(Originally posted January 22. Republished May 3 due to relevancy).

To be precise, 8 Supreme Court Justices are either enthusiastic agents of the shadowy Rev 2:9/3:9 globalist empire, or they’re unenthusiastic agents.

I honestly have no idea how Clarence Thomas got into the mix. Perhaps, they simply allowed him to give us the illusion of chance. I don’t know.

But make no mistake, Trump’s appointees are some of the worst of the 9. I have set forth my justification for this statement extensively, many times.

Edit: Cheryl was kind enough to catalogue a couple of these threads here: https://seekingtruthgoodnessbeauty.blogspot.com/2022/01/scotus-problematic-choices-of-kavanaugh.html?m=1

Let me tell you, there are few things that will make a man more bitterly pessimistic against the integrity of mankind than constantly getting calumniating for daring to question supposedly conservative people’s sacred cows … only to find them trying to gain followers later by saying the exact same things you said, when it wasn’t popular.

Nevertheless … regardless of how obvious it is that the SCOTUS is owned by Tiny Hat, Inc., I wouldn’t be overly confident in their actions regarding Roe v. Wade.

In fairness, I have made comments in the past pointing out that Kavanaugh has no intention to overturn Roe. I still don’t think he does. But, I don’t think that Kavanaugh has much choice in how this will play out. So, we’ll see.

I’d put the odds at 50/50 that they’ll overturn Roe. Please stop right there – I’m not making a prediction. I literally just said 50/50 … moving on.

I think it is at least possible that they’ll write an opinion invalidating Roe (to some extent). Why? For two primary reasons.

1. Ordo ab chao – the Talmudic Freemasons want profound chaos within the next 2 years, so that it will be easier for folks to welcome order via the orange iron fist. Overturning Roe will allow the satanists to foment chaos amongst the lunatics, the idiots, and the demonically oppressed.

And 2) it will cost them very little by way of child sacrifices. The vast majority of states will enact legislation virtually overnight making it legal to sacrifice babies to Moloch.

Or … they won’t, and Tiny Hat Inc will have Congress write a federal statute, with more disastrous effect.

Last, why would the SCOTUS protect child murder for 48 years, and then suddenly cease to do so?

That seems to me to be the right question to ask. It, too, has a clear answer – but only if you’re the type of person who understands the extreme damage that living in the extraordinary level of global mortal sin causes to society.

The answer, in short, is that they no longer need to protect it judicially. You see, this country was undeniably opposed to abortion when 5 REPUBLICAN justices forced it upon us in 1973. Then, in 1992, the majority of this country was still pro life when three REPUBLICAN justices wrote the plurality opinion upholding Roe.

But, that is no longer the case. Vatican II and its effete heretic bishops have succeeded in lulling the world into cowardice, complacency, fear of embarrassment, and laziness.

So, they can pretend that abortion might become illegal to aggravate the demonically oppressed among us to foment chaos, without any real fear of losing their child sacrifices.

In any event, my point is this, some false victories are bound to be baked into the pie. But, if you know the state of affairs, they wont confuse you.

The state of affairs is this: The Covenant With Many is confirmed. It’s manifestly obvious. The AntiChrist is ruling. Any political victories from this point forward are simply a tool to increase chaos.

We will be victorious in the Cross, and nothing else, until Our Lord sends witnesses.

Call me a negative Nancy if you like, but you’ll be rejecting scripture if you do.

Update: Now the chaos begins …

32 thoughts on “The SCOTUS is a Sham, But Don’t Assume They Won’t Overturn Roe

  1. Did you see Jim S.’s opinion about the SCOTUS decision on Roe v. Wade?


    Posted on May 2 at around 9 PM EST. Re-posted on top because it is starting to pick up steam. This is the ONLY STORY, BET ON IT

    Why have pesky abortion stats prove the clotshot sterilized over half the women? There is a report on what is happening to Rowe V Wade HERE.

