Given that it is the Feast of St. Francis, it seems appropriate to share this again.

Septima Buccina

At least according to the “conservative” Catholic Bishops and pundits who have been enthusiastically declaring victory, and hoping you do not read Bergoglio’s post Amazon Synod “apostolic” exhortation he released today, entitled Querida Amazonia, which you can find here.

The premature victory cries this morning were due to folks claiming that Bergoglio decided not to approve marriage for priests, or female deacons. Of course, he did no such thing. He simply decided not to approve it in the document. But more about that in a minute.

Suppose briefly that they are correct. Did they actually read the thing? Catholics celebrating a “victory” or thinking that we dodged a bullet with Querida Amazonia are the same people who took the priest celibacy bait that I’ve been warning about for two years. It was never about that. It was always about idolatry, Pachamama, and incorporating demons into the Mass. That is…

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3 thoughts on “Opposing Priest Marriage Officially More Important Than Defending The 1st Commandment To Some Catholics

  1. He actually titles it Querida Amazonia????😡😡😡😡 That infuriates me to no end. How can any Catholic see this as a victory? The idol worship is right there for the world to see.

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