At least according to the “conservative” Catholic Bishops and pundits who have been enthusiastically declaring victory, and hoping you do not read Bergoglio’s post Amazon Synod “apostolic” exhortation he released today, entitled Querida Amazonia, which you can find here.

The premature victory cries this morning were due to folks claiming that Bergoglio decided not to approve marriage for priests, or female deacons. Of course, he did no such thing. He simply decided not to approve it in the document. But more about that in a minute.

Suppose briefly that they are correct. Did they actually read the thing? Catholics celebrating a “victory” or thinking that we dodged a bullet with Querida Amazonia are the same people who took the priest celibacy bait that I’ve been warning about for two years. It was never about that. It was always about idolatry, Pachamama, and incorporating demons into the Mass. That is all there, ready to be formalized into the new rite that Cardinal Sarah is preparing … while simultaneously distracting you with the priestly celibacy issue.

What kind of victory is married priests (for libs) compared to tricking Catholics into participating in the Abomination of Desolation? A few of those rituals and you won’t even care about priestly celibacy anymore, or much else for that matter.

Nevertheless, there is no victory to claim at all. See Article 2, where he says he is not replacing any of the text of the final synod document:

See also Article 3:

“I have preferred not to cite the Final Document in this Exhortation, because I would encourage everyone to read it in full.” Because he adopts the entire thing.

What’s more, he’s applying it to the entire world, including your sleepy suburban parish. This, of course, is not the point of a synod at all.

Don’t be deceived. He is adopting the entire final synod document, and letting his cancerous “synodal way” handle the issue of married priests and lady “deacons.” But, the issue served its purpose. It allowed people to be distracted from the horrors in the rest of the document.

It starts to get creepy very quickly. Like this “incarnation” language in Article 6. God Himself becomes “incarnate” at every valid mass, as he did 2,000 years ago. But this document isn’t about God’s incarnation at all … it’s about the incarnation of something else entirely.

Article 7 is a hint to the rest of the document: “I dream of Christian communities capable of generous commitment, incarnate in the Amazon region, and giving the Church new faces with Amazonian features.” Read that again. As you’ll see below, he means “giving the Church new faces with Pachamama features.”

To be clear, the face of God, the incarnation of God, is what this man is seeking to replace … with something else.

For purposes of this blog post, I’m skipping past the globalist and communist agenda sections, and focusing only on the liturgical aspects of the document. But, you should read it. It’s all bad.

In Article 68, he talks about new aspects to revelation. There is no “new revelation.” But he apparently intends to pervert the revelation we have into something “new.” Specifically, he seeks to make a new gospel by parsing “categories” of the Gospel out to each culture and excluding what he deems improper with the goal of creating a “new synthesis” that’s more appropriate to the culture. Make no mistake, this is Satan talking. Nothing less.

In Article 70, he again says that the Church must learn from and adopt ancient pagan practices. That the spotless Bride of Christ must learn from the rituals and lore of demon worship, and present a “renewed inculturation of the Gospel.”

In Article 74 he reduces the eucharist to some sort of pantheism, says that God is in everything like the earth worshippers believe & ACTUALLY TELLS YOU THAT A RELATIONSHIP WITH CHRIST ISN’T INCOMPATIBLE WITH PAGANISM.

Let’s be very, very clear here: the man pretending to be pope says that Christianity and paganism are compatible.

In Article 76, he orders bishops to syncretize paganism into the Church so that the poor don’t look for it outside the Church. Sort of like those parents who buy their kids drugs, so at least they do them at home and not somewhere else … Seriously.

In Article 78, he just cuts to the chase and says “don’t condemn paganism.”

In Article 79, he essentially says: “You can incorporate their idols into the mass. Don’t worry, it’s not idolatry if we say it’s not idolatry.” I’m not making this up folks. It’s right in the text.

Continuing on in his descent toward Satanic absurdity, in Article 80, Bergoglio tells us that telling people not to worship demons and commit idolatry makes God seem like “an enemy of joy.” What an evil, evil man he is.

