Now apparently surprised and mourning the failed recall election of Newsom, for some reason.

But don’t worry – they all promise to vote harder next time, because it’s the emotion that counts.

4 thoughts on “People Who Claim the Fake Election Was Stolen Are

  1. What do you think all this about General Miley is all about? They said he is recorded telling China he would give them a heads up if USA planned to attack. Many are talking about it with the usual “arrest him” out rages because he is a traitor blah blah. I know it’s “theatre” but wondering the purpose which we may never know. Never the less I think it’s a diversion and very soon we are going to be very unhappy so to speak.


    1. I hesitate to make predictions because it can go so many different ways. But, the most likely way they’ll use it is to make it clear and undeniable that he committed treason (under orders no doubt), and then do nothing about it. This would serve their purposes in the controlled demolition by adding evidence that the republic is too corrupt to be salvaged.


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