So many of your unvaxxed friends and loved ones are suddenly getting very sick?

I have. Aside from my “first mate” on the boat in Key West, airports pumped with 5G, and a dude I bought a truck from out in the stix, I hadn’t been around anyone for almost 3 weeks before I got sick.

I know that sounds pathetic and antisocial. I don’t deny it, but it’s accurate.

From December 8 until December 20, I was on the water. On December 20, I was on a plane. On December 28, I bought a truck, shook a hand, and pumped some gas.

On January 1, I went to Mass, returned home, began cooking and spiked a fever. 10 days after the airport, and 5 days after the truck. In between, any work I did was from my home office. Nevertheless, I got very sick. In fact, my lungs are still healing. But, I don’t see how it happened.

What’s more, the dude I bought the truck from never got sick, and my first mate didn’t get sick until a week after I did.

Anecdotally, I don’t see how it happened. If it were just me, I’d write it off. But, it’s not just me.

I know of a number of other people who are similarly situated who suddenly got very ill in January. None of them have gotten Trump’s MAGAVaxx. None of them are trying to prove any sort of point. All of them are just calmly resistant people who happen to be somewhat independent, and therefore moderately reclusive in this environment.

Aside from very limited contact with the outside world (not for fear, but because the world is annoying) many of these friends and family members suddenly got extremely sick in January, after two years of being unable to catch the stupid virus – even when they tried.

None of them are vaxxed. [Edit – none of the unvaxxed (who I know) are dying. It’s inaccurate to say that only the unvaxxed people I know are getting sick. The fact is, it seems like everybody is getting sick. What I was trying to convey here was that, in addition to everybody else, it seems like the unvaxxed are suddenly getting sick, at least in noticeable amounts – while (in my experience) we’ve been able to avoid getting sick, or to fight off the virus before we became very ill. I also, of course, don’t know that to be a true trend. My experience could be anomalous, and my perception could be flawed, or limited by bias. That’s partly why I’m interested in your opinions and experiences. I apologize for the clumsy prose. I hope this helps to clarify.]

While their ages range from 30s to 60s, and although some of them suffer from other preexisting health conditions, none of them will die.

So, I’m not worried. Nobody is panicking. Nobody I know is dying, unless that person trusted Trump or Bergoglio, and allowed the most globally, comprehensively evil, and tyrannical regime in history to convince them to inject themselves with poison.

Those people are dying. I now know some of them. I’ve now wept and grieved for them. It’s real now, and it sucks.

But it still only applies to them, in my personal experience.

My personal experience on such matters is almost irrelevant. Standing alone, it’s statistically insignificant. Intellectual honesty demands that I doubt my personal experience, until such time that I can solicit enough data that is objectively reliable, which supports my personal experience.

In furtherance of intellectual honestly, I should point out that I’ll never be able to solicit objectively reliable data on this blog. To obtain such data, I would need to sample the population randomly, and, ideally, the people responding to my questions would not give a shit what I thought about them, or their answers.

So, I’m not trying to operate within the parameters of the scientific method here – but I am interested in your experiences.

In my experience, this is sudden, dramatic, and inexplicable inasmuch as it is completely contrary to what we’ve experienced since the beginning of this shitshow.

And, while nothing is apparently able to be proven in 2020-2022, I know for certain that every “rollout” is preceded by multiple “test runs.”

I’m 100% certain that is true for the screen shot, below.

Whether that bears any relation to the content of my blog post is up to you to decide.

2nd Edit: Take a look at this thread. Be sure to watch the video clips she has collated. I’ve researched this stuff quite a bit over the past 5 years. It’s disturbing, and makes a guy feel helpless. So, I don’t talk about it a lot. But, I appreciate it when people do. Click below.

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  1. unvaxxed here…I was sick June 2021 with sore throat fever, November 2021 with same and January 2022 with the flu. And just recently with a head cold. My husband who is vaxxed was only sick with the head cold.


  2. Hey Mike,

    You hear about the monkey crash story in Pennsylvania?

    Maybe tptb are setting the stage for part two or whatever it is, of this thing. A lot of bad diseases and viruses can come from monkeys

    Anyway, I was looking at the main witness’ facebook page. She’s basically flouting the fact she went over to the monkeys thinking they were cats and going near their bodily fluids, touching them and also making implausible or hard to believe statements. Also saying she had an open cut.

    Check out her comments on that page.

    Very strange stuff going on here and kind of makes me think that it is setting up for something.

    Thanks and God Bless!

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      1. Exactly.

        A truck carrying macaquee monkeys heading to a CDC Lab in the midwest for biological testing, crashes in Pennsylvania. A woman thinks they are cats and goes over to help. She is infected.

        What a script

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  3. 2 unva××ed relatives tested + and had serious respiratory illness recently; recovered. One masks.
    Adult children living in their home va××ed but not sick so far. Maskers during the day.
    Spouse and myself unva××ed not sick so far, although slight cold symptoms about a year ago.
    Both of us untested and do not mask. (I have chronic postnasal drip which causes an also chronic cough. I am leery of doctors anymore because of it. )
    Among our children’s families: in one of them; all are unva××ed but most tested +. Some who are school agers mask by necessity. Two in this family, one masker and one unmasker, became ill to varying degrees. (One masker tested – for ‘rona but came down with a terrible case of flu for which they tested +.)

