Hi friends,

I recently updated this post: https://7thhorn.com/2021/10/11/vatican-qanon-strikes-again/ with some “Threadreader” PDFs that I found in my dropbox account. The context seems pretty helpful (to me).

After doing this for so many years, I’m finding it difficult to reproduce things that I’ve already said, yet again, with the same level of detail and/or passion. Finding the threads that I’ve now embedded into the above blog post helped a lot, and provides context to people who many not have followed me on Twitter.

Sadly, despite being a paying member of ThreadReader, once Twitter cancelled me, the website removed all of my unrolled threads. The only unrolls that now exist are unrolls that I thought to download.

So, I’m putting a request out to my Twitter friends: If you have downloaded any of my threads, would you mind emailing me a copy? If so, please send it to JonahofNinevah@iCloud.com.


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