You should be, too.

I’m angry because I’ve just learned of another extraordinary treasure offered by the Church, of which the Vatican II sect has deprived us.

Many of us have been told that we can obtain a plenary indulgence for praying the rosary under certain conditions, but did you know that you must be enrolled into the “Rosary Confraternity” to obtain some of those blessings?

Neither did I. Similarly, my family had no idea that one must be formally invested with the brown scapular by a priest, to qualify for the promises of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. I had two brothers die not knowing that. Neither had been invested.

Tonight, a friend text me telling me that his traditional Catholic parish was enrolling parishioners next week in the Rosary Confraternity. He’d never heard of it either, and had to look it up. Ironically, he found it on this (now) notoriously modernist website.

How many times have Vatican II prelates repeated the promises of the rosary and the scapular, yet devilishly omitted the criteria to meet those promises?

In how many contexts does the Vatican II sect promise graces, and then conceal or distort the prerequisites of those graces?

I’m very angry, and if your priest has never mentioned this, you should be, too.

16 thoughts on “I’m Angry

  1. I’m angry about this and so many other things related to Vatican 2.

    Every day I am pondering this topic. And searching and learning. And while I am immensely grateful that the Lord has opened my eyes….and I listened..I am yes, also angry.
    Personally. And for all the other so, so many whose lives have been deeply impacted by the deprivation.

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  2. Since mention was made in the longer blessing of the indulgences attached to the Rosary and to the privileges of members of the Rosary Confraternity, readers may be interested in this. With the publication of the Enchiridion Indulgentiarum in 1968, all general indulgences previously granted were terminated and replaced by those contained in that book. The indulgences attached to the Holy Rosary are:

    1. A plenary indulgence is granted under the usual conditions, to those who recite five decades of the Rosary in a church, or in a public oratory, or with a family group, religious community, or pious association. Otherwise a partial indulgence is granted. (EI 48)

    2. A partial indulgence is granted to those who use a Rosary blessed by a priest, even if five decades are not recited. The indulgence is plenary on the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul, if the blessing was performed by the pope or a bishop. (following EI 35)


    The publication of the Enchiridion also abolished all indulgences granted to particular organizations or individuals unless they formally petitioned to have these reconfirmed. The Rosary Confraternity did so petition, and the following plenary indulgences are granted to enrolled members when they recite five decades of the Rosary, even if not in a church or with a group:

    1. On anniversary of the member’s day of enrollment. (When application is made, a certificate of membership is sent, indicating the day of the enrollment.)

    2. On the following feast days: Christmas, Easter, Annunciation, Purification, Assumption, Our Lady of the Rosary, and Immaculate Conception.

    Does this mean the “full benefits” are the last points 1 + 2 for Members?

    This would go along with the partial and plenary indulgence granted just for reciting the Holy Rosary in the first points 1 and 2? That’s how I am reading it. It’s just a more full benefit for the members.

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    1. From my reading, the Confraternity enjoys the opportunity for a daily plenary indulgence, even if the rosary is prayed alone. It looks like Paul VI attempted to removed that daily plenary indulgence.

      Why would he do that?

      Would a true pope remove an opportunity for graces? Can he?


      1. Yes it’s crazy I agree

        Paul VI also allowed non Dominican priests the ability to bless Rosaries. It stood for hundreds of years. Thoughts on that or less controversial?

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        1. I would have to understand the justification for limiting a priest’s power to bless/create a sacramental before I could develop an opinion.

          On its face, it seems simply to increase the opportunity for grace, which any valid pope could do freely.


          1. I know it’s not a very scholarly analysis, but the fact that Paul VI attempted to remove access to the opportunity to obtain a daily plenary indulgence is more convincing to me that he was an antipope than most other arguments.

            A daily plenary indulgence. Imagine!

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  3. Add that to the fact that the brown scapular needs to be made of wool, and many that one can purchase from Carholic shops (as I did) are made of polyester. I was enrolled in the brown scapular very recently and Father had to verify that mine was made of wool and not polyester by holding it to a flame to see if it would burn. Fortunately he had one made of wool for me.

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  4. Well now, isn’t this special! I layed the brown scapular on my Mother as she died believing that she would receive those graces..Now I find out I was wrong..I would appreciater it if Lynn could post The Arch confraternity of the Holy Face info so all of us could do it…thanks, Mike… and now I know how to get the Plenary indulgence each day as I do my rosary. Better late than never.

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    1. Go to this link. Click on the three bar menu top right. All you need to do is there. I sent my request via email and postal. I was afraid with all this happening postal would not make it all the way to France. By the way. There is a form that shows you what the French words are. It takes a minute but worth it. They do get back to you and send certificate, brown Scapular, brochure explaining things and a Holy Face medal.

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  5. Just found out a few weeks ago and enrolled. 4/6/96 When I did my St Louis De Monfort consecration I was enrolled in the Confraternity of Mary Queen of All Hearts which is heavily indulgenced with many feast day indulgences. But this recent info is amazing and have been sharing with my loved ones. I’m also enrolled in the Arch Confraternity of the Holy Face in France. We are truly blessed. We will need these graces ❤️ If anyone needs info on either let me know.

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