    Another unva××ed family has had no one sick. No one tested or at least not regularly. Some mask due to necessity during the day.

    Another family has all except one va××ed. Recent severe cold symptoms in some of them. Most mask by necessity. All fine. (I don’t know the testing status for sure.)

    One more family is unva××ed and two out of five members have been sick with flu like symptoms. One spent a few days feeling pretty bad. All recovered. None mask, but I believe the one most ill masked on occasion and has been spit tested due to necessity.
    From what I have heard, many many people in our extended family/friendship circles have come down recently with flu type symptoms of varying severity.
    In our sede chapel, life has always and still goes on normally, except for the recent passing of a 60 something, otherwise healthy member who was suddenly hospitalized as “very sick” and put on a vent (and was on it for over a week before they died..).
    That is all I know of that case. Don’t know the va×× status but I doubt they were. It made me angry. And sad. Broke my heart, really.

    I hope this all doesn’t sound too vague but I’m trying to say as much as I can, yet not say too much if that makes sense.

    Thanks, Michael, and I’m glad you are much better.

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  4. 1. Until two months ago, I had never known anyone, personally, who had covid. My social circle is not small, and includes diametrically opposing religious/political views, so I hear a lot of different experiences. Plenty of insanity. Not one covid.

    2. Our whole family had it mid-December. In the past month the majority of my acquaintances and friend-of-friends have been ill, some youngish parents at the point of death. Both vaxxed and unvaxxed not knowing where they got it, although some people knew. Symptoms also coincide with radiation poisoning now that you mention it.

    3. In December I remember one day looking up and being startled at the white airplane lines in the sky. There were well over a dozen. Startlingly out of place. One day recently I saw them again. I spend a lot of time outside and generally pay attention to stuff like that, so I’d know when something is wrong.

    4. I have no way of knowing if chemtrails are fact or fiction.

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  5. In February 2020, just before the lockdowns, we had to go to two Children’s hospitals in a city 2 hours away from us. Two weeks later, right as the lockdowns began, my husband got sick and started going into pneumonia. We were the only ones in our area who got ill.
    —> That made me think the incubation period was about 14 days.

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  6. Lot’s of great comments! I have had a strange fall/winter so far. On the plus side, these experiences have made me intensely aware of “Momento Mori” and made me committed to the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. I don’t know for how long we will have access to the sacraments – but I know that this next “whatever” that is coming we need the TRUE church and Her teachings.

    I am blessed to live with low sky pollution, but I believe it is real. Not 100% sure that there is graphene oxide in there (yet) – but I believe that even with just basic cloud seeding they could add viruses/parasites.

    On the Feast of Christ the King I came home and felt like I was having a heart attack. Well, what it was an inflammation of the rib cage and causing my breathing to be hampered. No other symptoms. Chiro and stretching helped. Then on the 3rd Sunday of Advent during the Credo all the sudden I could fully breath. It felt like a miracle! That night I woke up with fever. 101.8 for three days with it settled in my shoulders. It was so painful! The first night my fever broke to go down to 99, then my glands swelled up for 3 days and low fever. No other symptoms (no cough, anything), rib cage was all better when it was over. So strange. I believe the experience of the fever/inflammation brought on headaches that I have been free of for 8 years.

    Now, I’m not vaxxed. Work about 5 hours in the public – retail setting (masks required). Mostly I am home in the country. Mass is unmasked. I recall in November our priest saying that many people were sick and to pray for them. Wifi in the house, but no cell reception.

    I have been scared to seek medical attention for anything for 2 years since I have a fear over a confrontation with these “vaccines”. I went to urgent care on Tuesday for the headaches as there is a specific medication I need to prevent them. Anyway, everyone was so nice, no one asked about my vaxx status and my faith was partially restored (they are “over it”).

    A couple of days ago, I saw a sky trail and I spontaneously said to myself, “No weapon that is formed against me shall prosper!” Rebuking it and kept driving. I used to get mad and rail against these when I was driving, but I am realizing that realistically we are against EVIL that we can’t even fathom and we won’t probably outlive this to put an end to this (well I am 58 and have hope – but it’s been going on for so long already). I have been taking so many vitamins, researching how to avoid getting “it” – so now I think all of that is good but we will all get something and other diseases exist. So, working to streamline my plan and focus on God first.

    Sorry….this was so long, but I have been thinking about this topic a lot. God Bless You and I am glad you are feeling better!

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    1. It’s clear that they’re messing with us. It’s hard to balance that knowledge against a desire to stay sane, these days. But, it sounds like your focus is on the right place. 🙂

      I wrote several long(ish) threads over the past couple of years about something that I think is important. I can’t replicate them now, but, in short, please consider focusing your internal dialogue to the First Person of the Trinity – and watch what happens.

      The apostles asked Our Lord how to pray.

      He ordered them to talk to Abba. You can do it in Our Lord’s name, if you like. But, He never said we must.

      He simply told us to talk to Our Father.

      This small paradigm shift changed my world.

