Globalist think tank: “How do we get them to start calling him a king?”

Kushner: “I have an idea …”

Clinton: <cackle>

Obama: “I love it … But let’s make it ‘Witch King,’ just so we can get the republicans to beg for a witch king.”

Clinton: <cackle>

Biden: “C’mon man!”


8 thoughts on “The Adversity Marketing is Getting Interesting

  1. Trump is now calling himself the Great Maga King

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  2. Insightful, as usual!
    I had wondered this for a while now: was MAGA actually thought up as an abbreviation for “Make America Great Again”, or was “Make America Great Again” thought up to cover the real meaning of MAGA?
    To paraphrase the old saw: Minds that seek the truth think alike!
    But I believe we will know the answer soon enough.

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  3. “…We have no occasion to answer thee concerning this matter. For behold our God, whom we worship, is able to save us from the furnace of burning fire, and to deliver us out of thy hands, O king. But if he will not, be it known to thee, O king, that we will not worship thy gods, nor adore the golden statue which thou hast set up.” —Daniel 3:16-18 (DRB)

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  4. What did the White House Secretary say in the video? (I first wrote voodoo instead of video!)
    -… Joe came up with the nickname himself, what was it, big King, or bad King..
    So stupidly precise.. how many writers poured over her line…

    Imagine a psychological operation so masterfully scripted, so stupid, so absurd, that people wonder whether life is real.

    I had an argument with a Chinese 20yrs ago on this topic, how news and history from the Chini gov is propaganda, and the proof was she didn’t even know about Tiananmen Sq.
    I had her, but she refused to concede and retorted it is the west who do propaganda.

    I knew my Irish news about the war in Northern Ireland was propaganda, but it took me a few more years to join the dots and realise how right she was.

    The west was and is so saturated with pride in our made up democracy. We are right, we are the good guys, but it was a figment of imagination installed by western cultural programming.
    Life would be hopeless without the cipher, the Word Incarnate. That’s why Jews are forbidden to read the New Testament, as the truth will set them free.

    You made an insight before that they aren’t targeting atheists, but luke warm Christians, which I’ve found useful in dealing with their guff.
    Thanks for shining the light on their deadly game!

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