One of the most frustrating things about modernists is that they have absolutely no comprehension whatsoever about what a prophet truly is.

I blame the charismatic renewal, frankly, (in addition to Luther opening the bottomless pit of non servium). I can recall, week after week, (at Steubenville) the priests and worship leaders subtly and often overtly encouraged us children to “prophesy” (hint: that’s not how prophesy works).

This was after a 1-3 hour praise and worship session that is designed to heighten emotions, and subsequent to the “shouldaboughta Honda,” and “Ineedashotofvodka” prayer lessons.

We were kids. Many of us were in need of confession. But, we were encouraged (manipulated? Strong-armed?) into “prophesying.”

The people running things like this are usually extremely kind and loving people who are desperately trying to be the best Catholic they can be.

But they haven’t got a freaking clue on what it means to be a prophet – a person who conveys the will of Our Lord to His people.

For the love of God, folks, READ about the true prophets!

These men were so hard core that almost every single human being alive currently would definitely think they were insane.

They PURGED THEMSELVES BRUTALLY of pride and every other sin.

They fasted so intensely that angels had to come and force them to eat.

They isolated themselves.

They refused to compromise on the smallest of things.

They fought. They performed miracles. They died.

They did NOT betray the Lord Our God, engineer a decade long plan of subterfuge, political assassination, and revolution against Christ’s Church in furtherance of Vatican II, murder the message of Fatima, and then pretend to be fond of tradition to give strength to an invented Freemasonic anti papal duality.

The most painful thing I’ve had to learn in this process is that the character of Pope Benedict XVI that I knew and loved was a complete fabrication of Cardinal Wreckovation Ratzinger.

So, you tell me: prophesy, or agenda?

Actually, don’t.

Don’t tell me this man is a prophet. If he’s a pope, he’s the worst pope in history and destined for hell for betraying the Church and her children. And, even if his betrayals had not disqualified him from being guided by the Holy Ghost, his public refusal to God to allow Our Lord to speak through him is something that cannot be reversed without public repentance of it, and his Freemasonic bicameralistic invention of the antipapacy came from the mind of Satan himself.

These are “choose your own adventure” Catholics:


13 thoughts on “Prophesy or “Protocols”?

  1. +

    “There will be signs in the stars and in the heavens.”

    The Apocalypse Chapter 12 Sign in the heavens in September 23, 2017

    The first Eclipse:
    August 21, 2017
    The second Eclipse:
    April 8, 2024 —> The Feast of the Annunciation, transferred —> “My Immaculate Heart shall triumph.” This is The End of the 7 year Great Tribulation warned of in Sacred Scripture. (Perhaps the 3 Days of Darkness will immediately precede this Triumph?)

    We also have The Prophecy of The Popes from St. Malachi. This tells any honest inquirer where we are in history.

    Just as God gave many signs before the Destruction of Jerusalem, so He gives many signs before The Dreaded Day of Judgement. A great sermon on this is the following where Fr Hewko describes 7 signs that were given before the Destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD.
    Fr Hewko: 1st Sunday of Advent


    Scripture also tells of two witnesses against the Antichrist. We have yet to see them. (Didn’t you hypothesize that these will be the Body of Christ? I thought Catholic teaching was that these will be Enos and Elias, personally, who were preserved from death specifically to battle the Antichrist?)

    We also await the conversion of the Jews, foretold in Apocalypse 3:9 (and elsewhere, I believe?).

    P. S. Your Twitter insights are sorely missed. Perhaps you could consider Telegram? There is a lot of valuable information being posted on that platform. Your insights would be greatly welcomed.

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    1. Hi 🙂 – yes, I gave a scriptural analysis of why I believe the 2 witnesses is comprised of members of the Church (“Israel”).

      You’re correct that Catholic eschatologists generally posit that it’s Enoch and Elijah, but I’ve never seen any scriptural support for it other than those guys didn’t die. In fact, they actually hypothesize that there’s a separate “limbo” for these guys while they wait, which is a complete invention.

      So, I’ve only seen theologians speculating, not formal Catholic teaching. If there is any, I submit to it, of course.


  2. Nothing is worse than encouraging people to be prophets without knowing just how much prophets suffered and, even more so, prepared to suffer. We all have a piece of the truth worth dying for and it’s a piece of the truth that no one can take away. It can be as simple as carrying the sheet music of “Ave Maria” in your pocket. I should pray more often that people realize the truth can never be taken away: it always will be.

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  3. My initial reaction to him was one of distrust – here we go again there was something in his eyes – (same as Francis) a malevolence. I could not shake it. I would question those feelings after 2013. There is NEVER a lesser of two evils. Thank you Michael for bringing this to light.

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  4. Frankly, it was the Sister Lucy Truth investigations that finally led me to see CdRatzinger/BXVI as being deeply implicated in the modernist, satanic agenda to destroy the RCC from within.
    Further, AnnB proved too much when she demonstrated that he held his heretical notions of the Papacy early on, and that not only did he not renounce them, but acted on them in Feb 2013 to create this mess.
    Frank Walker may think that he is merely a drugged up Bot, but the sad truth lies in the awful realization: He has been consciously participating, if not masterminding, this whole thing, starting as early as his advisory role at VII and continuing to this day.

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