    MY COMMENT: THE SUPREME COURT IS MAKING DESPERATE STABS AT LEGITIMACY AFTER ENABLING AND ABETTING THE THEFT OF THE ELECTION, AND THIS IS AN EXTREME EXAMPLE. THIS WAS ALSO DONE TO COVER UP HOW MANY WOMEN WERE RENDERED STERILE BY THE CLOT SHOT, THEY CANNOT HAVE THAT SHOW UP IN THE ABORTION STATS. You can assume the court has nothing good at play here and that they did this to fake legitimacy and do a coverup. They will probably let the states decide also. They probably figure they have the population they want destroyed adequately wiped out by the vax and since virtually all the women who were vaxxed are now sterile, who needs Rowe V Wade?? The mission has been accomplished.
    Who needs abortion clinics anymore when the only women who can get pregnant now were smart enough to avoid the vax and would never get an abortion anyway? Canned parenthood is going to belly up so they might as well ban abortion before the abortion stats show how many women were rendered sterile by the vax.”


    1. It’s just my opinion, but I think his opinion is silly, is premised on the notion that their sole goal is population control, is based solely on emotion, and completely ignores how much evil values child sacrifices.

      This is simply about chaos. Abortion isn’t going away. If it were truly at risk, they’d kill Thomas or make it a “right” by federal statute.


  2. All this will do is ensure people are so disgusted with the judicial branch that they will be happy to see it burn down along with everything else. They are creating a hatred for all wings of government.

    As for Russia I’m fairly convinced the whole thing is merely a field test for new weapons that will be used against resisting Christians all over the world.

    Everything is fake, remember.

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  3. Thank you for reposting, Michael, and I hope you had a good Easter.

    Circulating on Twitter is a post touting the abortifacient qualities of some horse medicine. On cue, conservatives are falling over each other to point out the hypocrisy and making the ivermectin comparison. It reminded me of your interview where you pointed out why they were making everything Obviously Stupid.

    Also, I was reminded of your point about consent. How insanely evil are the Democrats acting right now? I know many boomer, sort of lukewarm novus ordo (sorry-uncharitable) Catholics who continue to vote Democrat in spite of the abortion issue and can justify it any number of ways. What will they do, now?

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  4. Coincidentally…, last Thursday I heard that the tiny hat puppet President of France called for baby murder to be added to the legally binding Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU’SSR.
    The only surprise being that such a charter didn’t include it already.

    At my parents on Friday, the fake news was on the tv, when a live kabuki play began, featuring the puppet Prime Minister of Ireland at a podium. He was wearing his tv make-up and portraying a caring thoughtful leader of a pack of prideful idiots, that’s us, which added to the suspense of the upcoming staged event.
    He apparently went on to say something like convid is over and lifted the lockdown, except for people’s unhindered right to international travel, which requires a health pass.

    Does this mean the original tiny hats production from the 1930’s with their Gesundheitspaß was a trial run for this theatre re-make. Say it ain’t so, Joe!

    The Godless were encouraged to celebrate the ending of this prelude when the fake news highlighted that nightclubs were being opened on Friday night.
    However their propaganda announcements also include the proviso that if the sickness returns, then so does the locksdown.

    A worse announcement last week was that the plebs are to be awarded a new public holiday for good behaviour on February 1st, which coincidentally falls on St. Brigid’s Day, a patron Saint of Ireland.
    Actually it’s no coincidence, as the clowns are naming it “Brigid’s Day”, as they say their false pagan goddess, Brigid, and our Saint Brigid, are the same woman. Vomit.
    Absurdo ab Chao indeed.

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      1. That’s the truth.
        I lived in Germany and learnt who pimped women, who owned the gay clubs, who peddled the dirty magazines, and who invented transition-sex satanism.
        Simple psyop on Christians when using the Nazi’s to shut that stuff down.

        I still believed history when I visited Sachsenhausen Arbeitslager (concentration camp was a spell word) where in the museum I saw cyclon B was used for cleaning mattresses and linen from a typhoid outbreak.
        They had photos of staff cleaning the mattresses in a building thoughtfully located well away from the living quarters.
        Outbreak or not, why go to the bother if you’re trying to kill everyone?

        Next I saw the likes of adidas were sending in new designs for rubber soles to have the inmates test out the life span of the rubber, by marching them around a track until they failed. etc etc.

        I felt like I was reading about a globohomo sweatshop in China or somewhere when it clicked, this was also cheap labour for the globohomos.

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        1. I’ve also seen 19th century jewish newspaper cuttings warning of a jewish hollowcaust with 6 million victims. The 6m was a Talmudic spell cast upon normie Jews for generations. Stunning preparation.