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  7. Short comment. As you might remember, one of my daughter’s became very ill in August of 2021 with whatever this is. She is unvxed but did take the test. My other daughter got it at the beginning of this month and it was a bit more severe. Both were active .. out and about, among people. We’re all unvxed. Me? So far so good.
    Reading all this .. so strange and I have to remind myself, when I feel fearful. that God prevails.
    Take care, God Bless you. 🌷

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  8. I live like a hermit, and I don’t even find it embarrassing.
    Bar 1 sibling, afaik my entire extended family are injected, but it’s hard to be certain as my immediate are on silent to bad terms with me.
    I earned my quasi-ostracism 5yrs ago because I incessantly tried to expose that Trump was a psyop, and working with the media for unknown nefarious purposes, which I suppose we could now call a vaccine slavery system.

    I did try hard to wake them up about the hoax so that they wouldn’t get injected, but they’d stopped listening years before, so when I spoke about it, I became the man from uncle.

    Some personal experiences of convid.
    Early on a sibling said they had difficulty breathing, and they suspected a new 5g mobile phone tower erected on top of a building across from them. I’d previously read of people becoming nauseous & vomiting from 5g in the same country when it was first turned on in late 2019, so early doors, I knew the narrative was fake.
    The next was in Mar-Apr 2020 when a cousin allegedly had difficulty breathing. Married to a Chinaman, both scientists who breed their own white rats at home, I hope for their scientific research and not for dinner. But I didn’t buy it, as the hub is surely a sponsored state asset!
    Then another cousin who works in a hospital tested +. Her father told me she continued jogging while on forced “sick-leave”. At the same time her husband tested -, yet he was bedridden with flu!
    None of their kids got sick, and they didn’t practice any isolation.
    I’d already discovered the PCR test was completely fake, so this type of info made the non-existence of a virus credible in my view.
    I went to a gathering of like minded folk in the summer of 2020 months into the first stasi lockdown, the police barricaded the roads to stop us congregating, but hundred’s of us got there, and afterwards I didn’t get sick.

    That was all 2020, then last year bar 1 sibling, the fam & all around me got injected.
    I overheard my mother saying she couldn’t sleep on her injected arm for a while. Which was tearful to discover. None have told me they’re injected, so there’s no possible discussion.

    The reaction of my friendly neighbours to injection was uncontrolled bleeding. The woman for a few months, not sure it’s even stopped, while he got a 5 day nosebleed & vertigo from the injection, which he’d had neither before in his life. He was worried until he got chiropractic work to fix his vertigo.
    I don’t meet anyone else who’d tell me about reactions.

    In October 2021, c.60% of my injected fam got nasty colds. I didn’t.
    Young kids were returning to schools, many of whom were recently injected, and school teachers in my extended family said the kids were getting sick upon return to school, describing it as wild-fire.
    Of course this didn’t happen in the pandemic of 2020 upon school return. The injection made a noticeable difference.
    I haven’t heard of anything else since then.

    Oh, apparently Ireland has the highest injection rate in the EU, and the highest infection rate in the EU.
    Within Ireland, the county with the highest injection rate has the highest infection rate.
    I still doubt the incompetent regime here could inject that many people in the first place.

    I’ve only Novus Ordo Sect Churches around me, so I rarely get exposed to anything or anyone, but when I do, I still don’t get sick.
    I take D3 bi-weekly to once a month in winter, I also don’t have a mobile phone nor wifi in my home, which is less microwave radiation then the majority experience.

    If God decides I should get it, then I will, and if He doesn’t, then I won’t.

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    1. “I also don’t have a mobile phone nor wifi in my home, which is less microwave radiation then the majority experience” ~ I would very much like to know how much this issue is influencing the entire thing.

      I suspect you and I would get along very well. You should start a blog 🙂

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      1. Ye, you have such a great community going here, Catholics are the best, I love reading your posts and the comments are wonderful.
        So I can see it would be fun, but alas I’ve no camera to take pictures of the food I make!!!
        Semi joking; I made Borshch last night for the first time ever and canned some of it from beet I’d grown, which was almost the size of a pumpkin!

        About radiation!
        Right before Spanish “Flu” broke out, the Radio network was erected in the US & the US Army were administering some funky meningitis “vaccines” before the army went abroad in WW1, which was killing soldiers before they left the medical centre.
        A woman has even wrote a book about how her non-injected family were the only ones who didn’t get sick in her neighbour, and they tried to help the sick who were all “vaccinated”.

        I find it so fascinating that they had the same two main ingredients for the Spanish “Flu” as we have for convid!!!

        But here’s another gem I find hard to ignore. Have you all ever heard of Marek’s Disease?
        This link is from 2015;
        I don’t agree with the whole article, but this quote describes Marek’s pretty well;

        “The Marek’s vaccine is “imperfect” or “leaky.” That is, it protects chickens from developing disease, but doesn’t stop them from becoming infected or from spreading the virus. Inadvertently, this made it easier for the most virulent strains to survive. Such strains would normally kill their hosts so quickly that they’d die out. But in an immunised flock, they can persist because their lethal nature has been neutered. That’s not a problem for vaccinated individuals. But unvaccinated birds are now in serious trouble.”

        Sound familiar?

        Chickens get cancer and their immune systems get wrecked from vaccines, and they need the latest annual vaccine to avoid death, while unvaccinated chickens get exposed to a more deadly strain, which can kill them.
        – Question; what is a globohomo eugenicists wet-dream?

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        1. “Right before Spanish “Flu” broke out, the Radio network was erected in the US & the US Army were administering some funky meningitis “vaccines” before the army went abroad in WW1.”

