Have I mentioned that this stupid apocalypse is boring and predictable?

BerGog is now pretending to create new “lay ministers” for both men and women on January 23rd. Apparently, this costume party is going to pretend to confer the ministries of catechist, lector, and acolyte upon both lay men and women.

The False Prophet has apparently instructed his Office of Satanic Worship to invent a new “rite” that purports to burden the idiots with their role in detracting from the priesthood “for life.”

Like some sort of fake sacrament.

“Nice to meetcha, I’m the guy who passes out pretend Eucharists, while my fake obese priest sits his fat ass behind the Cranmer table. I’ve been given this commission for life. So, even if my priest discovers Catholicism, he can never get rid of me. The antipope says so.”

It’s all very predictable and boring. Unfortunately, Novus Ordo Trads who can’t accept that BerGog is an antipope and the False Prophet feel overwhelmed by the barrage of Freemasonic Protestantism.

So, they invent reasons … like BerGog has “cancer” to help them understand why it appears (to them) that BerGog is seemingly moving so fast, as if against a deadline.

Mmmm, okay Rorate … he’s pretty fat and ruddy for a pancreatic cancer patient, but ok …

The only deadlines Bergoglio is operating under are deadlines set by the AntiChrist and Satan, and he is definitely operating under those.

The difference between guys like me (and those who read this blog) and the absolutely ridiculous people who insist that this obviously antiCatholic God-hating man is pope, is that, for us, this isn’t moving quickly AT ALL.

They’re thinking in centuries. They think he’s just a “bad pope” (whatever that means).

But, when you know the truth, it’s difficult not to have some begrudging respect for the level of calculated deviousness and patience that this man who wants you to think he is a buffoon employs. Seriously, this is exhausting, and boring, when you know the punchline.

In that regard, he reminds me a lot of someone else, who pretends to be his opposite.

Here’s the article.


Pray for the idiots who get duped into this pride parade. Perhaps Our Lord will understand that they, for some reason, don’t understand that the Mass isn’t about them.

6 thoughts on “Laypeople Get Participation Trophy For Taking Part in the Abomination

  1. Quoted from the article and presented without comment:
    “The ministry lasts for the entirety of life, regardless of whether the person is actively carrying out that activity during every part of his or her life.”

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  2. Do you know how I put up with this…I have read the seers have said that in the end, which will be soon I believe, he will be sorry and realize what he did. He will try to make amends but it will be too late. So that is what helps me through…I pray for him and all the damage he is doing that he cannot take back…Praise God that He is a loving and forgiving God. Prayers for Benedict too as he has a hard road to hoe as well…prayers for all those who will be lead astray…God bless you, Michael. Nice to see you are getting right as rain!

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    1. People who sin against the Holy Ghost damage their souls so badly that they are never capable of experiencing true remorse afterward. This is how the Church Father’s explained how a sin could be “unforgivable,” when God can forgive anything.

      If Bergoglio hasn’t sinned against the Holy Ghost, then nobody has and the sin doesn’t exist. That would make Our Lord a liar.

      I be extremely suspicious of anybody claiming that BerGog will repent.


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