1. The Beast System transitioning to a new Covid phase:

2. The Beast System fomenting chaos, furthering supply chain issues, and economic breakdown by encouraging (conducting?) rebellion against itself – so long as that rebellion is a disguised direct attack on the supply chain and economy. Remember the January 6 psyop? Arrests were made there, too.

3. Beast system openly and obviously exerting disproportionate and unjust force against individuals who are chosen to maximize outrage, while simultaneously and intentionally saying outrageous things.

4. The False Prophet and antiChurch making it undeniable, even for Trad Inc., that he (and they – his “magisterium”) are not Catholic, and are therefore not actually the Church.

Clarifying edit: The “they” above refers to the antichurch – meaning Bergoglio’s “magisterium.” I did not intend to suggest that Taylor Marshall is not Catholic. While I am not a fan of Mr. Marshall, or his (apparent) blind loyalty to Trump, he nevertheless did not deserve that inference, to my knowledge. Hopefully, I’m being overly cautious with this clarification. But, I don’t want to add calumny to my list when examining my conscience, even if accidental. I’ve also modified the text above for clarity.

5. Preparations for Gog and Magog (or whatever):

6. Freemasonic One World (digital) Currency on the horizon:

And on and on and on.

Meanwhile, people are dying. Sadly, including (vaccinated) people I know.

While Trump’s buddies get rich:


Shelves are empty.

While people celebrate truckers for shutting down our delivery system.

Make no mistake, they will contrive victories to encourage this destructive rebellion. Actors like Castro’s love child will continue to say absurd things, and look terrified and haggard on camera, to encourage more destructive rebellion. They want your rebellion, so long as it’s not constructive.

Remember this? Same strategy.

You think Trump shut off the lights and “hid” in the bunker because he was afraid of Antifa?

Hardly. It was stagecraft designed to encourage more rioting.

If they had wanted to end the riots, any of them, all they would have to do is turn on the Active Denial Systems. We’ve had the technology for a very long time.

Don’t believe me? Watch these two very short videos. One is from the US Marine’s channel, one is from Fox.

Oh, it’s the same technology as 5G …

None of the civil unrest needed to last longer than 5 minutes. They want it.

So, we march on, in by inch, to the destruction of Babylon by the ten kings appointed by the antichrist, so that he can introduce a false victory against tyranny, in the form of a global government disguised as nationalism.

Have you never wondered why the antichrist has ten kings destroy the harlot, instead of (openly) doing it himself?

You’re seeing why now.

What to do? Don’t participate. Opt out, completely, of this evil exercise. Participate in the only healthy societies remaining – your family, and the Body of Christ – the Communion of Saints.

I’ll no doubt be called a defeatist, yet again. But, I wonder if folks, especially folks who admit that we’re directly in the midst of the apocalypse, have ever read Revelation Chapter 17, verse 17? It provides: “For God hath given into their hearts to do that which pleaseth him: that they give their kingdom to the beast, till the words of God be fulfilled.

You might think you can fight the will of the Father, but I respectfully decline to do so.

You’d have just as much luck trying to stop the crucifixion, and would end up denying Christ three times before dawn, because you just don’t get it – yet.

Or maybe you do, and I don’t. These are just the ramblings of a layman, after all.

But, it’s hardly a secret that Freemasons and their Rev 2:9/3:9 overlords have long sought to get you to celebrate your destruction.

From where I’m sitting, the plan seems to be working.

26 thoughts on “The Shift?

  1. Yes. I agree. And don’t forget when he held up the Bible in front of a church. Had to mean something.

    All your points are hitting the mark, but I also believe it will go at a slow pace. Slow, slow, subtle. Subtle. It already is slow and subtle.

    Until all of a sudden you look around the transformation is near complete.

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      1. Yes exactly. But how is the orange puppet going to (fake) save the day and add another oscar award to his collection?

        That is what it all seems to be leading up to.

