“Did you exchange
A walk-on part in the war
For a leading role in a cage?”

“It’s a cult. There’s no other (explanation).” This statement ranks near the level of Trump’s QAnon “These People Are Stupid,” mantra on the delusional and insane meter.

They are sound bites designed to make you feel superior (invoking your pride), while simultaneously making it extremely difficult for you to discern the true agenda(s).

Why? Well, because if these people are “stupid cultists”, then they certainly can’t out think you, obviously … In fact, they’re just too stupid to pretend to be incompetent, or controlled by rage, or dementia addled, or whatever, to get you to believe that the ENTIRE FREAKING PLANET HAS BEEN CONQUERED BY STUPID PEOPLE.

The people who believe that nonsense are the ones who are the stupid cultists.

Seriously, what the actual hell is this asinine thinking?

“He has dementia.” “It’s a cult.” “These people are stupid.”

The people who adopted that nonsensical B.S. are the stupid people to whom Trump’s Q was truly referring.

Sadly, that’s probably your parents and siblings. It sucks, doesn’t it?

The decision makers aren’t a part of the COVID cult. Their stupid and disposable pleb sheep are.

Read this:

Thomas Massie is very rich, and very smart.

It is delusion and pride, not charity, that causes people to assume that their chosen heroes are ignorant of the very things that are scandalizing them.

We saw this daily with Trump. The excuses and mental gymnastics were so cloying that they were vomit-inducing.

It has permeated the rest of politics at a disgusting, pathetic, and desperate level.

Do you really think this guy, who has won awards at MIT (MIT!) doesn’t at least suspect what is really going on with regard to the child murder involved in these injections, and the technology that the sacrifices and the global delusional self-harm are designed to introduce?

Do you really think that this man is so stupid that he thinks this is all happening organically?

No, you don’t – or at least you didn’t – because stupid and deranged idiots don’t read my blog.

Politicians do not deserve your charity. You have an obligation as a citizen to give them your scrutiny.

I will attempt to lead an evil but honest man to redemption all day. But, a dishonest man attempting to appear virtuous deserves nothing but scorn.

All liars go to hell. Apoc 21:8.

“There’s no other reason?” You know what? I love the people who read this blog, so I’m going to let you finish it.

Tell Thomas Massie the dozens of “other reasons” that exist in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “Your Heroes Are Ghosts …

  1. Sure, it’s a cult, but Massie’s part of it and their (anti)glorious leader isn’t the old man in the White House. They’ve managed to “seduce” so much that most don’t even realize they are participating in it. “Come out of her”.

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  2. Here is one reason: How about the lockdowns were never about CoVid in the first place? Therefore, it does not matter if there is natural immunity. It was about forcing everybody to get the death jab and numerous boosters.

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  3. Michael, such a brilliant observation. Thank you for peeling the onion back yet another layer! There are of course, other reasons which include but not limited to: Social isolation for those that do not partake, false positives for un V’d to pump numbers any way they wish, to save face for the injections since they don’t produce any immunity. Probably most obviously, division and more ploys to get people v’d. Follow the $$, always.

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