          Yes. This is why, in my opinion, Trump insists on calling it the Spanish Flu of “1917,” in spite of being corrected many times. His worshipers claim these things are hints to them, but sane folks see the mockery.

          As for Marek’s, leaky vaccines creating typhoid Mary’s, and vaccine dependency … all I can say is that, it seems to me, that the entire 20th Century is full of “trial runs.”

          Apparently, by 2016 they decided that they’d had enough practice, combined them all, and tossed us into this shitstorm of evil. Call it the penultimate chapter: “Revenge of the Revelation 2:9/3:9s.”

          7 more years until the centennial anniversary of the Lateran Treaty in 1929, wherein Pope Pius XI gave up the papal estates, agreed to muzzle the Vicar of Christ with regard to international disputes, in exchange for freedom. That was signed on February 11, 1929, and became effective June 7, 1929.

          On June 13, 1929, Our Lady of Fatima returned, and formally demanded Russia’s Consecration.

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          1. I can’t see past 2029 either, the dates are so firmly set in stone. Incredible for us to be alive so close to such a date in time. This world has been conditioned into such vile debauchery by the SoS that we don’t always realise the depths we have fallen.

            You know, I can’t even find fault in the Popes from Pius IX to XI. Once the SoS freemasons moved Prussia, and the French had to pull troops from Rome to their border, the Pope was wide open to Mussolini the freemason.
            It was checkmate, whether they signed the Treaty or not.

            Perhaps these same Popes saw the inevitability of what we are all increasingly seeing now in hindsight. What a terrible burden as Pope. The pain & suffering. It could be like us taking the shame from our lowest deed, and feeling it anew every day thereafter.

            For me, Vatican II was a victory parade.
            Getting Roncalli in was huge, but they owned so many Cardinals, it’s hard to call it a final battle either. It merely marked the official transition from cloak and dagger to disappearing Sr. Lucia in broad daylight as the world eagerly awaited the unveiling of the 3rd secret. The Church hierarchy were fallen before Vatican II.

            I could be very wrong here, but Waterloo 1815 looks like the deciding defeat, when Nathan ran the tables on the English market. In one foul stroke, he owned the Bank of England, the chest of the British Empire, with his promissory notes instigating wars with total control over both sides ever after.
            He and his rotten seed have one goal, the destruction and enslavement of Christianity.

            55yrs on from that, the SoSatan manoeuvred the pawns of Prussia, removing the French Knights, hopping over Swiss Rooks, and using Italian Bishops against their King. As Cicero said, you can defend your borders from foe, but you can’t withstand treason from within them.
            1870, the Queen, the spotless bride was now fallen.
            Or was she?
            Did an unknown pawn cross the black and white freemasonic chasm on the chessboard to become Queen beneath their noses?
            Did the Church survive to deliver a final decisive retaliatory blow?

            Perhaps we are incapable of seeing such a strange upcoming event that causes a miracle for the world to convert and avert the clock striking 12 on us all. Something far greater than the sun dancing in the sky at Fatima.

            A lowly pawn, without possession nor deed, sacrifices everything and arises spotless and immortal, as Christ the King rides gloriously in on the clouds to deliver the Final Judgement.
            No matter how unlikely, somehow there’s always hope, even for the hopeless.

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            1. After reading the Louis Verrechio post on your new post, and re-thinking the Lateran Treaty, I can now see the serious fault in signing the Lateran Treaty.
              The checkmate shouldn’t have mattered, being prisoners within the Vatican for 59yrs shouldn’t have mattered.
              What mattered was agreeing to the checkmate, and standing down to man, their God given authority.

              Now I understand why this is such a pivotal moment, it’s beyond temporal, unlike 1815.
              If you deny even one aspect of the magisterium, then you deny it all. Without implying any judgement, but would this apply to Pope Pius XI’s signature of the Treaty?

              Seeing the Lateran Treaty in a political sense limited its consequences in my eyes. The Rev 17 7 heads starting with Popes Pius XI & XII made literal sense, but it never made spiritual sense to me, as these two Popes were validly elected, unlike the rest of them.

              Popes Pius XI and XII not consecrating Russia now appears differently under this new light, which I’d read was due to mistranslations presented to both Popes.
              Pope Pius XII didn’t sign the Treaty, but perhaps accepting the crown as King of the Vatican makes that point moot.

              2029 has been fully earned. Man has failed the Church. A few Priests here and there won’t avert Judgement. Indeed Lot, his salty wife and two daughters being led from Sodom suggests to me that 2029 may be inescapable.

              Jesus said only God the Father knows the exact time, which is why I’ve held hope it can be averted, as no one knows, but I’m not so sure now that the days will be shortened. Some of us may be called home early, but the days may not be shortened. How profound a realisation, how sorrowful.

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              1. I explain (my opinion) in detail some things here:

                I don’t go into the Lateran Treaty in detail until a later thread. That’s now gone.

                My impression on the Lateran Treaty is that it marked the beginning of the fall that Our Lady of La Salette and Pope Leo XIII passionately warned about.

                I don’t make the claim that Pius XI was an antipope, but entering into a treaty to MUZZLE THE VICAR OF CHRIST is so, so bad.

                It marked the beginning of weakness, I think. The beginning of the eclipse. Our Lady seems to confirm that by returning a short time later. She warned, it came, then she returned.

