I didn’t get one, but the media obviously did. 👇🏻

I suppose that the fearful, the weak, and those open to suggestion are about to “regret not getting vaccinated.”

4 thoughts on “Did You Get The Memo?

  1. Hello Michael,

    I’ve been trying to comment on your posts, but logging in with my regular WordPress password doesn’t work.

    Do I need a unique WordPress password to comment on your blog?

    Also can you send me the link to where your old Twitter posts are recorded – I thought I read that someone saved them for you.

    In Christ, Sandra


    1. Seems to be working fine on this end. You don’t need a unique password for me.

      Cheryl has compiled some of my threads. This is the long one, which is likely broken in a lot of places now: https://twitter.com/charleybrown77/status/1332895002503081985?s=20

      A link to her blog is in here: https://wordpress.com/post/7thhorn.com/418, and she’s attempting to salvage some of what I’ve written with a new thread of threads here: https://twitter.com/charleybrown77/status/1436851798476742667?s=20.

      Cheryl is awesome.

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