A detailed peer-reviewed study on a seemingly extinction level crisis regarding male fertility was published on July 25, 2017. I’ve embedded the study below.

I was describing the study after Mass on Sunday to some guys, and explaining the glaring omission (which I’ll get to below). Then, I saw another study that is directly related to that omission today. Hence, this blog post. I’ll explain – but first some necessary background.

The study:

The study was seemingly universally accepted, but received (considering the gravity of the matter) very little attention, until the first quarter of 2021.

Beginning in 2021, one of the authors of the study, Shanna H. Swan, was interviewed by a number of publications that society generally views as credible, such as Yale.


For a short time, it was quoted widely amongst newspapers, environmental websites, and various other theme pushing organizations.


The culprit in all of the articles, indeed the conclusion of Ms. Swan, is that “everyday chemicals” will essentially cause the human race to be extinct by 2045.


I’ve always found this study and the circumstances surrounding its release extremely fascinating for several reasons, to wit:

  1. The timing of it (July 2017).
  2. Despite seemingly “doomsday” type headlines, the publications sharing the report are very blasé, which is odd, because one gets the strong sense that they all believe the conclusions of the study. Indeed, a skeptic might be tempted to believe that they are celebrating the notion of humanity’s extinction … The fact that most publications largely ignored the study for 4 years, only to inject it into the narrative in early 2021 does not alleviate my skepticism.
  3. Last, and definitely most curious, I have always found it extremely suspicious that a study on declining male fertility focused on household chemicals, and completely ignored EMF radiation.

But, what’s even more interesting is that, in all fairness to the authors, the goal of the study was not to identify why male fertility was heading toward extinction by 2024. Rather, the goal of the study was simply to verify that the drastic reduction in sperm count was actually occurring. They did so.

Nevertheless, after the study was released, Shanna Swan co-authored a book called COUNT DOWN How Our Modern World Is Altering Male and Female Reproductive Development, Threatening Sperm Counts, and Imperiling the Future of the Human Race with Stacey Colino. When? You guess it, in February 2021. In that book, she does (apparently) study the reason for the drastic decline in male fertility, and blames it on lifestyles, plastics, and … household chemicals.

So … once she emphasized that she was blaming household chemicals for the apocalyptic decline in male fertility, then she got the interviews.

I’m not going to buy the book, but I did need to verify that she completely ignored EMF radiation in this study as well, so I “previewed” it. Attached below is the table of contents.

There is no mention of cell phones, wifi, 5G, or EMF in general. None.

I apologize for besmirching to the good lady’s character, but I don’t see how this omission can be anything but intentional, and tactical – which means that there is some funding going on here …

Anyone who has spent 15 minutes on the internet knows that EMF radiation from cell phones has long been accused of reducing fertility (among a long list of other things). Anyone who has spent 30 minutes looking into the issue has learned that the accusations don’t lack credibility.

What they do lack is funding. (Almost) nobody can get funding to conduct studies into the harmful effects of cell phone radiation. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that telecommunications companies that are now promoting 5G have done the opposite – meaning I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they periodically pay for studies to not take place or to not be published.

But, they do occur (see https://www.studyfinds.org/smartphones-tablets-night-may-worsen-sperm-quality/). In fact, one was just published on July 30, 2021. Pusan University (South Korea) made a sort of “press release” about the study on January 17, 2022, which apparently made it more difficult to ignore.

Guess what? The study concludes that cell phones are bad for you, and are killing your sperm. Shocking … I know.


Then, this article summarizing it made it to the Drudge Report, which is where I saw it.

Here’s a pretty crappy finding that just so happens to indict the ubiquitous EMF radiation permeating our environments, instead of actual cell phone usage: “Interestingly, researchers did not find a link between reduced sperm quality and how much time a man spends on their phone, just exposure to cell phones themselves.”

So, there you have it – one established data point proving that EMF, and therefore 5G, is definitely harmful, in at least one way. But, don’t worry, male infertility is a very minor problem. Nobody will care about the issue at all, sometime after 2045 …

Maybe it’s time for folks to take a closer look at studies like this?


and this?


Or are folks still trusting the false messiah Donald Trump, and his massive, massive push to shove 5G down our respective throats? I suppose that makes sense. The only thing he has forced onto us more enthusiastically than 5G is Covid “vaccines,” and those turned out great … Trust the plan!

