Vendée Radio has released the second installment of our three-part series today. If you are interested, the link is below.

Vendée does a good job describing the conversation in the Twitter thread below. For those of you who prefer not to go onto Twitter, here are some screenshots.

12 thoughts on “The Problem of Consent (Part 2)

  1. Another good one. Been thinking about consent since you brought it to my attention. I’m frightened by myself – knowing what I know and still yet fall into laziness. But also for friends and family. The casualness with which they are complying with the “modern world” suggesting there are no other options is terrifying. I had to get the vaccine to go on vacation. Trump was at least good on the economy. . .

    Actually heard the other day, “Well at least it (movie) doesn’t have a lot of swearing. Just G$# D”$#@ (insert blasphemy). But I’d rather hear that than the f-word. I know, that probably makes me terrible.” Followed by a laugh. This is a justification for showing said movie to an 11 year old.

    Sin makes you stupid. . .

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  2. Hi Michael,

    You saw the truth about Trump before I did. I finally realized how truly evil he is when he continued to push the deathvaxx after countless injuries and deaths in early 2021.

    Now that I know our elections are fixed and both parties are on the same evil side, I will never vote in another election again (except possibly at the town level). No more “lesser of two evils” voting for me!

    I’ve realized – as you have – that living a secluded life is the best way to increase communication with God.

    I call myself “the reluctant hermit” due to health issues that have kept me close to home for the past 6 years.

    Since my children are grown, I work at home, and I have few distractions…I talk to Jesus, Mary, my guardian angel, St. Joan of Arc (warrior girl), and St. Paul (my confirmation name saint) all day long. I haven’t heard an audible response but I’m sure they’re listening. 🙂

    (One suggestion: since Twitter drains and distracts you, why not give it up permanently?)

    You answered a question that has been nagging at me:

    *Why does it feel like we’re living in a farce run by James Bond villians?*

    You helped me see this:

    While the devil is hoping we will consent to OBVIOUSLY evil demands that are stupid, harmful, and contradictory…and thus condemn our souls…

    at the same time…

    God uses the same OBVIOUSLY evil demands to allow his faithful ones the ability to discern the TRUTH.

    Blessings, Sandra Elam

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    1. I mostly joke around with friends on twitter now, and keep my little account locked. It’s fine, in that fashion, so long as I limit my time.

      This video series wouldn’t have happened but for Twitter 🤷🏼‍♂️

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  3. Another good episode. Presentation-wise, I thought it appeared a little smoother than the flow of the first one. Also, stay with the mug rather than that giant water jug thing as the mug is not distracting (unlike the jug). Content-wise, it was another good packaging of your Tweets over the past few years. One thing I did learn that in my ignorance didn’t catch previously was that I always thought that Rev. 12 was a reference to Our Lady challenged by the dragon (Satan). The travailing labor always made me think that was a problem, but I didn’t go farther in my thinking on that. Also, I don’t recall hearing about the birth being of the the last true pope. So, while mostly a review for long-time followers, things were learned and/or clarified. Nice job.

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      1. Thank you for the videos!

        Would you please give some more details about Fr Kramer’s hypothesis on the LAST pope? I have only heard the Sede theory about the 1958 Papal Election and Cardinal Siri.

        Thank you.


        1. He didn’t speculate on how it would occur. This was well before Vatican II.

          Our Lord made Paul an apostle without relying on the Church to do it for Him.

          It’s really nothing to worry over. He’ll handle it.


  4. 👍🌷 So good .. I had to pause it a few times to think, much of my thoughts concerning the soul .. mine in particular:) Another excellent interview. The end was moving .. but you’re not much for praise so I’ll end here. Thank you.

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      1. Excellent breakdown again! Thank you for doing this, I’m anxious to share with my friends, hopefully they will see the trap that was laid for conservatives. By the way, I want to thank you again, I’m taking my first Holy Communion at the Easter Vigil, and will be confirmed May 8. It’s been 2 years and certainly not without it’s hardships, but it’s happening, Deo Gratias!

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