        I just don’t get how that puzzle will come to fully form into its designed picture

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        1. I don’t know that particulars either. It seems difficult, after his blatant ownership of the MAGAVaxx genocide.

          Nevertheless, I know it will happen.

          I suppose that Occam’s razor would remind us of how incredibly stupid and “short memoried” modern man is.

          We have 2.5 years, and he began backing off his MAGAVaxx sales pitch last month …


          1. One of the questions I have been asking of late is when did this all start?

            What was the pivotal moment to turn a nation, or the deep part, secret aspect of politics so depraved like a deadly infection?

            November 22nd 1963, JFK?

            Vietnam war?

            The death of William Morgan in 1800’s?

            The Civil war and Albert Pike?

            When did this shift begin? This saga become so black and white?

            The march to the NWO

            We were a nation founded by a combination of Christians and freemasons but I never thought even those freemasons were completely far gone and so wretched as to be outright traitors and haters of the human race!

            Maybe we won’t be able to find the answer but it is defintely worth asking

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            1. 1717 – the first public Freemason lodge,

              1917 – Fatima
              1917 – WWI
              1917 – Balfour Declaration

              1929 – Lateran Treaty
              1929 – Our Lady of Fatima demands Russia’s consecration, and reveal of 3rd Secret by 1960
              1959 – John XXIII announces Vatican II
              1960 – John XXIII disobeys Our Lady of Fatima
              1962 – Vatican II opens.

              The rest has just been rigor mortis setting in.


  2. What you have posted, is Truth. Unfortunately it seems the msm is touting this trucker convoy as a road to freedom, when in fact it is the opposite. Upside down and backward. Masses, including “Christians,” being baffooned again in all respects that you have pointed out in your post. I am not Catholic, but, I do pray for you, as Paul prayed for the Body of Christ in Ephesians, that the Lord will continue to grant unto you wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him, the eyes of your understanding being enlightened…


  3. Hello Michael

    I hope you are keeping well.

    I remember you saying back in 2020 to detach & I had thought I’d being doing that. But I wasn’t.
    Not really.
    Until now.

    I have found some peace now. I feel calm. I’ve accepted all that will come. I’m not fighting it anymore.

    I actually feel happy. I pray my rosary, spend time daily in quiet with God.
    I’ve started playing music again. And dancing as I clean my house.

    I pray that whatever comes I will give Glory to God & continue

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  4. As I’ve posted several times before, I am already quite detached and I choose it and prefer it. I don’t grieve for the world, other than some sadness that I feel knowing “this is it”, and I wasted so many years that could’ve been much different.
    This past Sunday, while attending service at our parish, that is exclusively traditional Latin Mass, I was so struck by the long periods of silence. The reverence. The peace. A couple of hundred people, on their knees, shoulder to shoulder, no masks, in prayer. Ahhh. It was beautiful. I was so overcome that I began to weep and could’ve literally fallen to the floor with love…as well as sorrow. There was barely a sound at all in that church and I was struck by the deep respect coming from all in attendance. That doesn’t exist anywhere else.

    My husband believes “things are going to turn around”. I admire his “optimism”, but I don’t find any where in the New Testament where things turn around.
    So, yes, that causes some of us to be labeled “defeatists”. Which is a struggle. Because I also have this conversation with a couple of friends who think I am losing faith. Ugh.
    In any case, it’s curious that surrender to our Father is consideted defeatist.

    As always, I appreciate your blog, Michael.

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  5. I know you don’t trust Probably Alexandra (I do not, either) but what’s going on now is what she describes as a “pole shift”.

    Hegelianism is best described in the barest of terms (thesis-antithesis-synthesis) because those who look too superficially at dialectics assume that these categories are frozen in time, forever. Lest we forget, when it was founded the Republican Party was the radical progressive party of the United States (and Lincoln was pen pals with Marx). The purpose of a Hegelian system is to keep the masses under control of the State, the omni-idol of a post Christian society. Also, for that same State to gain dominance over the whole world.

