up what a Metis was, that’s nice to hear, are they known to strongly hold the faith?


            1. Objectively and subjectively yes.

              Objectively – French Metis – Catholicism was “bred” into them, so very much so. Don’t believe all the residential school hype.

              English half-breeds (historical term not in use today which should indicate a different in worldviews and charity between the French and English at the time,) Metis, not so much.

              Subjectively – Objective, being Metis, I wandered 39-40 years in the desert from the age of reason (I stole a pomegranate) until I found OL in 2017.

              Spent over a decade in the NO confessing to fake priests. I was starting the feel like Clint Eastwood from the movie “Unforgiven” (to a lesser degree wink wink) but God had a plan. Blessed be God Forever.

              Anywho. Good site and great guest article..


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