In Article 81 we begin to get what I’ve been warning you about: instructions blatantly to syncretize the liturgy with pantheism, paganism, and idolatry.

Last, in Article 82, Bergoglio signals that the Pachamama “mass” is on its way, and mixes in a dash of eucharistic heresy, while completely ignoring the body and blood of Jesus Christ. It is impossible to overstate the horror of this.

And look at the footnote at the end of that Article … the Pachamama “mass” is coming folks … any minute.

If, after all of that, you still have doubts that Bergoglio’s true goal with this entire synod was to make the church pagan and idolatrous, take a look at the marketing cover for Querida Amazonia … Even their marketing for the abominable document is flaunting the idolatry by putting this picture of the Pachamama sacrifice bowl Archbishop Vigano warned us about on the cover.

That sacrificial bowl ended up on the altar. Next to God.

Pachamama bowl

It’s going to get weird very quickly now, I’m afraid. Stay confessed.

“For all the gods of the Gentiles are devils: but the Lord made the heavens.”
Psalms 95:5

27 thoughts on “Opposing Priest Marriage Officially More Important Than Defending The 1st Commandment To Some Catholics

  1. Hello, Michael. I’m JohnofWesteros on Twitter. My account has been suspended for a month, they haven’t replied to any of my appeals, their telephone number is always busy, and they don’t monitor their e-mails, so I had no other way of contacting you than by coming here.

    I hope that your fast that began today goes very well, and is effective. I don’t weigh enough to fast, but I can still add my prayers to your effort, which I will do. Your blog is well-written, and I hope that you will come here from time to time to add to it. Thank you for all that you do.



  2. Hi Michael,

    Your twitter thread on Assisi/Pachamama is really interesting. There are a couple more things that caught my attention in regard to the Assisi connection.

    1) the Vatican Garden ceremony was on October 4th, the feast of St. Francis of Assisi

    2) Pope Francis presided over this ceremony and claims St. Francis of Assisi as his patron

    3) On page 243 of her book, Ungodly Rage, Donna Steichen points out that St. Francis of Assisi has been adopted by the New Age movement as “model of transformation”. (Search the internet for “St. Francis of Assisi” and almost any self-help or New Age guru, and you’ll find them citing him as a model.)

    4) St. Francis of Assisi has been identified by faithful Catholics, including Pope Pius XI, as well as non-Catholics as “another Christ”.

    5) There is a legend, recounted by Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea (among others), that the angels could not tell the difference between St. Francis of Assisi and Jesus.

    6) Pope Francis has joked that he chose the name because then he could call himself “Jesus II: &

    Were the Assisi/Vatican Gardens ceremonies about “transforming” the Church? Did Francis choose this name because of his desire to transform the Church? Was St. Francis chosen as a “model”, in an effort to confuse the faithful, because of the legendary similarity between Jesus and himself?


    1. I think the clear answers to your questions is “yes.”

      I have to take issue with you’re #5 though – that’s simply impossible. Angels would never confuse a created being, no matter how holy, with God. That’s not possible.


      1. I think that it was a humorous legend, meant to be taken with several grains of salt. The point isn’t whether or not the legend was true. The point is that the legend exists and that it may have influenced the reasoning of those who have adopted his patronage for less than honorable reasons. 🙂

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        1. Fair enough – I suspected as much. Just needed it to be clear. Lots of different levels of education amongst the people who stop by this site.

          I think the bottom line is this: Christ appeared to Francis and asked him to rebuild His Church, and he did.

          The attempted inversion of everything St. Francis did began in Assisi 33 years ago, and the deconstruction has reached its end game with the man calling himself Pope Francis.

          Satan likes to invert and destroy.

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  3. wow, the Christians and the antichrist are going to be in the same church. One worshiping God and the other worshiping man.

    And one will be worshipng creation and one worshiping the Creator.