In closing, I’d like to hear from you. What do you think about this “extinction” paper being published in 2017, and completely omitting EMF radiation as a (now proven) cause of male infertility? Suspicious or ignorant?

Can anyone truly doubt that we’re going to live to see the final fruition of the Fatima message, and biblical prophesy? If it doesn’t happen soon, there won’t be anybody here to see it …

11 thoughts on “Zero Population Growth by 2045? Study Has a Glaring Omission

  1. Under this synagogue of satan regime, science is a corpse, exhumed by the media daily to support their narratives.
    I’ve read of scientists citing meetings showcasing interim data, whose funding is cut killing the study half way through, or they’re told to change the focus of the study.
    Meanwhile the road to Government funding is getting rocky if the objective is not inclusive of the satanic ideologies of genderism & other fairy tales.
    The scientists either get blackballed, or they get bent in the direction of funding.

    At times it feels like they want us to think everything is a corrupted decaying corpse, as if destroying our hope and faith is actually the main goal, rather than our murder. Perhaps the synagogue of satan believe in a Karl Jung collective unconsciousness, and aim to bring us down by instilling negative energy.

    Like you said recently, repeating a mantra has power, and not just for our enemies. The rest pray to satan, but we pray to God, with a daily rosary as our greatest weapon, stronger than anything they have, as seen at Lepanto.

    Without a Pope, we cannot replicate that, without a Bishop, our diocese cannot, without a Priest, our Parish cannot do it.
    Then it comes to the Family, or the individual. But we could all be praying for different things.

    Is it something you could do a post on, to include a specific request in praying the rosary, designed for most success in these times?

    I pray for the restoration of the Church hierarchy to lead us against the forces of satan, but perhaps I could have better? Or better yet, if we all pray for the exact same thing, we’ll have greater success?


  2. The timing is definitely curious. “Nothing can stop what’s coming” and all. Elon has talked in the last week about population declining and posted several articles. They didn’t address the causes of infertility; but all had a common solution – immigration. It also looks like they are laying the groundwork on funding for the future aging population explosion with not enough younger taxpayers to depend on. Keep a lookout on “biodiversity” and where that’s headed.

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  3. Don’t doubt the impact of EMF radiation, and the possible motivation to cover it up/redirect. Just to add to this on a tangent, it looks like they got the airline CEOs to say it’s not so bad after all–despite the FAA still having concerns. Doesn’t sit well for business travelers trying to be in-the-know. However, while it’s difficult to prove causality for an individual’s infertility or cancer, a plane(s) going down gets a thorough investigation (albeit not immune to cover-up).

    2017 seems to have been a nexus point for many things. I have excepted the possibility that we are now in a time we thought we’d never see. The trouble I’ve had has been convincing loved ones (as gradually as possible as to not have them dismiss me as a loon all together). I sure hope God gives at least one good last call to give as many as possible to repent and get onboard before it all goes down.

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  4. The timing of 2017 isn’t striking me (other than six months into Orange Man’s term), but 2021: right as another product with potential fertility side-effects hits the market hard? Yeah that stinks.

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    1. Thanks Father. I should probably be clearer as to why I find it suspicious. It was a year and a half before Trump started pushing 5G (https://trumpwhitehouse.archives.gov/briefings-statements/remarks-president-trump-united-states-5g-deployment/), and a little more than 2 years prior to the Covid “outbreak” in Wuhan.

      Blaming chemicals in 2017 seems a little conveniently timed. But it gives the research enough time before all the other nonsense to establish distance and credibility.

      In other words, if our rulers knew that 5G might cause infertility, it would be smart for them to prepare a credible (and environmental) deflection in advance.

      Other theories of infertility, such as vaccines, are more tenuous and have no data to support them. But, if there is any credibility to them, the same reasoning applies – to both the timing and the deflection.

      If that makes any sense 🙂

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  5. I’ve believed 4G and now 5G is part of the depopulation plan for some time..then add in what they continue to spray us with…the fun never ends…

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    1. I think so, and this will be where the creepy Frankenstein science they’ve spent the last few decades working on comes to save the day.
      You know how it goes, create the crisis to pose the solution.

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