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  5. +

    Hello Michael,
    What is your “gut” telling you about the “next steps”? Br Bugnolo thinks TPTB are backing off because “too many people have woken up” and that they will try to “skew the resistance” in at least one of two ways. (See his latest “Skull & Bones” video.)
    I do not agree. I am highly suspicious of TPTB. The Apocalypse tells of a OWG, which has not yet completely materialized. It also tells of such immense martyrdom as never before seen… and that has not yet materialized either.
    We still have a little over two years until April 8, 2024, the Feast of the Incarnation, transferred, and the completion of the 1290 days. So the Chastisement has not yet run its course.
    Alois Irlmaier saw immense uprisings (e.g. Paris burning) before WWIII, immense carnage, and then, finally, an overthrow of the “Red Dragon” with a long, beautiful, peaceful time following it. So, if his visions are true, the next step is WWIII and the invasion of the US by China and Russia – which he says won’t be successful – then the peace. (I know you’re not a fan of visionaries, but I like to check them to see if they agree with scripture and then possibly give more details.). BTW, Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show thinks the invasion of the U.S. is “imminent”.
    And the Apocalypse tells of a die-off of 5 months (5 years? but that doesn’t fit into the 3 1/2 year time frame) after the scorpions. How does THAT fit into the time table?
    BTW, Fr Eugene Berry thought the long peaceful time came after the Antichrist and Beast system were defeated in his book he wrote on the Apocalypse. (I found that book recommended by NovusOrdoWatch.org.)
    Thank you for your input.
    God bless you.

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    1. I committed in 2020 to cease giving my thoughts on “what’s next,” until such time that I get a qualified spiritual director. So, I can only speak generally about topics, and I no longer see any reason to look outside of scripture, La Salette, Fatima, and Pre Vatican II eschatologists (like Fr. Berry, who you mentioned).

      I will say that there are two sets of 3.5 years. Daniel 11:20 seems to suggest that there is a period of time in between with a puppet on the AntiChrist’s throne.

      As for TPTB “backing off” because “too many people have woken up” – that’s nonsense. None of this is organic. They’re not backing off at all – they’re moving to another phase, and adding more confusion to the mix. They can’t have the chaos peak prior to 2024, apparently. They’re simply on a longer timeline than we expected.

      Everything about this is intentional. Brother Bugnolo also said most of the vaxxed would be dead come flu season, he recommended that people purchase hazmat suits to “bring out the dead,” and a number of other things. I’m sure he’s a well intentioned man, but I don’t find him to be particularly enlightening.

      As for Fr. Berry’s view on the era of peace, I respectfully disagree with it. I’ve made my position very clear about it, but I no longer feel like it’s entirely appropriate for me to do so. Before Vatican II, lay people needed to be granted authority to teach on theological matters. I know that we’re in unprecedented times, and that people are scouring the web for knowledge. But, as well reasoned as my opinions might be, they’re just opinions.

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      1. +
        Dear Michael,
        Respectfully, “the Shepherd has been struck and the sheep have scattered”. There is (almost?) no one to give guidance or direction. The Bride of Christ is, like Her Master, dead and in the Tomb. The Apostles were told, “destroy this temple and in 3 days I will raise it up”. But it’s already been 3 days, 3 years, 30 years, etc. since the Bride was struck. To some, the books of Daniel and the Apocalypse may be understandable, but for most of us sheep, all we see is dense fog.
        It’s like the woman telling Our Lord, the dogs will eat the crumbs from the children’s table.
        Thank you for listening.
        God bless you.

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        1. “To some, the books of Daniel and the Apocalypse may be understandable, but for most of us sheep, all we see is dense fog.”

          That’s certainly true, and it’s by no failing of yours. Our Lord has designed salvation history in such a way that, for most people, biblical prophesy is only discernible in hindsight. The few who have insights almost always suffer from extraordinary reluctance – unless they’re given a supernatural commission.

          This is one of the paradoxes of prophets. One will NEVER understand the mysteries of biblical prophesy without deep humility, and a deeply humble person will never presume that he understands that which holy men before him have not. But, when Our Lord wants a man to speak, he shocks him out of this internal struggle.

          I don’t believe study, or reading blogs, is going to help anyone “figure out” Daniel and it’s synchronicity with The Apocalypse.

          I think that comes through many hours of contemplative prayer in complete silence, without distraction, adoring Our Lord, communicating with Him, and contemplating both His majesty, and His earthly life … and THEN, afterward, spending a great deal of time honestly and humbly testing your contemplative insights against tried and true Catholic teaching.

