Perhaps against my better judgment, I have agreed to be interviewed by Vendée Radio. The goal of the interview was to discuss my thesis on what I’ve been calling the “Controlled Demolition.”

In order for any discussion of that to make sense, we had to lay some groundwork. Therefore, we broke the interview up into 3 2-hour segments. Vendée Radio just released the first segment. It’s titled Divide, Conquer, and Herd.

For those who are interested, here is the link:

EDIT: Cheryl has compiled some of my threads that are relevant to this video. Some go into a little more detail, and some have helpful screenshots. This was really great of her. Thanks, Cheryl!

35 thoughts on “Divide, Conquer and Herd (Part 1)

  1. Watched #2 again which as I think you know, is my habit, and the last 20 minutes or so when you spoke about St, Teresa and the Interior Castle .. Unitive Prayer and such, well .. beyond lovely🌷


  2. One more thing: I have really been praying for discernment and Voila your email pops up about these 3 epsisodes. You know, I think deep down a lot of us knew this deception was on an epic level. You put all the missing pieces together for us. We now know what we have to do – Hold the Line…

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  3. Michael,
    I just finished part 3. Excellent job. I loved how the host let you have the floor. I hope you continue with this. You are truly a gift. You have helped so many of us. As stated in a previous comment, I hope you are going to continue with this program as all of this escalates – we are going to need you. What you said about honoring God on Sundays really struck a chord. You were not the only one who got choked up in the end. I found myself crying with you. Your love for Our Lady is Beautiful. Godspeed and God Bless you and your family.

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  4. I’m very, very pleased to have found your conversation with Vendee Radio. Twitter was one platform that I never took to, so I had never heard of Jonah of Nineva until the Vendee Radio interview. It was so interesting to hear you put to words things that I have been slowly working out.
    I’m glad that you covered the Q thing. I had a real world brush with Q Anon people that you might find amusing but also disturbing. Unfortunately I live in a state that had very restrictive mask policies in schools until just recently. Through a group called Mom’s Union of Oregon, I went to a meeting to organize for our districts school board meeting. Immediately, a very zealous and I’m sure well meaning woman took over the meeting and insisted that we follow Bonds for the Win on Telegram. She was recruiting the group to file a claim on the bonds of the school board members. It’s supposedly a proven strategy and soon that was all we talked about. As we were leaving she said that, the Covid restrictions were all part of a spiritual battle and I wholeheartedly agreed…. and then she brought up aliens and adrenchrome (sp?) and the wind went out of my sails. I looked into the and it was founded by a card carrying Q Anon that was an expert in tying the Gospel with Astrology. A little more digging and I found some articles and TV news segments about parents that had gone through and filed claims on board members bonds and news branded them all Q Anons. It disturbed me that the school board meeting protests, an honest grassroots movement was going to have the taint of this Q psyop.
    Living where I live and being who I was, I have grappled with the insane left but the insane right is a whole new ball game. My only solution is to check out of the mad house and live a simple life as Catholic.

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  5. This was excellent Michael. Thank you. I will be sharing this with family and friends and look forward to your future installments. Also, hat tip to your host who respectfully listened and let you continue without unnecessary interruptions.
    God Bless.

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  6. It was awesome to see and hear you, Michael. It was nice to see the person who has taught me so much. I hope you become a regular on the program as things continue to escalate. We are going to need it.

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    1. Thanks very much, Mark. As for whether I do more, who knows. I’ll do whatever God wants. Vendee has the sort of intellectual honesty and humility that would make me comfortable accepting additional invitations.

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  7. It was awesome to see and hear you, Michael. It was nice to see the person who has taught me so much. I hope you become a regular on the program as things continue to escalate. We are going to need it.

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  8. It was awesome to see and hear you, Michael. It was nice to see the person who has taught me so much. I hope you become a regular on the program as things continue to escalate. We are going to need it.

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  9. Hi Michael,

    I so enjoyed your video and especially seeing your kind face and voice to go with your thoughtful writing.

    I never followed you on Twitter because I don’t do social media. As you rightly observe, it is a huge distraction.

    I was fascinated to hear your analysis of the “controlled demolition” of the past two years.

    Your most insightful statement:

    If every country in the world is doing the same thing and reading from the same script, then we already have one world government.

    I would gladly watch a video from you every week. I look forward to watching the rest.

    Thank you for speaking out so eloquently. God bless you!

    Sandra Elam

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  10. Loved the interview! I have been telling my husband about you on Twitter and he couldn’t grasp everything with his crazy work schedule. He will be watching soon since he has now retired early due to the mandatory jab at his work. Our income dropped 80% with the retirement and know this is only the beginning of much suffering in the future.

    Your love for Our Lady on Twitter was beautiful and hope you touch on Her during the subsequent interviews. If not…..a future interview!

