What more do you people need? He has made it manifestly obvious that it’s you or him.

That’s true for all of them, of course. But most countries don’t stand a chance at rising against the Tyrannical NWO – especially not the USA, China, or Russia. We’re firmly in the grips of the Revelation 2:9/3:9s, the Synagogue of Satan, and the Talmudic Freemasons who serve them.

But, c’mon Canada. “Mounties?” “Stop! Or I shall say stop again!”

You guys do realize that Our Lord is allowing mankind to carry out His Chastisement, right? The grace bestowed by God through Holy Mother Church, despite the constant efforts of our Mediatrix, has been thinning for decades.

Grace is like oxygen. When your body and environment is rich in oxygen, you’re healthy and energetic. When it’s not, you’re not.

You can become accustomed to a lower oxygen environment – to a point – over time. But there are limits, and we’re reaching our limit.

In essence, we’re nearing the tip of Mount Everest. Tap the screenshot to see how surprisingly far the analogy can take you.

As always, the Good News amidst all of the bad is this: 1) we are people of the True and unblemished faith; 2) We know that we deserve no better treatment than our Lord and God received, for we are not greater than our Master; 3) We expect it, and we pray for mercy, not for ourselves, but for our persecutors – both for their sakes and ours; 4) last and to the point: we know that evil global tyranny acting in coordination with and/or at the direction of a False Prophet in the Vatican who’s pretending to be pope only happens once.


And … the worse it gets, the closer we know Our Lord is to acting. There’s simply no doubt that He will. The questions are: “when?” and “how?“

The promoters of V2 prior to Bergoglio, the other “papal” suppressors of Fatima, the other rejectors of the True Mass, have been far, far less obvious than Bergoglio – even if B16 was the primary architect of V2, and JPII elevated more criminally predatory pederast faggots to “Cardinal” than anyone in history … and even though Bergoglio merely carries their torch, he is far more obvious. He’s so obvious that he has become a 1920s Baptist tract.

God is compelling them to become absurdly obvious. They think it’s part of their “controlled demolition” plan, but it serves God’s purposes to allow the very few elect left to be shocked out of their stupor.

The man is the false prophet, and he wants you to hate him. He wants you to think he’s the AntiChrist. He wants to calumniate Our God, Our Faith, and Our Papacy simply by existing as a focal point of evil, and hatred.

And there’s nothing we can do about him. God has that covered.

But you can do something about Castro’s love child, Canadians.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if you, of all people, were the first to push back effectively?

In a sane world, every single current politician on the planet would be terrified to go outside for the rest of their lives.

They should be, because they have all merited death.

10 thoughts on “Why Hasn’t Anybody Assassinated Castro’s Bastard?

  1. I’ll read this later today but, speaking of Canada, Cheryl just lost her job .. Mandatory vxx. Thought you’d want to know so you can pray for her. She has asked for prayer.

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  2. The Great Whore makes herself makeup with lipsticks in increasingly provocative colors – she becomes repulsive. If the Roman Catholic church still remained a noble Mother, who would want to leave Her for the Kingdom of God, which is beyond our imagination? It is not easy to move into the unknown. In his mercy, Jesus Christ allows such a rapid decomposition of his crucified Mystical Body to save faith even among the elect and to force them to leave. Elected for what? For Império* do Divino Espírito Santo, on this very earth.
    [I wrote down this reflection on Oct. 10, 2020]

    *I used the Portuguese title here because it was in this country that Saint Elizabeth the ‘Peacemaker’ Queen (+ 4 July 1336), a Franciscan tertiary, instilled the cult of the Holy Spirit ruling over the nations. For this reason, the Blessed Virgin, as the Queen of Peace, appeared in Portugal in 1917 to announce the coming of the age of the Holy Spirit and the rule of the Paraclete in the Kingdom of God.


  3. As Our Lord is using fallen mankind to bring about this chastisement, Our Lady is using man and modern technology to expose the evils of the VII church via facial recognition, handwriting analysis, etc. to reveal what happened to Her sweet Sr. Lucy of Fatima, exposing them (VII church) as full of traitors and liars.

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  4. “He’s so obvious that he has become a 1920s Baptist tract.”
    …a 1920s Baptist tract? Michael, could you elaborate on this idea a bit?


    1. That was an amazing line! Before I converted to the Holy Catholic Church I believed the pope was the anti christ and Rome the whore of Babylon. I wasn’t Baptist but that idea permeates realms evangelical thought. I just made a post about comment sections everywhere having many people saying it’s the black pope, the Vatican, catholic this or that. Many are growing and spreading hatred of the fake church in which people aren’t able to distinguish between that and us.

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  5. Michael, it’s like living in the twilight zone here in Canada. People who knew that Trudeau was bad for our country are now defending him and his “heroic” efforts to “save” us from Covid. It really is all a bad dream and so disheartening to go to town and see the zombies everywhere in their masks. That’s one reason I was so glad to find you on Twitter, even though you aren’t Canadian at least you were sane and there are very few sane people left in Canada.

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