          None of us have a St. John of the Cross as confessor and spiritual director. They do not exist, temporarily, in this time of desolation.

          Simultaneously, almost contradictorily, insight is increasing, for some. But it is an unguided insight. Some of it is assisted by the Holy Ghost, and some of it is facilitated by the demon of Pride.

          I simply can no longer emphatically give my thoughts on how things will play out.

          I’m just a flawed man who is trying to be a saint. In my infancy of pursuing the true Catholic faith, I believed strongly that I was called to share my personal “insights” or “revelations” that I received during prayer. But, I’ve come to believe that is a very protestant approach to things, regardless of how accurate I have been.

          St. Teresa of Avila is my adoptive patron saint. I absolutely love her, and trust her. She advises against speaking about such things without spiritual direction.

          I’m adhering to her advice.

          When/if Our Lord chooses to have me speak my opinions on eschatological matters again publicly, if He does, then he’ll send me a properly ordained spiritual director who understands the things I have to say.

          Until then, I’m simply trying to follow the example of our saints.

          But I’m a flawed human. If you truly want my opinion, I’m hardly hiding it.


          1. I hope that didn’t sound insensitive, Maria. Your questions and the emotions behind them resonate with me deeply. They’re honest, real, and reasonable.

            So, it is by no means a vague Hallmark type retort when I say: “God is completely in control.”

            I don’t mean generally, or ambiguously. I mean that we are on a predetermined timeline. The days and hours are numbered. The Book of Revelation is open. The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart is on the horizon.

            And, through it all, He still values every soul as much as He values Adam and Eves, and much as He values Our Lady’s, as much as He values Peter, John, and Paul’s.

            It feels helpless, right now. We know the ending, but we don’t know the timeline (very well). But it is Dogma that Our Lord loves us infinitely, and seeks our best interests, each of us individually.

            Trust and patience are extremely difficult right now – at least they are for me.

            Perhaps you and I can pray for each other, in that regard.


            1. Thank you for your prayers!
              And, for what it’s worth, I have remembered you at the Consecration, sporadically, ever since I discovered your Twitter account in July of 2020. I will ask my Angel to please remind me to pray for you more consistently.
              God bless you.

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  6. If it is overturned, it won’t last long. And it will be the Republicans & “Catholics” leading the charge to bring it back.

    Most normies will say they are against a teen killing her baby bc of economics or inconvenience. They may even believe that they’re against abortion. However, when their precious IVF or surrogacy or meds/vaccines (or even cosmetics/junk food bc those things too are tainted by abortion) are no longer available, they. will. riot. I can hear it now: “I am against killing a baby in the womb, but that other stuff isn’t REALLY abortion. We must legalize that other stuff now!”

    Then things will get truly chaotic.

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  7. If Roe v. Wade is overturned, this will serve to distract the fake Catholics while the child sacrifice demanded by the COVID cult ramps up. Parents are deathvaxxing their children all over the world, sacrificing them through a jab made from aborted baby parts. So the child sacrifice continues in even more horrific form.

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    1. Sandra- I’ve been thinking about your comment over the past few days.
      We’re all familiar with that idea that contraception is the narrow end of the wedge that naturally progresses to the thick opposite end— abortion. But maybe abortion isn’t the thick end; maybe abortion is the part somewhere in the middle, and the thick end hasn’t yet been seen. Not in our lifetimes, at least. The kiddie covid shots are somewhere in that middle, too.

      If the Clump of Cells argument is effective, it’s because it operates within the premise that willful murder of a living child is Wrong. Mostly everyone still maintains that shred of morality, which is why a person must be dehumanized first.
      Similarly, the push for child shot mandates must argue through altruism— we MUST force covid shots because it might save a life otherwise lost to a deadly virus. To deliberately injure or kill your child publicly either for applause or to protect yourself is not something society can countenance yet. I’ve seen lots of social media posts from parents gloating about how they refused aid to their sick child because Quarantine, and that’s somewhere on that wedge, too.

      Where does it end. I won’t put a question mark there because I don’t want an answer. There is historical precedent for much, much worse.

      Trying to be consoling after the 2020 election (oh, to know then what we know now!) our dear priest said that when God allows something to end, it could be because He no longer needs use of it because its mission has been fulfilled.

      Maybe Satan works like that, too. With that in mind, when I revisit this blog post, Michael, I shudder.

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