Watch this one develop with foresight, instead of hindsight …

For an idea of what I think, go to Twitter and search “adversity marketing (from:jonahofninevah).” I’ll post some samples, below.

First, this is what happened:

Did anybody else notice that the officer didn’t announce what Ms. Weaver was being charged with or read her the Miranda rights? There’s something very fishy here …

Someone wants to make sure this video goes viral. Watch – we’ll probably see an account or two get banned (after the video gets a couple million views), and then thousands of accounts will share it, each getting millions of views … it will multiply like gremlins when you pour water on them.

To be clear: I am not accusing Ms. Weaver of doing this to herself. But this was done on the day she is to release her video, and will only serve to promote that video like crazy. This is a variation of what I have been calling “adversity marketing.” It happens constantly.

For example:

And some more:

They’ve been promoting the QAnon cult blatantly in this fashion (see blow).

Folks, if the technotyrants and MSM don’t want you to know about something, they simply don’t talk about it or they actually make it vanish. If they want you to look into something, they attack it. It works every single time.

See how that works?

Want to see what happens when they really don’t want you to see something? Check this out:

This is a scientific study that shows that 5G can cause “coronaviruses.” It was taken down almost immediately.

Luckily, someone archived the article here:

Here’s the abstract:

You hadn’t heard about it, had you? That’s what happens when they are actually interested in censoring something.

Let’s see what happens when Ms. Weaver’s video drops. I have a feeling that it will be wildly successful.

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