                It seems to me that the Lateran Treaty set the clock, and opened the book.

                And, how appropriate. Who else (on earth) could start the clock on the apocalypse, but a valid pope? Even if that was not his intention.

                The actions of our patriarchs have consequences. Moses once struck a rock …


                1. And this precedes 1958 & the alleged Cardinal Siri Theory, who was my candidate as the first valid Pope to err in this debacle.
                  The weakness of that theory was how could he after accepting apostolic succession, have lacked the courage to call their bluff on the nuclear war threat. The Holy Spirit would have strengthened him.
                  There’s little sense in losing grace from sins like this within his first 5 minutes as Pontiff. It would make more sense if the Papal powers were weakened since 1929.

                  Otherwise, prior to 1929, I recall the respected Pope Innocent III, who after dying, appeared in flames to a nun, St. Lutgarda, to request prayers for himself to reduce the three centuries he faced in purgatory for three faults. Not quite the same as the Lateran Treaty.

                  To extrapolate from Pope Innocent III, well Pope Pius XI was Pontiff seven years prior to signing the Treaty. Say he had an unknown number of faults without repenting, perhaps a loss in grace occurs.
                  For not consecrating Russia, there’s the allegedly erroneous translation done by a Bishop of Sr. Lucia’s message to provide cover.

                  Pope Pius XII, so holy, is harder for me to explain, although he is said to have also received another erroneously translated message of Sr. Lucia’s by a Bishop.
                  There was also a terribly troubling story I read by Fr. Luigi Villa in Chiesa viva. This isn’t to gossip, but to examine how a validly elected Pope could err so badly.

                  Fr. Villa said Pope Pius XII was sending Priests into the Soviet Union, who were never heard from. It was discovered Msg. Montini was providing the names of the Priests to the communists, who were executing them, and when Pope Pius XII heard this, he fainted.
                  The Pope then told the Cardinals not to succeed him with Montini, and named Montini Archbishop of Milan, as a punishment, as the norm was to be named Cardinal when getting Milan.

                  The punishment should have been a decapitation in St. Peter’s Sq., but if this story is actually true, then it is more severe than three faults.
                  It also occurred after the failure to consecrate Russia by name alone.

                  I read elsewhere of a suspicion that Pope Pius XII was allegedly being poisoned. With Montini in such close proximity as a special advisor, it’s hardly implausible.
                  However I’d have thought the Holy Spirit would protect the Holy Father.

                  All in all, Pope Pius XI needs our prayers, and Pope Pius XII & Cardinal Siri too.

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                    1. If it’s about Fr. Luigi Villa, then please do re-write, because Chiesa viva is wild, and I don’t know how to verify any of it!!!


                    2. No, but now I have another rabbit hole to go down …

                      Essentially, I said this: I don’t hold the view that Pius XI was an antipope. I do believe that he began the process of attacking the social Kingship of Christ, by treating to muzzle Christ’s Vicar, and essentially submitting to worldly pressures. But, he never spoke heresy, and there’s really no evidence that he was a bad man. Patriarchs can make profoundly bad decisions, without losing their status as patriarch. Moses once struck a rock …

                      It seems to me that neither he nor his successor stood much of a chance, considering Leo XIII’s prophesy that the Father would allow Satan increased power and influence for 100 years.

                      It’s important to understand what that means. Did the Father make Satan more powerful? No. He did what he always does when He is about to allow flawed men to fulfill His prophesy for Him – He withdrew His protection.

                      The default state of man who is outside the state of grace is demonic influence and/or possession. Our Lord in His mercy usually protects us from this – except when He doesn’t. Sometimes, he withdraws that protection because demonic possession is a sort of last chance opportunity for a soul to be saved. Other times, it’s to fulfill prophesy.

                      For example, the Father hardened Pharaoh’s heart. Or rather, our Lord removed some of the protection from demonic influence that He had over Pharaoh, and demons did what demons do.

                      For another example, the entire city of Jerusalem celebrated Our Lord on Palm Sunday. Within a few days, they were demanding He be brutally murdered.

                      Why? Because scripture prophesied it all, and God cannot be a liar. So, he withdrew the protection from demons that He normally grants to humanity from Jerusalem, and suddenly the city is writhing with blood lust. Not everybody though … not the people who were in the state of grace.

                      On September 19, 1846 Our Lady of La Salette came to warn us about not keeping holy the Sabbath, about Freemasons, and a number of other things. She prophesied that Rome would lose the faith, and that “not twice 50 years” would go by before the antiChrist would be born. La Salette was the Fatima of its day. It’s a huge deal. Our Lady is the spouse of the Holy Ghost, and experiences the Beatific Vision. Consequently, if the apparition is valid, the message is perfect.

                      Then, on October 13, 1884, Leo XIII had his famous vision in which God grants Satan 75-100 years of greater influence and power, which inspired Leo XIII to write the St. Michael prayer.

                      33 years later to the day, the miracle of the sun takes place in Fatima.

                      “Twice 50 years” after September 19, 1846 was September 19, 1946.

                      75 years after Leo XIII’s vision was 1959, the year in which John XIII publicly summoned Vatican II.

                      Et cetera.

                      This is why I pity Pius XII. He had the deck stacked against him. Our Lord works in biblical generations. If Satan’s minions attempted to take the Kathecon “out of the way” at the height of grace, it would have failed. An erosion of society and a withdrawal of Grace (or “increase” in Satan’s power/influence) had to occur before St. Paul’s prophesy could be accomplished. And, it must be accomplished, or the Holy Ghost is a liar.