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  11. Political dialectics being what they are, throughout the Trump campaign plus presidency, conservative voters ignored very real problems with the man’s words, deeds and character simply because it was the liberals and leftists pointing them out. I recall, during the heady days of 2016, being bewildered that a lot of hard-nosed cynics in the dissident right somehow, all overnight, became True Believers in the System and denounced anyone on the Right who had misgivings.

    Since those days, we’ve seen numerous wedge issues spring up, seemingly without end, and yet the right never gets any smarter… though, if they did, they would not be rightists anymore.

    Our latest dialectic poop-fight is the war in Russia. The sensible thing for me, as someone with no ties whatever to either country, is to say “not my circus, not my monkeys.” But it has been amazing watching the right once again act with rancor against their partisans who have non-virtue-signal reasons to stand for Ukraine (either because of actual family ties or affinity towards Eastern Catholics). On the other hand, it is inescapable that Ukraine is a US-NWO proxy and is involved in numerous evil dealings.

    The pro-Russia, pro-Putin thing is really irritating because Russia/Putin is not doing what they’re doing to save insolent yokels in the West, but purely out of cunning geopolitical self interest. Pro-Russianism is motivated purely by spite and effeminacy. In doing so, the right is saying “if we can’t win, I hope at least our enemies lose” all while ignoring that their enemies’ loss affects them too.

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  12. Excellent video! Good to hear from you.

    In listening to you talk about Smith-Mundt, it made me think back to the 1980s and 1990s when 24 hour news channels began to pop up. All of a sudden, it was “respectable” and “responsible” to watch TV all day, because you were being “informed.” Whereas it used to be widely considered slothful and shameful to watch TV all day long (or even to have it on all day, blaring as background noise), it became not only accepted, but encouraged. By 2000, there were TVs in homes, in waiting rooms, in doctors’ & dentists’ offices, everywhere, and they were all tuned to the 24-hour news.

    We do not watch those news channels in our home, but you have to actively work to ignore it when out in public. The propaganda and brainwashing we have witnessed in 2020+ would not have been possible without the ever-present news channels and society’s willing consumption that developed in the 1990s & 2000s.

    I hope you’re going to get to Holodomor on YouTube. After you Tweeted about it, I studied up. I never heard about it in high school or college- it’s as if it’s been intentionally excluded from the history books. I’ve been trying to educate people about it, but have mostly been ignored or even made fun of. As you said re: Weimar (and warned so often on Twitter), it’s going to happen again. The Ukraine connection just makes me all the more certain of this.

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  13. I’ve already told you on Twit that I thought the interview was excellent. Just wanted to add that I’ve read your coverage of much of this before and I still picked up some information, details I had missed in your previous twit posts on this topic. Also, doing the background recap was very helpful.

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  14. I greatly appreciated this first segment and am very much looking forward to the rest. I have been following your blog since the get-go but missed everything from twitter. So I feel like I might be getting caught up. I have been aware of some of this but I am one of those who would frustrate you by often not being able (willing?) to follow through to the necessary conclusions. Not out of ill will, but probably naivete and a desire to remain emotionally comfortable. 》Insert sardonic laughter here《 Please keep it up.

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      1. Enjoyed your video very much looking forward to the next two. Can’t download word press, and utube band me but i can watch your videos just can’t comment or like. Anyway i know your real now that i saw and heard you.

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      2. Speaking of sitting through…I watched the first ~10 minutes at normal speed to hear what Michael sounded like. However, I can attest that the content is also intelligible at 1.75x speed for those that want the same information in less time. 🙂 For me, 2x was too fast. Some people (usually southerners) I can listen at 2x speed (which brings them up to a typical northerner’s speaking cadence—ha, ha).

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  15. Excellent so far! I’m only just starting to watch the first episode, and it’s compelling already. Looking forward to listening to the rest.

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  16. Just happened to check the Vendée Radio Twitter timeline, and saw your first episode was up. Nice job, and you clean up well. 🙂 I’m I nterested in seeing the other two episodes. Having followed your posts for some time, this episode was just a recap for me. It would be interesting to know what a newcomer to your views thought. For me, it may have been too much to process in one sitting compared to the small drips I had reading your posts over time. That said, it’s nice to have on record and not lost to the censoring of your old account. Keep up the good fight.

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      1. At this point, it’s really the only way to go with it. You can’t redo what developed organically over time. You just have to summarize it in a way that honors what was communicated previously. I think you’re doing that so far.

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        1. Very well done. Not much new, but darn don’t I need constant reminders, even though I left Twitter shortly after you were booted. Quit watching the news. Trying to stay away from the fear porn, but suspect my background has me predisposed to manipulation by trauma based mind control. Prayer can be very difficult. Need to restrict myself even further. Pride – the bane of my existence.

          An orchestrated food shortage is still a food shortage. Prepping and expanding my garden, making space for those who can’t prepare. Still hoping to die a Martyr’s death.

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