For Congress to be able to sell their stocks before a crash, without triggering a panic (prior to the date that they want people to panic). In other words, lawmakers protecting their own wealth.

The headline is misleading. They seek to prohibit Congress members “from trading or owning” stock. Presumably, this would require a sell off.

So, if it passes, you might consider getting out of the market.

But, you also might consider that I’m not someone who you should take market advice from. I got out in March 2020, which was far too early.

So, don’t “take it from me.” Take it as food for thought.

Call me a cynic, but when the most corrupt people in the world suddenly show a splash of altruism that purports to limit one of the primary wealth benefits of their position, I get suspicious.

I understand that the issue is supposedly phrased as dems trying to “get” repubs. That’s meaningless. This is an issue on both sides of the aisle, and historically the dems have been much worse.

There are people in the Congress who have gotten incredibly wealthy on their modest salaries, and many of them by playing the market. If those powerful people don’t shut this proposal down, then something very fishy is going on.

5 thoughts on “This Looks Like A Cover

  1. The coming market crash, combined with inflation and the inset of the dollar….doesn’t leave much in the way of “thriving”. You can’t eat your gold and silver. Bartering might be thing until “they” come up with their digital dollar, coupled with a social score and digital ID. Possibly even administered and run by AI…..Call me crazy…

    In the meantime, it might be interesting to follow this site and their account on instagram;

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  2. Hi Michael,

    I agree with you – the market’s going to crash. I took my money out in summer 2021 and decided to convert it into useful prepping items.

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  3. Yes, not sure how to proceed. Concerned about a crash wiping long-term savings, but also concerned about cyber wiping out liquid accounts needed for daily living and short-term spending. Stuff on hand would last very short-term–if standard currency would even remain in place. Seems like this topic came up just about two years ago.

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    1. It did bud. That’s when I started worrying about it. Could buy more gold or silver, but then I have less cash to pay the bills. It’s simply impossible to figure out the timing of this nonsense.

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