This is the perfect example of what I’ve been warning about for years. The Global Tyrants want rebellion, so long as the rebellion furthers their goals.

So, they herd you. They infiltrate you with agents from groups like COINTELPRO to plant idiotic ideas into your heads, and foment stupidity.

What a stupid, stupid thing to do. Who in the hell do you think you’re hurting?

Do you honestly think refusing to ship insulin, milk, baby formula, meat, et cetera is doing a damned thing other than making all of this worse for the very people who are suffering the worst under this tyranny?

No, you don’t … think. The elites you claim to be opposing are still getting their prime rib, and the increase in prices that you are causing is nothing to them.

You’re being played, truckers. You’re being played big time. You’ve been manipulated into furthering the exact agenda that you claim to be protesting.


14 thoughts on “If You’re a Truck Driver Striking, You’re an Asshole.

    1. I’ve gotten bored a number of times and tried – always with a new name and email address. They always ban the new account almost immediately. This past time I even installed a vpn, and they banned me even before I was finished setting up the account.

      So, I guess not.


  1. I just watched a video montage of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarch and Vigano saying the Corona serum is a satanic anti-Baptism. I have to admit, I’m unsure of who the Byzantine Catholic Patriarch is, is he Catholic? But, I know that Vigano is in union with Jorge Bergoglio even though he apparently opposes him. He is New Order. I often hear someone say this is not the hill to die on, often meaning this is a set up, the right side here isn’t as right as it may appear. But…I increasingly feel like this serum is a completely contrived hill. Like the bad guys overnight got some heavy equipment and built up a hill where there was none and are now pointing it out and encouraging everyone to go die on this hill. Take the serum or die on the hill; I feel like we’re being led around by the nose. They could have easily created a serum that most people would have been happy to take but from day one of the plandemic they had Bill Gates rubbing his grubby hands together saying- ah, I will have a vaccine for this. That was like the first bulldozer of dirt. Then, here it is, it’s very safe, make sure the Catholics know we’ve been thoroughly testing on aborted baby pieces. Now, there are people saying the serum is filled with nano sized razor blades that rip you to shreds inside. Maybe it is and maybe it is useless saline. Either way, we take something that we are made to believe is evil and poisonous or we starve ourselves out refusing it. I wish these psychopaths would just leave us alone. Are these truckers just refusing to take the serum? What else can they do? They aren’t the ones forcing it on everyone. I mean someone says take this poison and kill yourself or everyone you know will die…you can certainly risk your life to save someone but you can’t kill yourself. How do we get off these monsters’ stage?

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  2. Yes, you (as usual!) are exactly right. This is going to backfire bigtime I’m afraid and possibly even have violence at the capital with paid counter-protestors. I knew something was up yesterday when everyone on facebook had backgrounds about truckers and facebook wasn’t shutting it down. Groups were popping up everywhere and not being shut down, the opposite faceook seemed to be pushing the whole thing. Huge clue this wasn’t a grassroots/organic event.

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  3. You’re right. Although it hasn’t affected us here, no doubt it will before long. They think they’re being heroic and don’t realize that it’s going to backfire. Like you said, they’re being manipulated by the powers, and in the end the only ones they will hurt are themselves and the general public who rely on them. How can they not know this? A potentially disastrous ending to this drama.

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  4. I agree. Living on the left coast, I am not seeing this issue, other than in seasonal areas. I have 20+ years of retail so I check out stores & strike up conversations to find root causes (staffing is the main issue)…but if Mike Adams or Del Bigtree says it then it must be true…so done with the lies. It’s another play by the CEO’s to make more $$$ and stoke fear.

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