                      Now add this thread I did into the equation. The full thread is on Cheryl’s blog (the link is embedded).


                    3. You have a talent for assembling the puzzle of these times, and it is not in vain.

                      Pope Leo XIII – “But, when necessity compels, not those only who are invested with power of rule are bound to safeguard the integrity of faith, but, as St. Thomas maintains: ‘Each one is under obligation to show forth his faith, either to instruct and encourage others of the faithful, or to repel the attacks of unbelievers.’”

                      St. John Chrysostom – “I do not think there are many among Bishops that will be saved, but many more that perish.”

                      We all sin, but it’s rarely mentioned how only a few perform a satisfactory penance.
                      Again, I can thank you there, as I’d been fasting a long time without offering my fast to God in penance until a few months ago when I saw you mentioned it in a comment to someone. I had no idea.

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                    4. It’s amazing how a small change in thought direction can change one’s world.

                      New agists speak of the power of thought, and “The Secret.” They’re not entirely wrong until they go off the deep end with their mysticism.

                      But so much of our thought is wasted. Wasted on internal musings, negativity, hatred, lust, envy. With practicing Catholics, lost opportunity.

                      When I drive by a hospital I can’t help thinking how much lost opportunity is contained inside. So much wasted suffering, that could be spent for the benefit of souls.

                      All it takes is intentionality.


              2. Interesting note regarding “nobody knows the day nor hour except for the Father.”

                Early Church Fathers debated this issue. Because a) Our Lord responded to that issue differently after His passion and resurrection, and b) because the Church declared that He is consubstantial with the Father, true God from true God, begotten not made, the Church ruled that either Our Lord was being cryptic, or it was only true in the moment of His flesh, and by His own design.

                In other words, at most, it was a temporary ignorance bc the Father holds nothing back from the Son. The Son, therefore, decided to limit his understanding, but only temporarily. We know this is possible, because we know that he “grew in age and wisdom.”

                It’s a very, very unknown heresy against the divinity of Christ.

                Knowing about it exposes all sorts of nut job private revelations.


                1. I never thought of it as a heresy, but a growth in age and wisdom helps to explain.
                  It took me by surprise when I first read it. I grew into an understanding that God the Son would not be revealing it so that the apostles would quit asking him.
                  He knew His word would be recorded in the Bible, so I try not to keep asking either!
                  It’s a good line, I’ve used it myself answering people, “only God the Father knows when!”.

                  I wonder was there a good sense of humour between the Apostles & Jesus. Jesus grew up the son of a carpenter, so undoubtedly enjoyed a bit of craic.
                  The unknown lines missing from the Bible;
                  “Peter replied; You’re avoiding the question, tell us! And then we all laughed, except Thomas, who doubted the intent of the joke by Jesus.”. Badumtish.

                  Thankfully He didn’t provide the hour. Imagine how much more insufferable the world would be right now if everyone knew?
                  Scary countdowns, missiles to “re-direct” the meteors. Dr. Strangelove all the time.
                  Well, that’s not so different!

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  9. Not necessarily endorsing it, but if not already aware, Anthony Patch did a 12/7/21 interview with Wigington (available on Patch’s free video post channels—I don’t subscribe to Patch’s pay side so not aware of his current opinions). Patch is not coming from a Catholic perspective, but interesting bits of information to consider.

    Separately, regarding recent illnesses, a rash of infections here coincide with your observations. Mostly minor symptoms, but some had mild flu like symptoms (never here much of the flu anymore, do we) about 2 weeks duration. Sudden, unexpected onset by unvaxxed, unmasked folks who were pretty much out-and-about with work, school, shopping, church and such. Per Dr. Campbell‘s (PhD RN) YouTube channel, he recently noted a research paper out of India suggesting that Omicron is more infectious than measles (which I think has the highest infectious rate), but it’s not very virulent. The coincidence of mmWave 5G kicking into gear is brow-raising, but correlational do does not necessarily equal causal. Personally, I don’t know what to think. Something is in play, and shell games are afoot, but I am at the mercy of God’s Divine Providence in terms of knowing much.

    Personally, it would be nice to know how to plan as I’m now having to decide how/if to restock emergency supplies as some are expiring. That said, God’s Will be done!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You summarized it well – it’s simply impossible to know what’s really going on, what is coincidence, and what has a causal connection.

      But, I think Dane Wigington is pretty legit.


          1. With all these cellular radio wave concerns of late, don’t forget CERN is coming back on line in a couple of months at higher electron volts than before. Who knows what they got cooked up now.

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              1. Saturnalia>>>Quantum Computing>>>Quantum Entanglement>>>Nanoparticles Put In Electrons of Body’s DNA=Control Bodies of Target Population Remotely at Molecular Level (perhaps with help of 5G, 6G,…)=Serf Class and/or Attempt to Alter Her seed (as in Gen 3:15 seed—those written in the book of the life of The Lamb) Such That It Will No Longer Be Recognized.

                Ancient temple to Apollo is located geographically within the giant collider ring. Ultimately, with enough power generated, they want to create a Birkeland current to the hexagonal North Pole of Saturn (like a Jacob’s ladder of sorts) where they believe they can access entities trapped inside the black cube in center of Saturn and defeat God.

