Archbishop Viganò has been trading letters with numerous people, including a disconcerting letter to President Trump.

I’ll just say it was an odd letter and leave it at that. I’m hoping he’ll follow it up with one condemning the fact that Trump is pushing a completely unnecessary MAGA Vaxx that contains dna from sacrificed babies, in partnership with Bill Gates and Gavi.

In any event, except for the weird Trump letter, Viganò’s letters are all related to Church scandal. This summer, he has focused on the scandal of Vatican II. Fr. Weinandy and Archbishop Viganò have been trading rhetorical blows lately. In Fr. Weinandy’s latest reply, which can be found here, there is a good hint at what is coming next for Traditional Catholics.

In defending Vatican II (and the conciliar popes), Weinandy drops this nuclear bomb:

Did you catch that? He just accused Archbishop Viganò of sinning against the Holy Spirit, the unforgivable sin, for daring to question the obvious infiltration of Holy Mother Church.

So, I guess we now have that accusation to look forward to … oy vey.

2 thoughts on “Father Weinandy Gives Us a Hint On How They Are Going to Take Us Down

  1. 31ST MAY, 1965
    Our Lady of All Nations to Ida Peerdeman [Amsterdam’ apparitions]

    >> “Go to Pope Paul and tell him in the name of ‘the Lady of All Nations:’

    “This is the last warning before the end of the Council. The Church of Rome is in danger of a schism.

    “Warn your priests. Let them put a stop to those false theories about the Eucharist, sacraments, doctrine, priesthood, marriage age family-planning. They are being led astray by the spirit of untruth – by Satan — and confused by the ideas of modernism. Divine teaching and laws are valid for all time and newly applicable to every period.

    “Keep the primacy in your own hands. Grasp the meaning of ‘ these my words: the Church of Rome must remain the Church of Rome.

    “Do what the Lord has demanded of you—in sending Me, the Lady or Mother of All Nations. You are the Pope who has selected for this work. Let the nations say the prayer before My picture and the Holy Spirit will come! A Church or a people without a Mother is like a body without a soul.

    “This period is now coming at an end.”<<


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