    The American, French and Russian revolutions were all (at the time) propagandized as a victory of THE PEOPLE ™ over outmoded and superstitious forms of governance. THE PEOPLE however were guided in all these cases by a self-styled elite hiding in the shadows, doing only-God-knows-what actions in service to Lucifer.

    I don’t really worry about these things anymore. Gaining a spirit of detachment means and an abandonment to the will of God helps, and even because He is good, He gives me gifts even if I don’t deserve or understand it.

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  6. I still think that every Catholic needs to do more to get a Pope. It may seem like there is very little we can do but Saint Therese of Avila pestered the Pope to move back to Rome. Isn’t it entirely reasonable for every Catholic to pester his Bishop to get us a Pope? If he says we can’t, pester him until he figures out how we do because he has to be wrong about that. Of course the Church has the ability to elect a Pope. This vacancy can not possibly be something we should be passive on, I just can not believe that. Every Catholic should have confidence in his Sacraments, what about Catholics going to some rando independent Mass center in Timbuktu who supposedly has valid orders from some rando Bishop who others claim was invalid because he used the wrong hand or something? You people in SSPX feel like you have an air of legitimacy bc Archbishop Lefebvre was awesome and not weird at all like some other traditional Bishops have been but that’s just an air of legitimacy, it’s not what comes from the Pope. Air of legitimacy can fall flat on it’s face into the mud in an instant; scandals can happen that can destroy that in a heart beat and that has not been what Catholics have relied upon. We rely on union with the Pope.


    1. You’re free to choose to rely on “union” with an antiCatholic apostate calling himself pope, or by contacting men calling themselves bishop and asking them to give us a Catholic pope, even though they are not Catholic themselves.

      But, regardless of your human efforts, we’ll get one when Our Lord determines that Revelation 12 should be fulfilled – not before.

      As for St. Theresa, she had the benefit of living when popes and bishops were Catholic, even if sometimes unwise. She, too, would have obeyed the mandatory command in Galatians 1:8.

      2 Thessalonians 2:3 is Catholic Dogma, like it or not.

      Matthew 24 is Catholic Dogma, like it or not.

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  7. I’ve often wondered why I was born into these times .. what my mission is, (if I have one). Now I realize it is simply to let God work His Will in my life and to let go I’m letting go. God’s Will be done.

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  8. Spot on! It is a challenge to withdraw, especially when the narrative is changing in such an obvious fashion, in plain site. Continually, I am drawn back to God’s plan and for what purpose he brought me to Catholicism (& Tradition). So, we watch & wait.


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  9. As usual, once pointed out, everything you’re saying makes perfect sense.

    The pandemic-thingy may have run its course, but as a parting shot, they’ll destroy what’s left of the supply chains. And blame it on some peaceful truckers in Canada.

    What a world we live in.

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  10. Hi Michael,

    I think this is a very sober analysis of the “slow-roll apocalypse” (to borrow your great term from a recent post).

    So if I understand you correctly, you’re saying that the plandemic / lockdowns / global deathvaxx genocide / 5G rollout / surveillance state / weather warfare / Communist takeover / economic collapse / trucker blockade leading to further supply chain collapse, etc. is God’s orchestrated plan to turn us over to our enemies for destruction?

    And that there’s nothing that we can do to stop the destruction – except not participate?

    If so, I agree wholeheartedly.

    Speaking of weather warfare, check out my eyewitness report of the geoengineered blizzard that caused massive power outages in Virginia during the exact week that the 5G network was scheduled to rollout. Coincidence? I think not.

    *Jan. 3, 2022 blizzard that caused major power outages in Virginia was geo-engineered: an eyewitness report.*


    I knew Bergoglio opened the demon floodgates when he enthroned a demon on the high altar in Saint Peter’s Basilica on October 27th, 2019.

    God bless you, Sandra

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