                …so I’ve heard. And no, I’m not intoxicated in any way at this time.

                Liked by 1 person

                1. Ha! The last sentence cracked me up.

                  Well, you know my view on transmutation. Freemasons can try all they like, but not even Satan himself can change a human into a non human.

                  The fallen did it through impregnation, not transmutation.

                  As for opening portals and whatnot, I’d be more concerned about what those creeps in the Vatican are doing.

                  Nevertheless, I’m sure it’s a big deal. Far too much effort, money, creepy symbolism, and geographic significance for it not to be.


                  1. “The creeps in the Vatican” via the Jesuits appear to be inextricably tied to CERN and its organizational history. It looks like the Rev. 2:3, 3:9s are very much so as well.

                    While two separate things, you don’t need to transmutate a person to control them per the quantum entanglement principles.

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  10. I live in a densely populated area. The last month a huge amount of people around us, both vaxxed and unvaxxed got sick. Mostly younger people, though. My family had the rona last summer. I ended up in hospital (no underlying conditions), the rest of the fam only mild symptoms. We had houseguests last month who tested positive the day after they left us. My family experienced very mild cold symptoms. Didn’t bother to test. We remain unvaxxed.

    My best friend took the booster 3 weeks ago, was horribly sick for 2 weeks and has a chronic headache ever since. My 32 old nephew got admitted twice the last week with severe chest pains (yes, he is vaxxed). Our 28 year old youth leader also has massive heart issues since he vaxxed. 2 nurses I know (cancer survivors) have increased markers (which indicate higher risk of cancer returning ), since getting vaxxed….sigh…The only positive here is that a lot of people I know that got vaxxed, won’t take the booster ( i.e. finally getting wise) but the damage has already been done.

    I read a judge ordered a telecom company to provide health data regarding the 5G in a lawsuit brought by a consumer group, a few days ago. As to the (t)roll out; I have had 5G connection for almost 2 years now with my phone/internet. Is this different than what is discussed here?

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    1. From what I understand, Steve, it is different. While there have been test markets, and geographic areas that think they’ve had 5G, they haven’t experienced the true bandwidth, for the most part. That actually began (officially) yesterday.

      That said, it’s impossible to speak about these things with any accuracy. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have been experimenting with different levels of frequency all year.


    2. My husband sits on the board of a mental health organization. In the run up to one of the original vax mandates set by Biden, Dec 6th, the organization held an aggressive vax campaign for the employees. (My husband opposed, but was of course out voted)
      In ONE weekend, 3 employees died. 2 heart attacks, 1 blood clots.
      How can people not see this cause and effect?

      Also, my sister, vaxed, developed onset of terrible abdominal pain 5 months later. Two large tumors were discovered…one ovarian, one uterine.

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  11. My husband, kids, and I were sick the first and second week of January (after not getting it just like you this whole time)…. Flu like symptoms that just kept lingering. We went back to our homeschool co-op to find out -everyone- had it over break. I’d say 95 percent are unvaxxed. Many tested positive for covid….we didn’t test.

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  12. My husband and I are currently recovering from Omicron. We tested positive for Covid on Saturday and symptoms are flu-like. We aren’t vaxxed and believe we had the original version in January 2020 before it became official. Up til now we haven’t had the first sniffle.

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  13. I was seeing lots of unvaxxed sick in Sept/Oct/Nov. Then in December it suddenly changed and the vaxxed are the sick ones now, almost exclusively. Overall, I blame the severity of illness on the denial of proper treatment and profound vitamin D deficiency which is rampant in the general population. 5G is not something that’s been on my radar for health implications; I was more concerned about its ability to give the powers that be a greater capacity for surveillance. But I may have to reconsider that now.

    I am very sorry to hear that you have experienced death in your circle of family.

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    1. Hi!
      Well, your experience is more valuable than mine, with regard to noticing trends. I don’t know what the heck is going on.

      I hate not knowing what’s going on …


  14. Vaxxed family members are sick, test positive, so far nothing life threatening, thankfully.

    One unvaxxed in-law family member, 35, 1st trimester pregnant, has been relatively sick with flu like symptoms, tested positive. Interesting thing about her case, she’s had the complete loss of smell, followed by the “return” of smell…but she says it’s the constant smell of rotting meat. She is quite distressed by this.

    The hubby and I are both 59. Unvaxxed. We have not been sick for 2 years. I’m mostly a recluse, by choice, can’t stand society. Hubby, however, has continued his regular routine this entire time. Goes to work every day. His business never closed. He interacts with the public daily. Funny thing about him…he has a chronic condition that supposedly renders him immunosuppressed.
    Another funny thing about him…he’s the only employee at his place of business who has not taken covid leave in the last 2 years.

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  15. My husband and I are, like you, fairly reclusive. We basically don’t interact in real life with anyone. A all of his family are vaxxed and all of them have been sick in the last month. None will get tested, keep calling it a cold (because only the unclean would have actual covid right?? lol). None of them are sick enough to go to hospital even 83 year old mother-in-law, ages are spread between early twenties to her and all in excellent to fairly good health. My mother is in a special care home (she is in poor health on kidney dialysis) and, lucky her!!, vaxxed three times and told they are now on a schedule of every six months because, ya know, that’s just how much Trudeau cares about us. From my observations of “facebook friends” it seems everyone who is vaxxed is sick but they, of course, say how wonderful it is that their quacksine saved them and they are getting their “boosters” asap. Now you see the reason we keep to ourselves so much ha ha.