    For how long?

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    1. Not long … we can’t participate in rituals designed to trick us into violating the 1st Commandment.

      Once I see the liturgy, I’ll be writing a detailed and controversial article. I first need to see if it goes far enough to fulfill something in Daniel.

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  4. Good article.
    God is doing a new thing! By using non ordained people to spread the truth, since his ministers will not. They REFUSE to see. They say that they are not blind, so they remain blind. They are unwilling to give their lives for Him. Now I am not sure that I would be able, but I pray that if and when the time comes that I could do it.

    At least I knew that I was blind, so have investigated to know and to believe the truth. There is so much more that I can/will learn. The basic thing is this: canon 188 + canon 332.2 + Pope Benedict’s resignation statement (active ministry NOT office) = INVALID RESIGNATION. Therefore he remains the Pope and no one else can be. How much more simple could it be?!

    PS: We need to move on from Trad inc. They are now part of the problem because they REFUSE to see. They say that they are not blind, so they remain blind.

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  5. We can never be indifferent or insensitive to the First Commandment. It is our most essential duty as creatures to our Creator and as redeemed to our Redeemer. What Bergoglio is pushing is complete treachery to God. Trad Inc, who refuses to see it, has just shown what their real spirit is…. Thank you Michael!

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      1. One of the things which is lacking yet in Catholic blogdom is a perusal of the Old Testament as to what it says about idolatry, planting trees in honor of idols and organizing worship of them. And then show the parallels in real time. The absolute lack of reaction from most Catholics about this is shocking. They think it is not apostasy, whereas scripture condemns this sin as the worst of all.

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        1. Brother Bugnolo,

          I am a Catholic today because a Protestant pastor many years ago gave out to the “congregation” read-through-the-Bible-in-a-year Bibles at reduced cost and challenged us to get to work. I’d never done that before. “Bible believing” Protestant I was, but had never read it cover to cover as one thing. That changed everything, for me, seeing The Word for the first time as a single, unitary Story instead of isolated verses and an Old vs. New dichotomy. I now read it through every year.

          Seeing the story unfold in that way made me realize the religion I professed (Proddie) was somehow missing something and my Great Investigation (years) began. No Catholic reached out to me (many have done much, so much, to push me away with bright, incredible exceptions). It was truly a personal search for the “Pearl”.

          Pope Benedict XVI draws this unitary a Biblical theme out in his corpus of written work. You really cannot be a Catholic in full (or at all) unless you see *all of it* as true and all of it as *inter-connected*: Old points forward to the Gospel, New points back to the Gospel, the Gospel …. Incarnation, Crucifixion, Resurrection, Pentecost … is the fulcrum of reality and contains the meaning of the universe.

          In short: I agree with you that loss of the OT means an emptying out of the Catholic Faith.

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    1. Mike,

      Your comments are right on target and you obviously have a God given talent for exposing the heresy perpetrated by Berglio. His patronizing manner of offering paganism and secularism as a legitimate alternative to Catholic is abominable to say the least. Please keep up the great work exposing & clarifying the intentional subversion of our beloved Catholic Faith as we know it!

      Lov&Respect, Your Brother JohnH

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  6. In reading this, it became obvious to me that this satanic ambiguity and syncretism could have never gained a foothold in the minds of Catholics if the Mass had never been Protestantized. But as it is, we have generations of Catholics who have become accustomed to not really knowing just what they’re doing or Whom they’re worshipping, and so they blindly take whatever comes from this pope’s mouth…..”mountains, fall on us; hills, cover us”….

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    1. Because of the novus ordo, which injects poison daily straight into the veins of the Church, it will take something I can’t even imagine to dethrone Paul VI as Worst Pope of All Time.

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  7. This blog has great potential. I always check the links, and you’ve got some good ones. I forgot about “The Wild Voice”, and am revisiting it after seeing your link.

    Following your blog now. God bless your work.

    Love what you’ve done here.

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