Case in point, Episode 3 of my series with Vendée Radio has been taken down. I don’t know yet what offended the Machine. The video was an exposition of the real Freemasonic end goal (hint: it’s not the papacy), and a call to keep the Commandments – (especially the first 3), to detach, and to pray.

I’ll be interested to learn what excuse they used, because I was very careful to use quotes from them for the thesis.

It appears that the episode is still available in podcast format from Vendée Radio, here:—33-Ordo-Ab-Chao–with-Michael-Jonah-of-Ninevah-e1godje.

And here:

Unfortunately, we didn’t get the benefit of any adversity marketing before we got memory-holed.

God is in control.

Update – it looks like Cheryl has now mirrored it as “unlisted” (see below). We’ll see how long it lasts.

17 thoughts on “If They Don’t Want You to See it, You Won’t

  1. Hello Michael
    I’m late commenting but I wanted to say how much I enjoyed all 3 videos.
    I wanted to ask questions as I was listening 😆
    Anyway It was lovely to actually see you, (the man that’s had a profound effect on my spiritual life & my faith)
    I really hope you are well & can I say I miss you?

    God bless you, always 🙏

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  2. Is it really a surprise Youtube censored the vid? Anyone putting anything of value is being censored, and not just on Youtube. Why isn’t Vendee Radio using Bitchute or Gab or something similar as their main platform, instead? Alternatives to Youtube do exist.


  3. Drat! I guess it’s back to watching funny cat videos on YouTube. But seriously, you didn’t even get into the really juicy stuff that would’ve triggered their censors for sure?! Fortunately, they are not the only video streaming service on the web.


  4. It was a great series! I was watching the second part over again and ready to watch the third when I noticed it was taken down.


  5. Thank you for doing the interview with Vendee Radio. I’m so glad I watched the whole thing before they removed it! I was wondering what your thoughts are on Vigano calling for an investigation into Benedict’s abdication and Bergoglio’s election. I find it disturbing because this viewpoint is coming from someone who extolled Trump as the katechon. Yet I do believe there is cause for investigation. What do you make of all this?


  6. Good job, Cheryl! 😃🥳👍

    And, yes, I also forwarded the 3rd video to my mailing list, considering it the most “to the point” with the best “return on time invested”.

    Thank you to everyone involved.

    God bless you 🙏

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  7. In one fell swoop they proved the truth of the many points you hit on in the 3rd interview simply by taking it down. Looks like Cheryl and Vendee were one step ahead of them. Thanks to them.
    God Bless🌷

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  8. Hi Michael,

    I know your not into puffy compliments, so I’ll say: Good job..and I can plainly see/hear, it was a job. (right employer)

    This is an email I sent out moments ago typos and all. ..”D@rnit Jim, I’m a tech analyst who can longer out of conscience help build this version of the Tower of Babel, not an English PHD”

    My gut said “download the series”after finishing the 3rd episode. but I failed to heed it. May I suggest to your colleague to mirror on Rumble or Odysee etc if he’s not already.

    Hi Father,

    Tuesday when I dropped by to chat I mentioned an excellent 4.5 hour ( in 3 parts) interview that I watched/listen to from a Traditional Catholic that i said that “for a long while i was hoping for a well spoken/educated Catholic to articulate “My ” overall analyses . Of course i know you don’t have that kind of time, so I mentioned that “i will try to pick one episode because I really believe that this man’s “thesis” if you will, is uniquely articulated on the internet.

    I already thought the most fruitful one to send was the 3rd episode when I received his latest post today below:

    Now I know this will not be a waste of your limited time among the many articles etc you get sent.

    I also mentioned that its not in a format you need to watch, but rather can be listed to, perhaps when you are doing “mindless” physical labour or times of rest.

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