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  16. Hi Michael,

    Here’s my theory. I’ve read several reports that 5G plus graphene oxide causes radiation sickness in people.

    Radiation sickness looks like a severe flu at lower doses. At higher doses, people’s skin burns and they bleed from every orifice…and it looks like hemorrhagic fever (as in ebola).

    But how do the unvaxxed get graphene oxide in their systems?

    Well, according to an article at State of the Nation (see link below), they’re spraying massive amounts of graphene oxide in the skies, along with the usual poisons like aluminum.

    So even the unvaxxed are getting dosed. Graphene oxide is very conductive and enhances the effect of 5G, which causes radiation sickness.

    So as 5G rolls out, the unvaxxed get a severe “flu.”

    The vaxxed start bleeding out from radiation sickness caused by 5G. Many die.

    Then the overlords will blame it on a hemorrhagic disease like ebola (which probably doesn’t even exist).

    Only the very few will realize it’s radiation sickness and not a contagious illness at all.

    Here’s the article:

    “People, they’re spraying massive volumes of GRAPHENE OXIDE into the atmosphere…” Posted on November 24, 2021 by State of the Nation

    Here’s a report from a woman who got a flu-like illness when 5G rolled out this week:


    What do you think of this theory?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “What do you think of this theory?”

      Well, I think after 4-5 years of reading that it seems very plausible – even likely.

      If I were allowed to pick a theory that I thought most plausible, it has always been this one.

      But, I can’t prove it. And, it’s a matter of congressional record that the companies pushing 5G have intentionally refused to conduct any studies to prove that 5G is not harmful.

      So, we *only* have studies that are not funded, but are still sound. And virtually all objective studies either suggest or outright proclaim that 5G is not only harmful, but is likely to be cataclysmically harmful.

      The advocates of 5G have produced zero studies to prove otherwise. All they have done is attempt to attack the methodology of the studies that shed doubt on the safety of what they’re doing to the entire planet.

      In short, I’m inclined to agree with you, but I have to stop at raising questions and expressing inclinations.


  17. My experience is a bit different. From a week before Christmas to last week I know 10 vaxxed friends, family or coworkers who were sick, all tested positive. Most were mild to moderate, lasted a few days, but one had some pretty serious breathing issues and went to the ER but wasn’t admitted.

    I had something flu-like for 4 or 5 days, with aches and chills. No vax of course. I also know we’ve had a handful of people at our chapel who have gotten sick, most of whom I assume are not vaxxed (our priests have been pretty vocal about not getting it) but I don’t know for certain.

    So I guess I’d have to say I’m seeing it pretty equally between vax and not.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t know that your experience is different, Dan. But, your description might be more thorough and objective.

      To be fair, I’m seeing an uptick in vaxxed people as well. I’m experiencing death within 1-2 degrees for the first time, in the past 6 weeks or so, but only among the vaxxed.

      So, in fairness, I think your reply isn’t inconsistent with what I said, but it does expose the fact that in my emphasis of unvaxxed illness, I failed to emphasize that the vaxxed were experiencing an uptick as well.

      I concede that. Nevertheless, I’m scratching my head for the same reasons.


      1. I read from someone that he thought 95% were placebos or saline while 5% were getting injected with some sort of bioweapon.

        Maybe we need to start taking that into consideration. Wouldn’t that be feasible, in order to limit widespread damage and blow the lid on this whole thing?

        I don’t know what to make of that but I think it’s difficult to piece together that as of now 60% of the American population, yet so many are walking around without any ill effects of those injections.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I’ve always thought that was going on. For example, the vaccinations happening on college campuses don’t seem to be killing people quickly like some other places. It makes sense to give them something different. Young people are easily excitable, and they live close together. If their friends started dying from the jab, they’d make a lot of noise.


          1. Very true.

            Also I don’t know how it would be possible to put something in the body where there are no effects for months or even a year but somehow later on it will be activated and kick in, causing some serious disease.

            But clearly not every single dose is a saline or we wouldn’t be seeing all these myocarditis and other vacc related events.

            Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree.

      One might be tempted to think that I’m exaggerating the extent of my isolation. I truly wish I were. But, this is how life has evolved. I’m actively attempting to change it. But, the fact is, I’m not exaggerating.

      I had almost no contact with anyone, nor with anyone who did.


  18. 5G will exhaserbate all of this if for no other reason we are subject to chem trails, and we are now getting sick from the spike proteins being shed. You took a plane to Key West? That sounds like your lucky ticket to me. Also we have recently learned that the only thing that kills the spikes on things we touch is bleach or colloidal silver as alchol does not work. I personally believe the 5G has been active for awhile as I have been having head aches on a daily basis and this is not normal for me…Mullin will help your lungs get better quicker, drink the tea. God bless you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did, but the return flight was 11 days before I got sick.

      I don’t disagree that it’s been active in some areas already. The data show as much. But the data also show that it hasn’t been live for most of the country, and that it hasn’t been at what they call “optimal” levels almost anywhere, aside from testing … and perhaps aside from intentionally creating Covid “hot spots.”

      That began today.


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